Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Guide: Conquering the Fearsome Foe

Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Guide: Conquering the Fearsome Foe

Prepare yourself for an intense encounter as you face one of the first main bosses in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2 – Kaeula’s Shadow. This formidable foe awaits you at the end of Kaeula’s Rest dungeon, surrounded by Elite enemies. Arm yourself with courage and follow this comprehensive guide to emerge victorious against this challenging adversary.

Table of Contents

  1. Kaeula’s Shadow Location in Remnant 2
  2. How to Beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2
  3. Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Rewards in Remnant 2

Kaeula’s Shadow Location in Remnant 2

Discover the lair of Kaeula’s Shadow at the heart of Kaeula’s Rest dungeon. A challenging journey filled with Elite enemies awaits you, making it prudent to seek the aid of companions to bolster your strength

How to Beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Kaeula's Shadow Boss Guide

The battle with Kaeula’s Shadow unfolds within a flooded arena adorned with pale pinkish flowers. Only the flower-laden path grants safe mobility, while stepping elsewhere will hinder your movements. To triumph over this challenging foe, heed these strategies:

  1. Mind the Path: Stay vigilant and keep an eye on your footing. Stepping outside the flowered path will hamper your dodging abilities, leaving you vulnerable to the boss’s onslaught.
  2. Identify Attack Patterns: Kaeula’s Shadow boasts powerful attacks, including a one-shot kill punch. Dodge its four-part combo swinging attack by continuously evading backwards.
  3. Beware the Tentacle: Observe the boss’s right tentacle arm. When standing far away, it may submerge and emerge next to you, with its own health bar. Swiftly destroy it or dodge it to evade the attack.
  4. Dealing with Multiple Tentacles: Once you’ve depleted a portion of the boss’s health, multiple tentacles will spawn across the arena, each with its health bar. Eliminate all tentacles to bring the boss back.
  5. Stay Agile and Aware: Be prepared for surprises when Kaeula’s Shadow reappears. Dodge its tentacle punch, a deadly move that strikes when you’re standing close. Dodge sideways to evade this attack.
  6. Confront the Tentacle Swarm: As the boss’s health dwindles further, a swarm of tentacles will assail you. Stay agile and dodge backwards to avoid their swinging attack.
  7. Seize the Opportunity: Focus on dealing damage during periods when Kaeula’s Shadow is exposed. Avoid its attacks diligently, and seize moments to retaliate with your most potent strikes.

Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Rewards in Remnant 2

Triumph over Kaeula’s Shadow, and you shall reap rewards befitting a skilled hunter. The spoils of victory include the Tear of Kaeula Ring, a bounty of Lumenite Crystals, and materials essential for crafting the Rootlash weapon mod.


Armed with knowledge and strategy, embark on the daunting encounter with Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2. Navigating the treacherous battlefield and facing the formidable foe may be challenging, but with resilience and skill, you shall emerge victorious. Reap the rewards of your triumph and proceed on your epic journey, for greater challenges and extraordinary adventures await in the ever-enigmatic realm of Remnant 2.

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