A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the Second Archetype in Remnant 2

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the Second Archetype in Remnant 2

  1. Introduction
    • A brief overview of getting the Second Archetype in Remnant 2
    • Importance of unlocking new abilities for character enhancement
  2. Understanding the Engrams
    • Explanation of Engrams and their significance in acquiring the Second Archetype
    • Wallace’s role in forging Engrams using special materials
  3. Equipping the Second Archetype
    • A step-by-step guide to equipping the Second Archetype
    • Archetype tab and primary/secondary slots usage
  4. Obtaining the Starter Archetype Items
    • Location of items required to forge Engrams for starter archetypes (Ward 13)
    • Highlighting the different starter archetypes and their associated items
  5. Discovering Secret Archetypes
    • Explanation of secret archetypes and their unique items
    • Finding specific locations in the game’s world to obtain secret archetype items
  6. Changing Archetypes for the Main Class
    • Instructions on how to switch archetypes for the main class
    • Player’s choice in altering their gameplay approach
  7. Acquiring Hunter Archetype
    • Steps to become a Hunter archetype and its benefits
    • Purchase of Rusty Medal from Brabus and its use for forging Hunter Engram
  8. Unlocking Other Archetypes
    • Describing the Medic, Handler, and Challenge archetypes
    • Purchase of respective items and their significance in the process

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In the thrilling world of Remnant 2, there lies a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed – the Second Archetype. Unlocking this elusive feature grants players access to a whole new realm of abilities that can elevate their characters to new levels of power and prowess. Surprisingly, many players overlook this hidden potential, confining themselves to their starter archetype and missing out on the myriad possibilities that await them.

Understanding the Engrams


Central to acquiring the Second Archetype are Engrams – mystical artifacts forged by the enigmatic Wallace. These potent items serve as the key to unlocking the hidden potential within characters. Wallace, a master craftsman, skillfully weaves these Engrams from special materials found throughout the game. Once in possession of the archetype-specific Engram, players can proceed to the Archetype tab, where they can equip the newfound power in either the primary or secondary slot.

Equipping the Second Archetype

Equipping the Second Archetype is a straightforward process that opens up a world of new possibilities. Players must first ensure they have acquired the Engram specific to their desired archetype. Once obtained, they can navigate to the Archetype tab and seamlessly equip it in either the primary or secondary slot, granting them access to the Second Archetype’s unique abilities.


Obtaining the Starter Archetype Items

The path to unlocking the Second Archetype commences in Ward 13, where players can discover the essential items required to forge Engrams for the starter archetypes. Ward 13 acts as the hub for your adventures, and within its confines, you can locate each item necessary for the Engram forging process. These starter archetypes include the Hunter, Medic, Handler, and Challenge, each with its own set of distinctive abilities.

Discovering Secret Archetypes


Beyond the known starter archetypes lies the realm of secret archetypes, shrouded in mystery and waiting to be discovered. These hidden archetypes possess unique items that can’t be found within the safe walls of Ward 13. Instead, players must embark on daring journeys into the depths of the game’s world to locate these elusive items. The allure of these secret archetypes lies in the excitement of exploration and the rewards of unlocking their hidden powers.

Changing Archetypes for the Main Class

Not only can players embrace the Second Archetype, but they can also experiment with different archetypes for their main class. This choice grants players the freedom to customize their gameplay approach, enabling them to switch seamlessly between archetypes and adapt to various challenges that come their way.


Acquiring Hunter Archetype

Among the secret archetypes, the Hunter archetype stands as a formidable choice for players seeking versatility and precision. To become a Hunter, one must acquire the Rusty Medal from the enigmatic Brabus for 1,500 Scraps. Once in possession of the Rusty Medal, players can take it to Wallace, who, for 1,000 Scraps and 10 Lumenite Crystals, will forge the coveted Hunter Engram.

Unlocking Other Archetypes


While the Hunter archetype may pique the interest of those who favour ranged combat, other secret archetypes await discovery. For those who wish to embody the spirit of a Medic, a Handler, or a Challenger, specific items must be procured from respective sources. Each archetype offers a unique playstyle, and the acquisition of their items is a testament to the player’s dedication and ingenuity.

In the vast world of Remnant 2, the journey to unlocking the Second Archetype beckons. With Engrams, hidden archetypes, and the thrill of exploration, players can unravel the mysteries of their characters and ascend to new heights of power and skill. So, forge ahead, brave adventurer, and embrace the path that leads to unlocking the coveted Second Archetype in Remnant 2.

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