LoMM Guide Mod 16 [Lair of Mad Mage]

LoMM Guide Mod 16 [Lair of Mad Mage]

Ready for another Guide? It’s time again to talk about another and latest launch of Neverwinter’s new Dungeon named Lair of Mad Maze popularly known as LoMM Guide. This expansion/dungeon is one of the most complicated, challenging and comprehensive addition in Neverwinter. 

With each and every dungeon, developers add lot of challenges, complications, scaling,  hard mobs, hard boss, tough mechanics which can be accomplished only with the proper build, team combination and party play. Lair of Mad Maze Guide also needs proper teamwork with proper team which includes DPS, Tank and Healer eventually. 

Our Neverwinter LoMM Guide will walk you through complete step by step walk through of LoMM like how to fight with mobs, understanding the mechanics of all three boss Arcuria, Bore Worm and Trobriand in detail. 


If you’re looking for more info on Neverwinter Mod 16, you won’t find better than our Neverwinter Mod 16 Guide, which is packed with beginner-friendly info and advanced tips and tricks.

Neverwinter Mod 16 Lair of the Mad Mage (LoMM) Legit Clear Fighter (GF) POV  w/Basic Mechanics Guide.

We have divided this Neverwinter LoMM Guide in different sections to make it easier for you to understand the things exactly as it stays because Lair of Mad Maze Dungeon is bit complicated and above the radar for beginners 🙂 

Overview of LoMM Guide

Well, the top question is what makes LoMM Guide (Lair of Mad Mage) different from others. The LoMM dungeon is a new dungeon crafted along with Mod 16 undermountain. Believe it with the name, fame and hype it is massively different and may even be better from other dungeons. 


This LoMM Guide is developed to explain you the basics of the LoMM and understand its complex mechanics. It will give all insight to overcome all bosses with ease and complete the dungeon eventually. 

The explanation of all three boss fights (Arcuria, Bore Worm and Trobriand) is the most comprehensive part of this LoMM Guide. The step by step representation of each fight informs about the complex mechanism of the boss fight, the recommended preparations for the fight, optimal stats and best team composition. 

Optimal Stats for LoMM

We have already shared a in-depth information on stats and crafted very easy to understand table for stats for LoMM. if you are still not able to find the guide. Kindly visit our Mod 16 Guide here for more details.


Best Team Formation For LoMM

As we already know, Neverwinter is basically team/party collaboration online rpg  game based on dungeon and dragon universe. Where we need to make party of Damage Dealers, Tank and Healer. LoMM Guide is likely to follow the same footsteps of classical D&D universe. Basically, we need 3 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Healer. Almost all kinds of DPS classes are viable if you reach out the optimal stat cap.

Note: Cleric seems to be best healer in LoMM. Tank class really does not matter but still we would love to go with Fighter because of his single target tanking viability. Warlocks as healer seems bit out of radar though eventually good as damage dealer 🙂   

Dungeon Mechanics and Boss Fight of LoMM

As we already know, LoMM is very complex dungeon but mob phases of LoMM is bit easier as compare to boss fights.  We do not require to follow any special mechanics to wash out the mob. LoMM has a lot more tough enemies with specific types of attacks, stuns, shocks etc. So, you must wait for tank to grab an aggro before making your way toward mob 🙂 


LoMM Guide On First Boss Fight – “Arcturia”

Arcturia is the first and the most strenuous boss of Lair of Mad Mage. She has the most complicated, convoluted and circuitous mechanics of entire dungeon. The fight goes very smooth and simple with Arcturia alone, But it gets very complicated when she opens her arsenal of attacks with mimics and cocoons. We will explain both phases in simple steps. 🙂 

LoMM Guide Mod 16

Mimics:  So, fight begins with tank grab an aggro against arcturia. and all other party members need to get involved with their predefined responsibilities.

When party take down arcturia’s health around 75% then she spawns mimics from all four corners. all of them spawn with different color from different corner which enhances their health bar from weak to strong respectively. 


Let’s try to perceive it more, as propounded above each corner spawn mimics with different hp and movement speed 

e.g. “Mimic from yellow corner usually carry more health and very good movement speed” and a “Mimic from green corner usually comes with low hp and slow speed”

These Mimics just gonna target the middle of fighting arena. if they able to reach the middle then it will spawn very powerful Golem or Hulk, Which is not only very difficult to kill but give massive buff to Arcturia as well.

Lair of the Mad Mage, Beginner- Neverwinter

To deal with this situation, We need to follow proper mechanism. Like: all of the dps should take care of each corner alone and Tank+Healer should go for green corner.

The best damage dealer (DPS) of the party should take down the mimics from yellow corner as it has a lot more hp and speed as compared to others. Same goes with green, As we know mimics from green corner has less hp and movement speed So, Tank and Healer should take it down together. 🙂

Cocoons:  Well, When  you finished the mimics phase, There will be an another superlative attack from Arcturia. She randomly picks one of the players from party and turn him/her into red cocoon. 


Simply and in short, This phase simply is unreservedly dedicated to HEALER only. if you do not have very good healer then it will be almost impossible to pass this phase. 

Anyway, it can be too easy if you really know what you need to do. So, To deal with this tough situation cocooned player should type “c” in chat window that all party members can go away from him and healer should heal them all. If any of you stay around cocooned player and it  explodes which gives instant death to cocooned player and any player that stands near by him/her. which usually means wipe or reset. 🙂

LoMM Guide On Second Boss Fight – “BoreWorm”

IF you guys have been doing Undermountain campaign lately. Then we assure you that you very much familiar with Bore Worm. But in LoMM Guide, Bore Worm comes with different powers, attacks and in bit powerful form. Though we urge to identify The Bore Worm  as easiest boss of “Lair of Mad Mage” This boss has two phases as well. 


Phase 1: Very similar to Arcturia, Bore Worm fights also goes in to different phases at 75% health and 50% respectively. As we already discussed, this is the easiest boss of LoMM Guide. So, it starts with face to face fight with BoreWorm and he starts with placing a Red Circle on players, and remember that Red Circle will push DOT (Damage Over Time) over targeted player.  

Well, When you take down his health to 70% then there will be lots of boulders falling from above on the ground. The Bore Worm pull each and everything towards him in the middle which includes all players, party members, boulders, rocks, pieces and everything. 

So, you need to escape that pull from worm and try not to reach in the middle (if you unable to escape the pull it means insta death) even team mates can’t revive you. Your last hope would be life scroll only. 


But there is a catch, along with escaping the pull you need to kill and destroy all boulders so they can’t reach middle. If they somehow managed to reach middle then there will be massive buff for boss in 2nd phase. 

Phase 2:  After the first phase of pulling and boulders now Bore Worm come out with massive charge attack. In this phase you just need to survive and survive, This phase is all about HEALER again, if you do not have good healer then you just can not pass it away. 

Bore Worm is immune to all kinds of attack in this phase as we have mentioned earlier, you just need to survive in this phase. So, have a look at overcharge and undercharge bar of Bore Worm. you just need to gather the entire party and stand near the entry gate. Bore Worm will give you massive discharge attacks but cleric will save the ass of entire party. When charge bar vanished away then Bore Worm can be attacked again. 


At 50% health bore worm will spawn boulders again with golems. Well, the best tip we can give is to avoid golem and finish boulders as soon as possible. You just do not need to attack golem at this stage. Then literally worm will come out again with electric discharge attack with heavy aoe attack very similar to first stage. But this time golems will follow you up to gate and you need to kill as many as golem at that stage. 

Second to that on the other side, when discharging phase goes off, the boss will kill all the pending golem and that would be the end of this phase and now worm will no longer be immune and can be killed. So, kindly prepare yourself and finish him off. 

Tip: Failure to have boss kill at least one golem in that phase would result in another round of discharging phase. 🙂 


LoMM Guide On Last Boss Fight – “Trobriand”

This fight is all about tanking and for “TANK”. If you and your party got weak tank OR Tank does not know what he needs to do then there will be wipe within 10 seconds of time 🙂  So, Yes as HEALER in Bore Worm fight of LoMM Guide, TANK will be Soul and God of final boss fight of LoMM. 

So, Just like all bosses, this fight also starts with face to face encounter with Trobriand. After some time he changes his gear and attack with first powerful push Electro Charge Attack. This attack is bloody powerful and can finish you off even with single hit. But Trobriand always do this attack on aggro holder and of course that should be tank or you (if you are TANK in the party) 

Each of this attack need to be aimed at 1 or maximum 2 scorpions that lay dormant around the arena. Hitting them with this attacks will awaken them one-by-one and Tank should aim trobriand’s attack towards inactive scorpions. DPS should finish them off as soon as possible. While tank should keep playing hide and seek with boss on the other side. 


When the tank complete his task then Trobriand will go into the middle and perform a big AoE that will awake all unawakened scorpions. If you have already killed few of the scorpions then team will be facing maximum 2 scorpions at time. Which is actually very good sign towards completion of the LoMM Guide. 

Note: Scorpions actually hits harder than the boss so all dps focus on them while the tank “dance” with the boss

Now, you will feel it like reset and everything takes his position back as before. In short you need to complete the first phase one more time but with little bit powerful scorpions. 


Now once again Trobriand comes in the middle, open his arms and activating 4 pillars on 4 different corners. And this phase dps guys should work as quick as possible and finish those pillars quickly. Simple enough Period.

When you just finished off the pillars, quickly head over back in center area on stone tile, because Trobriand will process massive electric damage in entire surface. You need to save yourself from this. You must have full life to escape this as Trobriand charge it more 250k damage. Lots of people are complaining about this mechanism as its really hard to pass because trobriand usually one hit the entire party except tank and healer some times. 

Tank shall protect the whole party at once. Each and every tank class does have such feature or power to protect entire party at once. For example Fighter can turn on Knight Valor to eat entire damage at once. 


Last but not least, another massive and powerful attack from trobriand. Tank buster again with one hand do massive amounts of damage on aggro holder. Ofcourse tank would work. Then dps shall kill him up before he start doing it again. 🙂 

This is all about our Neverwinter LoMM Guide. If you have any question or doubt. Kindly ask in comment section so we can help each other and share the best information with entire Neverwinter community.

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