Best Weapons in Remnant 2: A Comprehensive Ranking

Best Weapons in Remnant 2: A Comprehensive Ranking

Remnant 2 offers a vast array of unique and powerful weapons that cater to various archetypes and playstyles. From hard-hitting long guns to swift swords and mystical staffs, players can find weapons that not only excel in combat but also look aesthetically pleasing. In this guide, we present our carefully ranked list of the best weapons in Remnant 2, divided into two categories: ranged and melee weapons.

Best Ranged Weapons in Remnant 2

1. Sorrow Handgun

  • Description: “Recalls bolts which deal 32.1 damage when pulled from a target and when striking targets on their return. Recalled bolts grant 2% of Max Health.”

Explanation: The Sorrow Handgun is a methodical and precision-based weapon, excelling in bonus weak spot damage. Its Eulogy mod allows bolts to be recalled, eliminating the need for constant reloads during intense boss encounters.

2. Cube Rifle

  • Description: “Generates a Cube Shield which absorbs up to 800 damage from incoming enemy projectiles. Lasts 15 seconds. Reactivating fires the Cube Shield which damages enemies as it travels. Damage is increased if the Cube Shield has absorbed enemy projectile damage before firing.”

Explanation: For those seeking a gun-blazing experience, the Cube Rifle is a must-have weapon. With its high fire rate and unique cube-like bullets, it offers a fantastic offensive capability. The Cube Shield mod provides additional protection, absorbing enemy projectiles and converting them into damaging shots.


3. Enigma

  • Description: “Drives electrified rods which tether to other rods within 10.5m. Tethers last 10s and deal 30.6 SHOCK damage per second. Targets take 76.4 SHOCK damage per second, and 25% damage per extra rod. Increases 1.5x if linked to another rod. Rods in the same target will not link.”

Explanation: Enigma stands as the top handgun in Remnant 2, boasting a high fire rate and impressive AOE shock damage. The Chaos Driver mod is particularly powerful, requiring low mod power while providing excellent [CC] crowd-control capabilities.

4. Nightfall

  • Description: “Enter the Nightmare Realm. Nightfall gains infinite ammo, a 35% Fire Rate increase, 10% Lifesteal, and becomes fully automatic. The wielder becomes significantly harder to hit while moving. Disables other weapons and skills for the duration, or until Dreadwalker is deactivated. Lasts 10 seconds.”

Explanation: Nightfall takes the crown among Long Gun weapons in Remnant 2. The Dreadwalker mod transforms it into a fully automatic weapon with increased fire rate and lifesteal. Its effectiveness and unique mechanics make it a satisfying choice for any player.

Best Melee Weapons in Remnant 2

1. Spectral Blade

  • Description: “Performing a Charge Melee Attack during a Neutral Backlash creates a Whirlwind of slashes which strike all enemies within 8 meters for 231.4 damage.”

Explanation: The Spectral Blade’s striking appearance, resembling Bloodborne’s Holy Moonlight Sword, is complemented by its exceptional melee capabilities. The Whirlwind charge attack deals significant damage to enemies within range, making it a formidable choice for close combat encounters.


2. Dream Catcher

  • Description: “After dealing 300 damage, Charge Attack will release a Dreamweave, flowing outwards 20 meters and returning to the caster. Dreamwave applies SLOW to all enemies for 10 seconds and grants a stack of REVERIE for each enemy affected. Each stack grants +2% to all damage and +2 Movement Speed, which lasts 15 seconds.”

Explanation: The Dream Catcher excels in dealing massive AOE damage, making it an ideal weapon for clearing hordes of enemies in dungeons. Its ability to grant REVERIE stacks enhances overall damage and movement speed, further adding to its effectiveness.

These rankings represent the best weapons we have encountered in Remnant 2 thus far. As we progress deeper into the game and discover more unique and powerful weapons, we will continually update this article. Embrace the diverse arsenal available to you and let your combat prowess shine as you wield these incredible weapons in the unforgiving world of Remnant 2.

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