Remnant 2 Relics Explained – How to Upgrade Relics and Get Relic Fragments

Remnant 2 Relics Explained – How to Upgrade Relics and Get Relic Fragments

In Remnant 2, relics play a crucial role in building customization and character power. They are reusable consumable items that provide powerful effects in combat. Here’s a breakdown of how to use, change, and upgrade relics, as well as how to obtain relic fragments:

What are Relics in Remnant 2? Relics are reusable consumable items that grant powerful effects in combat. The Dragon Heart is the first relic you receive, and it allows you to heal a significant portion of your HP. It initially has three charges, and these charges are replenished whenever you rest at a World Crystal. Each Relic has three slots where you can add Relic Fragments to gain additional stat bonuses.

How to Change Relics in Remnant 2 As you progress through the game and complete main quests in different biomes, you’ll receive new Relics. When you obtain a new Relic, the game will notify you. To change your equipped Relic, access your character profile screen and click on your current relic. A menu will appear displaying all the available relics; simply choose the one you want to equip. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to manually transfer your Relic Fragments to the new Relic.

How to Upgrade Relics in Remnant 2 As you advance in the game’s story, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your Relic and increase the number of charges it can hold. More charges mean more buffs and healing, making your character more potent in combat. To upgrade your Relic charges, visit Wallace, the NPC who gives you your archetype. He can upgrade your Relic for the cost of a Simulacrum and some scrap.

What are Relic Fragments in Remnant 2? Relic Fragments are items that can be slotted into the three slots of your Relic to provide additional stat bonuses. There are three types of Relic Fragments: blue, yellow, and red. Blue fragments enhance defense, yellow fragments enhance utility, and red fragments enhance damage.

How to Get Relic Fragments in Remnant 2 Relic Fragments can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies, bosses, and opening chests. Additionally, you can craft them at the Relic Fragment merchant, Dwell. As you collect more Relic Fragments of the same type, they will level up and provide increased bonuses. Strategically choosing and levelling up Relic Fragments can significantly enhance your character’s build and effectiveness in combat.

In conclusion, Relics and Relic Fragments are central to character customization and power in Remnant 2. Choosing the right combination of Relics and Fragments can greatly impact your playstyle and success in the game. Keep an eye out for new Relics as you progress and collect Relic Fragments to fine-tune your build to your liking.

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