Powerful Beginner Team Ideas for Limbus Company

Powerful Beginner Team Ideas for Limbus Company

Are you struggling to build an effective team in Limbus Company? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we present three top-tier team compositions that are currently dominating the Limbus meta. These teams consist of carefully selected units, each possessing unique abilities that synergize flawlessly to pave the way to victory.

Team 1: “The All-Powerful Titans”

This team comprises four core units, leaving the fifth spot open for flexibility. The potential candidates for the fifth spot include powerful Identities like [Seven Association South Section 6 Director] Outis, [Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush] Yi Sang, [Kurokumo Clan Wakashu] Hong Lu, [Liu South Section 4] Ishmael, [Tingtang Gang Gangleader] Hong Lu, [Rosespanner Workshop Rep.] Rodion, and [W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent] Don Quixote. For even more damage output, you can even leave the fifth spot open to unleash the might of [The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair.

Team 2: “Liu’s Elite Squad”

This formidable team focuses on maximizing the potential of Liu Ishmael by utilizing four Liu members, granting Liu Ishmael an additional skill slot. Inclusion of [R.B. Chef de Cuisine] Ryoshu is crucial for [4th Match Flame] EGO and generating additional sin resources. Like the previous team, the fifth spot can be occupied by [The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair. To further enhance this lineup, consider equipping EGOs such as [Capote] Meursault, [Capote] Ishmael, and/or [Ardor Blossom Star] Ishmael.


Team 3: “Dimensional Shredders”

This unique team setup requires four specific members with a prerequisite of [Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet] Sinclair taking the first position. Allocating two action slots for Sinclair allows the easy setup of five talismans, which can then be inflicted on enemies using Skill 3, maintaining rupture status permanently. LCCB Ishmael plays a vital role in helping Gregor Burst Tremor, ensuring the infliction of Rupture Count. When facing formidable foes requiring a team of up to seven sinners, consider adding [Seven Association South Section 6] Yi Sang with Dimensional Shredder EGO and [Seven Association South Section 6 Director] Outis for added strength. For this setup to perform optimally, equip [K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff] Hong Lu with Dimensional Shredder EGO to provide exceptional assistance.


In Limbus Company, team composition is crucial for success. By employing these powerful beginner team ideas, you will elevate your gameplay and achieve unparalleled results. Each team is carefully designed to synergize the strengths of its members, granting you the edge needed to outperform opponents and secure top positions in both Limbus battles and Google search rankings.

Take charge of your Limbus journey with these expertly curated teams and embark on a path to greatness. May your victories be numerous and your ranking soar high on the virtual battlegrounds and search engine result pages alike!


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