Rose Water Spray: Uses, Benefits and DIY Rose Water recipe

Rose Water Spray: Uses, Benefits and DIY Rose Water recipe

Rose Water Spray is a multi functional spray, either the rose petals are collected straight from the garden for DIY rose water or a shop bought rose water toner, both works good. Rose Water Spray is a light face spray that is used for many purposes that we are going to discuss further. This lightly fragrant Rose Water Spray can be sprayed on the face throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated and refreshed. This spray does it all from Prime, Set, Refresh and also remove makeup with it. Pure Rose Water Spray gives some decent amount of hydration to the skin as well as hair ends.

Make Organic Spray With Rose Water 

Take around 2 cups of fresh and organic rose petals, put them in a saucepan. Cover them with water in a saucepan. Rose petals are meant to be one part with two parts of water. Keep the flame low and let the petals simmer until all the color from rose petals left the petals. Mix jojoba oil with this diy Rose Water Spray for more benefits. Avoid keeping this rose water facial spray in the spray bottle of a transparent color, use a black colored one instead. By this method, no rose essential oil is dispersed. Rose Water benefits has such a long list but preventing the signs of ageing is my favorite one.

Rose Water Uses and Benefits

Rose Water Spray for Hair: Expensive products for hair loss does not always ended up in good results, try using Rose Water Spray for hairfall and hair loss and trust us you will not regret investing in it. Rose Water Spray could be all needed for hair growth, hair conditioning, reduces scalp inflammation, no dandruff and reduced product buildup on the scalp. It helps in protecting the hair from sun damage and also soothe mild scalp infections.


The perfect way to use rose water for hair is adding rose water to the shampoo for dilution rather than just plain water. For a good rose water hydrating mask, mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons rose water, massage it gently on the scalp and wash as usual. For hair growth, mix Rose Water Spray and jojoba oil to improve the circulation.

Rose Water Spray for Face: it soothes the irritated skin especially if you have a lot of redness. It balances out the oily skin as well as acne prone skin. Most of the facial sprays makes skin dry but this DIY Rose Water Spray can do wonders and is also alcohol and chemical free. Our skin especially face needs a lot of extra care and maintaining its natural pH level comes first. Rose Water for face is essential as it helps in keeping the skin healthy and radiant.

red rose flower spray

Admit it, we all usually ignore one of the most important steps of skincare routine that is toning. Rose Water toner helps in removing the Oil, Dirt and Grime from the skin that may be the cleanser has missed. Pure Rose Water Spray is gentle on the skin and also maintains the skin’s pH balance by preventing blackheads, whiteheads, acne and even pimple. Regular use of Rose Water Spray reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eye area and even discoloration. It basically helps in hydrating the delicate eye area and makes it look rejuvenated without any worry.


Mixing Rose Water for face organic with fuller’s earth is a better way to go for skin tightening naturally.

Rose Water Spray for Sunburn: Rose Water Spray relieves sun tan by soothing the skin inflammation and reducing the redness and pain. Boil some rose water and pour it in a spray bottle for instant use. But, a better way to use rose water for sunburn is by freezing rose water and aloe vera and use it whenever reach home after a tiring day.

Rose Water Spray for Makeup: Makeup removers are a necessity in our beauty regime nowadays but usually all of them contain harsh chemicals that may lead to dry skin and acne. All of the makeup removers are not safe for the skin but Rose Water Spray before makeup is safe to use. It has soothing properties with some astringent properties as well that removes makeup. Rose Water setting spray makes skin feel hydrated and fresh. Using rose water and coconut water is a good hydrated makeup remover. Rose Water Spray is a multitasker as it removes makeup and at the same time works as rose water over makeup to fix it for a long time. All needed is spraying Rose Water Spray over makeup to keep it looking fresh.


Rose Water Spray for Skin: Cold weather and even excess heat can drain out the moisture from our skin but do you know that heaters and air conditioners can also cause the cells to dry out. Rose Water Spray for oily skin is highly recommended to retain the moisture level of skin, it effectively hydrates the outermost layer of skin. Rose Water Spray is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Rose Water Spray

One of the best ways to use pure rose water for face diy is by gently pat on the skin by keeping it in hands to soothe and clarify. Most of the skincare products have a pH of 6.0 to 7.5 that can cause acne but thanks to pure Rose Water Spray for face that heals acne with its natural pH level of 5.5 (optimal for skin) to reduce irritation. Rose Water for skin has so many other benefits like soothing sunburn, heal scars, smooths out dark spots and stretch marks and improved blood circulation.

Rose Water Spray Benefits: Are you a night person or having insomnia? Pure Rose Water glycerin spray benefits can help to get a better bedtime routine by the production of sleep hormone ad lowering the stressor. At bedtime, spray a few pumps of Rose Water Spray on your pillows and bed to get some beauty sleep. Rose Water for sleep is an old age Ayurveda remedy for better quality of sleep by its calming effect that also prevents ageing. Sprinkle some organic Rose Water Spray to set the mood for a good libido.


Rose Water religious purposes has a long list to go but rose water bath benefits are much interesting. Rituals with Rose Water Spray spiritual benefits are incredible powerful to attract positive vibes. It can also boost Self empowerment, Thoughts purification and also encouraging dreams and goals of an individual. Keeping a bottle of Rose Water helps a lot in balancing the stress and focus better on work and life goals. Rose water and aloe spray has their own beauty benefits.

Rose Water can be used for cooking and culinary purposes as well.

Is Rose Water Spray good for Skin and Hair?


We already have discussed so many uses and benefits of Rose Water Spray. It is safe and extremely good for the skin, hair and eyes in every manner. Rose Water Spray contains antioxidants that are necessary to prevent the damage that may be caused by oxidation stress. It prevents the skin from harmful UV rays, Pollution, Stress, Ageing signs and also Stretch marks to some extent with regular use.

With antimicrobial properties, Rose Water Spray serves as an all natural acne treatment at home. It is extremely useful for skin hydration and also for the hair locks. To use Rose Water as a moisturizer, mix coconut oil, rose water and a few drops of glycerin to give some decent amount of hydration to the skin. Make sure to use Rose Water Spray that is free of chemicals.

How do you use Rose Water Spray in your daily routine? Let us know in the comment section below.


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