Rose Water for Cooking: Uses, Recipes and Health Benefits

Rose Water for Cooking: Uses, Recipes and Health Benefits

Rose Water is a natural fragrant extract used in kitchens and for beauty purposes as well. It can add a Floral and Sweet fragrance to the recipes and has a lot of health benefits at the same time. Not only flavor but Rose Water for Cooking has mesmerizing properties. Basically, Rose Water or Rose Water Toner is the leftover from rose petals and water after the distillation process. Rose Water for Cooking is usually made from Damask rose (Rosa damascena) that is a highly aromatic one choice. Rose petals are pressed, steamed and distilled to make Rose Water for Cooking at home. Rose Water for Cooking can also be used for Flavored iced tea, Salad dressing, Granola, Fruit salad, Ice cream and may be anything you would prefer.

Not only for beauty purposes but Rose Water for Cooking is an amazing option to focus upon for cooking. Adding a few splashes on the salad can add a tasty twist to them. It has lots of essential oils and is used since ages i.e., Rose Water for Hair. Once in Europe, Rose Water for Cooking was used for washing hands before the Medieval feasts. It has many benefits from aroma therapeutic to beauty applications and also Rose Water for Cooking.

Health Benefits of Drinking Rose Water:

Rose Water for Cooking has so many benefits from being an antioxidant to antibacterial and soothing properties. Rose Water for Cooking has so many health benefits as it has so many vitamins and tastes so good as well.

  1. Skin is the largest organ of the body Drink 2 cups of edible Rose Water for Cooking to stay hydrated. Only hydrated skin keeps you plump and healthy.
  2. Rose Water has great anti-ageing properties by tightening the pores.
  3. Rose Water for Cooking helps in relieving depression, stress and also improves mood and life.
  4. Drink Rose Water to get rid of Digestion troubles like Bloating, Upset tummy and even Constipation. It has natural and medicinal properties that would heal faster.
  5. Usually we prefer antibiotics for sore throats but we are having a natural cure in the garden that is roses. Use Rose Water for Cooking if you have cough issues and high Blood pressure. It works great as cough syrup and reduced blood sugar level. Drinking natural rose water can even heal cold and flu. It may help with respiratory illness as well.
  6. Rose oil and Rose Water has a lot of natural antioxidants that help the cells from damage. According to a research, the antioxidants in Rose Water for Cooking have enough lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects that provides cell protection.
  7. Rose petals can make plain water tastier and more hydrant as well.

Is Rose Petals Edible?

Rose petals are edible and so does Rose Water for Cooking used in recipes. The optimal time for collecting the rose petals to make Rose Water for Cooking is mid-morning and also makes sure there is no rain in the past two days. While collecting rose petals, a wooden basket or a paper bag works best to absorb any moisture. If you have wet rose petals, it would be fine to put them into recipes but Rose Water for Cooking is a better and safer option to work with. To dry out the rose petals to make Rose Water for Cooking, distribute the petals on paper and let the air dry or use a dehydrator on its lowest flame setting. Rose Petals For Cooking has many ways to feed upon. Any rose variety can be used for cooking

How to Make Rose Water at Home for Cooking?


Having your own Rose Water for Cooking is more simple and lesser expensive than purchasing it.

  1. Take a large bowl and place the rose petals in it with some water to be soaked in.
  2. Keep the bowl filled of rose petals and water on low medium flame.
  3. Let it simmer for about 2-30 minutes until the rose petals lose their color.
  4. Strain the mixture and separate the petals from Rose Water for Cooking.
  5. Discard the petals and keep the rose water made for cooking in fridge for about a week.
  6. Better to store your pure and edible Rose Water for Cooking in a dark colored bottle.

How to Cook with Rose Water?


The amazing roses can make you feel awaken and relaxing at the same time. It is popular in middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes and also goes well with many spices like Saffron, Jasmine, Coconuts and fruits as well basically with mild taste. Adding rosewater for cooking in some simple syrups and muffins can add a beautiful aroma and taste to them. Rose Syrup is used in sweet dishes like kheer and ice cream. Desserts are a partner for Rose Water for Cooking that compliments it naturally. Make Rose Water for Cooking freezed in an ice tray and use around 3 to 4 cubes of it in lemonade for a refreshing twist.

Rose Water Recipes:

Dark and Rich Meats: Sounds strange? But believe us, Rose Water for Cooking and meat can taste together. Yes, rose water and meat do not sound appealing but the rose has a very special taste that works well with meat and especially when it’s made with saffron or honey.


Drinks: If you are looking for a mild natural sweetener then Rose Water for Cooking is a good and healthy option though. Use it as a base spirit for a rosey flavor to your champagne. Sparkling red wine can also be used and that is totally based upon your preference.

Creams: Rose Water for Cooking and whipped creams compliments each other best than ever. Adding two to three drops of rose water to the whipped cream can take your cooking level next level. Layer your chocolates and strawberries with this whipped cream and rosewater, prepare it as usual.

Salads: Either it’s fruit salad or vegetable salad, add a few drops of edible Rose Water for Cooking and enjoy the fresh and fragrant salad. Make a simple syrup with half Rose Water for Cooking and a half cup of plain water (sugar is optional) and sprinkle it on the salad. Garnish it with some shelled pistachios and fresh mint.


Is it safe to cook with Rose Water?

Rose Water has a very delicate fragrance but believe us you won’t be ended up like having perfume. Rose Water for Cooking can pop up any food flavor very mildly and without interrupting the original flavors. Warm rose water still has a mild fragrance but uncooked one has a very strong aroma. Using rose water with beef is a good to go but desserts are the priority. This ingredient i.e., Rose Water for Cooking have great versatility that can even raise the taste of grilled food. Rose Water is calming to the nerves and is also important for the hydration. Apart from cooking, Rose water has many benefits like reduced cough, skin soothing, allergies, headaches and even wound healing. Rose Water for Cooking helps to relieve fluid retention and inflammation.

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