How to Sell Items in My Time At Sandrock – Complete Shopping GUIDE

How to Sell Items in My Time At Sandrock – Complete Shopping GUIDE

In the enchanting world of My Time at Sandrock, resourcefulness is the key to survival, but you needn’t embark on your journey alone. The bustling town of Sandrock boasts a multitude of shops, each offering a unique array of goods and services, making it an essential hub for all your needs. Whether you’re seeking sustenance, clothing, crafting materials, or various other treasures, Sandrock’s resourceful residents have got you covered.

How to Sell Items in My Time At Sandrock

How to Buy and Sell From Shops in My Time at Sandrock

In My Time at Sandrock, the local shops are your lifeline when it comes to acquiring and offloading goods. Each shop in the town specializes in a specific category of items, and some even stock unique products not available elsewhere. This interdependence among the stores underscores the importance of collaboration within the Sandrock community.

To purchase items, simply approach the cash register, either within the store building or on its porch. Look for the distinctive purple symbol above the register, guiding you to the transaction point. Select the desired item and confirm your purchase – it’s a straightforward process, and the acquired goods seamlessly integrate into your inventory.


When it comes to selling items, access the selling page from the menu screen at the cash register. You’ll notice that all items you can sell are highlighted in your inventory. Keep in mind that each vendor only buys items related to their specialization, meaning you might have to travel between stores to find the right buyers. However, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to general stores like “By the Stairs” or the “Commerce Guild store,” which tend to be more versatile in their purchases.

It’s important to note that shops have limited funds on hand, meaning you can’t sell items that exceed their purchasing capacity. This leads us to the concept of the “Market Price.”

Market Price, Explained

When you open a store’s buy and sell page, you’ll find a box of information below the store owner’s name, displaying the store’s name, its current Gols on hand, and the market price, indicated by a blue tag. The color of this text, red or green, depends on the daily market’s state, with the number varying daily.


The market price plays a crucial role in determining the buy and sell prices of items. To maximize your savings, consider buying when the market value is in the negative range, guaranteeing the lowest prices for your purchases. Conversely, for selling, it’s advantageous to wait until the market value is positive to earn more for each item you sell. This value can fluctuate between -20 and +20, so make it a habit to check the market frequently to make informed decisions.

Make Friends to Earn Discounts

As you interact with the townsfolk, you’ll undoubtedly build relationships with them. These relationships come with a perk – discounts at the respective stores. The closer your friendship, the better the discount. Active discounts are indicated in green text below the market price for the day. This adds another layer of depth to your interactions in Sandrock and enhances your shopping experience.

Every Store in Sandrock and What They Sell

Now, let’s take a closer look at the various shops in Sandrock and what they offer:


Blue Moon Saloon

  • Run by Owen and Grace, the Blue Moon Saloon is the place to grab delicious meals for your missions or takeout.
  • You can also purchase cooking ingredients at the to-go counter.

By the Stairs

  • Arvio’s store offers a diverse range of general goods, from resources to furniture and baby supplies.
  • Stock replenishes daily, making it a reliable source for staple items.

Civil Corps

  • Justice’s store provides rarer mining resources and assorted clothing in exchange for tokens.
  • Located near City Hall, this shop is closely tied to the game’s main story.

The Clinic

  • Fang’s Clinic is your go-to spot for potions and healing items, perfect for monster-hunting.
  • It’s located near the Game Center and Museum, offering a chance to gain stat perks through Fang’s medicinal experiments.

Commerce Guild

  • The Commerce Guild Store, managed by Yan, offers various items, including furniture and blueprints.
  • A great place to fulfill commissions and unleash your creativity through crafting.

Construction Junction

  • Heidi’s shop, Construction Junction, sells furniture and desert resources, like Stone and Marble.
  • It’s situated to the right of City Hall and features an architectural catalog for home renovations.

Eufala Salvage

  • Rocky and Crystal offer mining materials from the Abandoned Ruins, making it a convenient source for aspiring miners.
  • Located in the salvage yard, it provides valuable resources without having to venture into the Ruins.

Hammer Time

  • Hugo at Hammer Time specializes in weapons and blacksmithing materials, including Sharpening Stones.
  • It’s the only place in the early game to acquire Sharpening Stones for tool improvements.

Moisture Farm Store

  • Zeke’s store offers seeds and gardening supplies.
  • It becomes accessible after a certain point in your builder’s journey, although it’s a bit out of the way.

Tailor Made

  • Vivi’s Tailor Made shop is the go-to destination for clothing, offering both ready-made outfits and materials for your Tailoring Machine.
  • It’s conveniently located next to the Commerce Guild.

Wandering Y

  • Mabel manages the Wandering Y store, where you can purchase Ranch animal goods and homestyle meals.
  • You can also rent mounts and buy animals on the Ranch property, making it a multifaceted store.

Water World

  • Burgess’s Water World provides a vital resource: water.
  • Located at the far end of the Oasis, it’s essential for survival in the harsh Eufala Desert.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the thriving shopping scene in Sandrock. Make the most of your shopping experience, build strong relationships, and optimize your purchases and sales to thrive in this desert town.

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