Rose Water Toner Benefits, Uses and Recipes

rose water toner

Rose Water Toner Benefits, Uses and Recipes

Rose Water Toner is so popular and is used for ages around the world. Interestingly, Rose Water toner is so old that is used by the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra to keep her skin supple and clean. It is used for its ability to smooth, nourish and even brighten uneven complexions. Rose Water Toner has a special ability to soothe sunburn and even fades acne scars. Roses are proven for their soothing effect and aromatherapy. This is a fragile plant and steaming some fresh rose petals adds even more benefits to the rose water. Rose Water has many benefits for Hair, Skin, Health, and even sunburned skin.

Toning the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing is an important part of our beauty regime. Toning the skin is highly recommended to make the further process easier. Rose Water Toner helps in tightening the pores. Rose is a great source of Vitamin C to make the skin healthy and also uplifts the mood. It can be customized according to skin types and adding an essential oil is also an added advantage. Rose Water Toner is one of the best products when it comes to a skincare regime, this is a gentle cleanser that is made by steeping the rose petals in distilled water. This basically cleanses the skin and also constrict the pores of your face by balancing the natural pH level of the skin. Ultimately, the Rose Water Toner protects, restores, and moisturizes your skin by reducing the breakouts and preventing prolonged dryness.

Rose Water Toner consists of 100% rosewater that effectively soothes and hydrates the skin. DIY Rose Water is more effective than takes care of your skin. The best thing about Rose Water Toner is it’s 100% organic and has no side effects. It is also an effective remedy for Dermatitis, Eczema, and Irritated skin.


Benefits of Rose Water Toner

There are so many benefits of Rose Water for Eyes, Hair, and Skin. It has health benefits as well.

100% natural: Usually, traditional toners have so many harmful ingredients but Rose Water Toner gives clear skin and that’s all-natural. It’s one of the best ways to show care for your skin. Either it’s sunburn, eye rashes, hair fall, scalp issues, skin infections, or any other skin issue, Rose Water Toner works like a wonder for them all. Organic Rose Water Toner helps in soothing the tired muscles of the body. It is extremely soothing and calming on the skin and is made freshly without any preservatives.

Mood uplifter: Most of the products have harsh chemicals in them and seriously it’s hard to ignore them but Rose Water Toner is natural and also has a very sweet smell that is an excellent mood lifter.


Revitalizes: Rose Water Toner revitalizes your skin including regeneration and firming of the skin. It has the benefits of rose oil that is gentle on the skin even if it’s applied directly on the skin. Rose Water has a very calming and pleasant aroma of fresh roses that is a great stress buster.

No Wrinkles: If you are using Rose Water Toner regularly, this ensures the reduction of crow’s feet and other wrinkles on the face. It has skin firming properties that help in soothing skin and also combats the new wrinkles from forming. Dry skin welcomes wrinkles at an early stage and by keeping it hydrated you keep them at bay with Rose Water.

Improved Skin Condition: Rose Water has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are great for fighting acne. Rose Water Toner encourages the growth of skin around pimples and skin inflammations by helping them to open and heal. For those who are suffering from acne and eczema, Rosewater is a great option for to treat dryness.

Rose Water Toner Benefits

Heals Minor Scratches: As Rose Water has antibacterial properties, it can heal minor scratches and sunburn rashes. Rose Water Toner is gentle and also does not cause any burning sensation. It fights the bacteria and helps the infected area to heal the skin faster.

Skin Cooling: Skin needs more hydration in this scorching summer season and Rose Water Toner effectively cools down the skin by evaporating in the air. A compress of rosewater can help the skin to reduce the appearance of puffiness. You could completely go for rosewater toner at home.

No Acne and Pimples: Rose Water Toner is great if you are looking forward to clearer skin and lesser breakouts. It takes away dead skin cells and at the same time unclogging pores. Regular use of rose water helps in treating blackheads and acne formation.


Other than these benefits of Rose Water Toner, it has other benefits as well like Treating dandruff, Itchy scalp, Body odor and many more. Rose Water for hair is extremely useful.

How to Use Rose Water Toner?

There are literally so many ways to use Rose Water Toner. Adding few drops of Rose oil in Distilled Water will also work but DIY rose water with fresh rose petals works better and is organic as well. Using Rose Water Toner after washing your face is probably the best time to use it. Either you are using DIY Rosewater or shop bought but make sure to use the organic one only.

Ways to use Rose Water Toner:

  1. Ever heard of CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing) in our skin care regimes? Be Honest, we all usually ignore the Toning part but this is important to remove dirt and deep cleansing of the skin. Pure Rose Water toner is gentle and mild on the skin, maintains natural pH level and also unclog the pores. Soak a saturated cotton ball and apply it on your face. Gently dab it all over your face and chin, don’t forget your ears.
  2. Had a tired day and having eye puffiness? The skin around eyes is thin that leads to clear visibility of dark circles and swelling. To combat this puffiness, rose water is one of the best way. Take some chilled rose water toner and apply it on the under eye area to hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin. Keep it for as long as you want until relief is achieved. Using Vitamin E after using rose water would be a good option.
  3. Make a body spray by pouring fresh rose water in a small spray bottle. Spray it on the desired area where it needs to be refreshed. Either it’s sunburn or rashes, spraying rosewater toner is all good. Luckily, this toner would not stain your fabrics just in case you accidentally spray it.
  4. Acne is common and if you have a breakout, treat it with rose water toner. Take a clean cotton ball or cotton swab into the toner and dab it on the breakout repeatedly for the entire day. This toner has healing properties to breakdown the breakout.
  5. Facial masks are something we all use, adding rose water to them instead of water works great. This is safe and also has enriching and firming properties with all the benefits of rose water.
  6. Rose Water can be used as an after shave gel to soothe skin burns and rashes. It is known for its soothing properties and reduced inflammation. Spray rose water toner on the shaved area.
  7. Give this beauty potion to your dull and lifeless skin at least once a day to achieve hydrated and super moisturized skin.
  8. Having Rose Water as a beauty staple is always a bless as it reduces the pigmentation as well. It works great for the uneven skin tone by balancing the pH level of skin and removing the oil and dirt.
  9. Okay, so apart from skin our lips also scream for care and miniaturization. What could be better than homemade Rose Water that helps in making your lips pink and plump. Take some rose water toner on the cotton pad and dab it over the lips and apply a good amount of lip balm.
  10. Rose Water toner removes makeup and could also be used as a makeup setting spray. To remove makeup, take Rose water on a wipe and use this to remove dirt and sweat by keeping it hydrated too. Spritz some of the toner on your face after being done with the makeup to fix it.

How to Make Rose Water at Home?

We have a quick recipe on how to make rose water at home. Rosewater toner can be a bit expensive to find and buy but making it at home ensures its quality.

To make rose water toner with essential oil, take a glass jar and fill it with distilled or boiled water. Add around 12-15 drops of rose essential oil. By adding some teaspoons of vodka, no oil will be floating on the top of the water. Use pure essential oil and not fragrance one. Close the jar tightly and shake it.

To make Rosewater toner with dried petals, take two glass jars, dried rose petals, hot water, and a strainer. Put dried petals in a jar and pour hot water into it. Cover the jar and let it cool for 15-20 minutes and strain your rose water into another jar.

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Fresh rose petals are fragrant as the better ones give better results. Use organic and pesticide-free roses only. Pull the petals only of around one cup. Keep the petals in a saucepan and pour water over them. Cover the utensil and keep the flame on low. After 20 minutes, strain the rose water once petals leave their color. Adding one tablespoon of vodka to the rose water toner keeps the rosewater fresh for a longer time. Store it in the refrigerator for one week.

DIY Rose Water Toner at Home

We have discussed the recipe to make rose water toner at home. It is anti-inflammatory, soothes skin, has antioxidants, regenerates skin cells, and is anti-aging as well. These are some major benefits of rose water toner that is a great choice for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Adding Witch hazel to the rose water toner gives it natural astringent properties. It helps to tighten the skin and also provides a glow to the skin by cleansing it. Go for alcohol-free version only.


Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing way to remove bacteria due to the presence of malic acid. It is a natural exfoliate and has lots of natural antibacterial properties to keep the skin clean and clear.

Tea tree essential oil is good for reducing acne and scarring. Add about 5 drops of it in the rose water toner and blend it completely. Tea tree oil and rose water reduce redness and inflammation to the skin. Even if you have dry, itchy, oily, sensitive or inflamed skin, tea tree oil and rose water can works wonder?

Final words for the Rose Water Toner: There are so many benefits and uses of Rose Water Toner and adding it in your daily skincare regime helps a lot in improving the skin’s texture. Once being done with the face wash, use Rose Water Toner to remove all the dirt and oil behind. The best part about organic rose water toner is its gentle and pure; nothing fancy and complicated.


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