Dominating the Battlefield: The Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype – Skills, Perks, Traits, and More

Dominating the Battlefield: The Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype – Skills, Perks, Traits, and More

In the action-packed world of Remnant 2, the Challenger Archetype stands as the epitome of a tanky, high DPS dealing class, wielding formidable heavy weaponry, including two-handed swords, and boasting exceptional armor. Designed for players seeking a close-quarter, hard-hitting experience in this challenging looter-shooter, the Challenger offers a unique playstyle that excels in overcoming various obstacles. This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about the fearsome Challenger Archetype in Remnant 2, including its Skills, Perks, and Trait like Medic Archetype

The Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype

Table of Contents

  1. Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Skills
  2. Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Perks
  3. Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Traits

Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Skills

The Challenger Archetype comes equipped with three powerful skills, each offering distinct benefits on the battlefield. Master these skills, but be mindful of their cooldowns to maximize your damage output.

1. War Stomp

With War Stomp, the Challenger creates a high-impact tremor that deals a whopping 210 damage, along with additional stagger, in a forward cone reaching up to 7.5 meters. At point-blank range, this skill deals damage in all directions, devastating it in close combat situations.


2. Juggernaut

When activated, the Juggernaut skill transforms the Challenger into an almost unstoppable force, granting Bulwark level 3, a 15% increase in movement and melee speed, and a formidable 50% boost to melee damage. Stagger damage is also reduced by one during the skill’s 25-second duration, making you an indomitable force on the battlefield.

3. Rampage

Rampage catapults the Challenger into a heightened state of battle, providing a 15% increase in fire rate, a 20% boost in reload speed, and a 10% increase in movement speed for 20 seconds. Dealing significant damage to enemies rewards you with Rage stacks, each granting a 5% increase in ranged damage. Upon accumulating 10 stacks, the Challenger goes Berserk, triggering an instant firearm reload and doubling Rampage effects for another 20 seconds.

Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Perks

The Challenger’s Perks are crucial for enhancing survivability and dealing maximum damage to adversaries. These passive skills provide the edge you need to dominate the battlefield:


1. Close Quarters

The Close Quarters Perk empowers the Challenger with up to 40% increased ranged and melee damage against enemies within a seven-meter radius. The damage bonus gradually tapers off until reaching 13 meters. The critical chance is also increased by up to 10% within the same range. This damage boost scales with your Challenger Level, making you deadlier as you progress.

2. Die Hard

When facing fatal damage, the Die Hard Perk grants the Challenger invulnerability for five seconds, during which they regenerate 100% of their max health. This life-saving effect can only be triggered once every ten minutes, providing a valuable survival mechanism.

3. Face of Danger

Using a Relic within 10 meters of an enemy, the Face of Danger Perk rewards the Challenger with 2 stacks of Bulwark and a 10% damage increase for 10 seconds. This tactical advantage can be pivotal in turning the tide of battle.


4. Intimidating Presence

Upon activating a Challenger Skill, the Intimidating Presence Perk inflicts a 10% damage reduction on enemies within a 10-meter radius for 15 seconds. For each enemy affected, an additional 2.5% damage reduction is applied, up to a maximum of 10% reduction. This skill synergizes perfectly with the Challenger’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

5. Powerlifter

The Powerlifter Perk significantly reduces both the additional stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and the stamina regen delay by 50%. This ensures that the Challenger can maintain their performance and agility in prolonged engagements.

Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype Traits

The Challenger Archetype’s exclusive Trait is Strong Back, which allows players to reduce their Armor Encumbrance, enabling them to equip more heavy armor for added protection.


Additionally, the Challenger can also invest in universal Traits such as Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Experience, further enhancing their overall capabilities.

With this comprehensive guide, you now possess all the knowledge required to wield the power of the Challenger Archetype in Remnant 2. Unleash your might, dominate the battlefield, and show the world why the Challenger is a force to be reckoned with!

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