Remnant 2 Reroll Guide: Exploring Fresh Worlds and Challenges

Remnant 2 Reroll Guide: Exploring Fresh Worlds and Challenges

In the dynamically generated world of Remnant 2, no two adventures are alike. Each player’s journey unfolds in a unique tapestry of stories, locations, and challenges. However, should you find yourself facing an unexpected location or a puzzling enigma, fear not! Remnant 2 allows you to reroll your world, providing a fresh canvas for exploration and discovery. Let us guide you through this process.

Remnant 2 Reroll Guide

Table of Contents

  1. How to Change Your World in Remnant 2
  2. What Happens When You Reroll the Campaign in Remnant 2?

How to Change Your World in Remnant 2

To reroll your world in Remnant 2, journey to Ward 13 and locate the World Stone. Interact with this enigmatic artifact, and you will be presented with the option of “World Settings.” Within this menu, you shall find the power to reroll the campaign, thus reshaping the very fabric of your adventure.

What Happens When You Reroll the Campaign in Remnant 2?

Rerolling the campaign in Remnant 2 is a bold step that will reset your current campaign progress. All your achievements and milestones shall be swept away, including bosses and side dungeons you have conquered. Yet, fear not the loss, for you shall retain your hard-earned gear, ensuring you do not begin anew as a mere novice.


This newfound path will bestow upon you an opportunity to experience the world anew, unearthing fresh narratives and biomes. Embrace this chance to traverse uncharted territories and encounter different challenges, each one a testament to the ever-changing nature of Remnant 2.

Exploring Alternate Archetypes

Should you desire to venture forth as a different Archetype without affecting your current character’s progress, fret not, for a solution lies before you. Simply create a new character, and by doing so, you unlock the option to skip the tutorial. Utilize this option to swiftly journey to the first biome and embark on your chosen path without revisiting the previous campaigns.


Embrace the power to reroll your world in Remnant 2, and you will unlock a myriad of possibilities, each beckoning you to forge a unique legacy. Whether you seek to conquer new challenges, explore unseen territories, or tread a different path as an alternate Archetype, the ever-changing world of Remnant 2 eagerly awaits your arrival.


Now, with newfound knowledge and courage, venture forth into the procedurally generated landscapes, and let the winds of destiny carry you to grand adventures that know no bounds. May your journey be filled with wonders and triumphs as you shape your own story in the captivating realm of Remnant 2.

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