Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting Guide: How to Get Crescent Moon Bow

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting Guide: How to Get Crescent Moon Bow

In the world of Remnant 2, powerful weapons are scattered throughout, and some of them can only be obtained through unorthodox means. One such weapon is the Crescent Moon Bow, a formidable long-range weapon with unique abilities. However, obtaining this weapon requires a specific crafting process, involving the acquisition of rare materials and a series of intricate steps. This guide will walk you through the entire process of crafting the Crescent Moon Bow and unleashing its devastating power.

How to Craft Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2?

To craft the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2, you must first acquire “Anamy’s Echo,” a vital material needed for its creation. Follow these steps to obtain the Crescent Moon Bow:

  1. Obtain Dreamcatcher: Dreamcatcher is a crucial component for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow. To obtain this weapon, you’ll need to embark on the “Nightweaver” quest in the Losomn – Morrow Parish area. During the quest, you must find and give three Stone-carved Dolls to a lady in the basement. Afterwards, continue the quest until you defeat Magister Dullain and reach a basement area filled with cobwebs. Use the Soulkey Tribute to teleport to a dream-world location, where you’ll find a room with cobwebs. Place the Nightweaver Stone Doll in this room to obtain Dreamcatcher.
How to Get Crescent Moon Bow
  1. Make Nimue Fall Asleep: To proceed further, you need to wait for Nimue, a character in the game, to fall asleep. This part can be left to chance, as you’ll have to keep fast travelling back and forth to Nimue’s Retreat until you catch her in a sleeping state. Nimue can usually be found in her separate corner at Losomn, often standing tall and observing. However, on occasion, she may be asleep. Once you find her asleep, use the Dreamweaver on her bracelet, causing an item called “Nimue’s Dream” to drop after the bracelet glows.
  2. Obtain Anamy’s Echo: With Nimue’s Dream in your possession, equip it to a hotkey and use it. This will teleport you to a location known as “Retreat’s Horizon.” Look for a blue glowing material in the distance, which is none other than Anamy’s Echo – the essential material needed for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow.
  3. Craft the Crescent Moon Bow: Armed with Anamy’s Echo, head to Ward 13, where you can craft the Crescent Moon Bow. Seek out McCabe, the skilled weaponsmith, and provide her with the required materials, including Anamy’s Echo, Lumenite Crystal x7, and Scrap x1000. Once crafted, the Crescent Moon Bow will be yours to wield and unleash its power upon your enemies.

Is the Crescent Moon Bow Worth It in Remnant 2?

Indeed, the Crescent Moon Bow is a weapon that packs a punch and can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player. One of its unique mods, called “Moonlight Barrage,” bestows significant buffs, including:

  • Healing your max HP during combat.
  • Increased fire rate.
  • Additional damage is dealt by basic shots.
  • Charged shots that fire two arrows.

These attributes make the Crescent Moon Bow an excellent choice for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle, allowing them to stay in the fight and take on adversaries with confidence.

Crescent Moon Bow Stats

  • Damage: 87
  • Rounds Per Second (RPS): 4.1
  • Magazine Size: 1
  • Ideal Range: 25m
  • Fallout Range: 65m
  • Max Ammo: 36
  • Critical Hit Chance: 5%
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus: +70%
  • Stagger Modifier: +15%

The Crescent Moon Bow’s unique mod, Moonlight Barrage, empowers the bow for 15 seconds. Arrows shot during this period apply Moonlight to enemies for 3 seconds. Moreover, enemies hit by the Crescent Moon release essence that restores 5% of your max HP. Additionally, you gain +15% firing and reload speeds for 5 seconds, and your Basic Shots become charged shots, firing two arrows.

In conclusion, the Crescent Moon Bow is a rare and powerful weapon in Remnant 2, requiring dedication and effort to obtain. Once crafted, it rewards players with devastating capabilities and unique mods that can turn the tide of battle in their favor.



Q1: Can I use the Crescent Moon Bow with other weapon combinations? Yes, the Crescent Moon Bow can be paired with various other weapons and gear to create deadly loadouts. Experiment with different setups to find the one that best suits your playstyle.

Q2: How challenging is it to complete the “Nightweaver” quest to get Dreamcatcher? The “Nightweaver” quest can be challenging, especially when facing Magister Dullain and navigating the dream world. However, with perseverance and strategy, you can overcome the obstacles and obtain Dreamcatcher.

Q3: Can I use Anamy’s Echo for other crafting purposes? No, Anamy’s Echo is a specific material required exclusively for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow. It cannot be used for any other crafting purposes in the game.


Q4: Is the Crescent Moon Bow a ranged or melee weapon? The Crescent Moon Bow is a powerful long-range weapon, allowing you to engage enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy.

Q5: Are there other unique mods for the Crescent Moon Bow? As of now, the Crescent Moon Bow’s unique mod, Moonlight Barrage, offers significant advantages during combat. However, developers may introduce more mods in future updates. Stay tuned for new enhancements and surprises in Remnant 2.

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