How to Reroll Your World in Remnant 2: Exploring New Biomes and Stories

How to Reroll Your World in Remnant 2: Exploring New Biomes and Stories

Remnant 2 sets itself apart from other soul-like games and looter-shooters with its unique feature of a procedurally generated world. This means that the story, locations, puzzles, and even bosses you encounter can differ from one playthrough to another. While this randomness adds to the game’s replayability, it can also lead to situations where players feel stuck or uninterested in their current exploration. Fortunately, Remnant 2 offers a solution: rerolling the world. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to change your world, experience new biomes, and delve into fresh stories, all while retaining your character progress.

How to Change Your World in Remnant 2

To reroll your world in Remnant 2 and embark on a fresh adventure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the World Stone: The World Stone can be found in Ward 13, a central hub area in the game. Interact with the World Stone to access the world-changing options.
  2. Access World Settings: Once you interact with the World Stone, you’ll find an option called “World Settings.” Click on it to proceed to the rerolling process.
  3. Reroll the Campaign: Within the World Settings menu, you will find the option to reroll the campaign. Select this option to initiate the process.
  4. Choose Your Difficulty: After selecting the reroll option, you will be prompted to choose the difficulty for your new campaign. Carefully consider your choice, as you won’t be able to change it without rerolling again.

What Happens When You Reroll the Campaign in Remnant 2?

Rerolling the campaign in Remnant 2 will result in the following changes:

  • Campaign Progress Reset: Your campaign progress, including bosses and side dungeons, will be reset. This means you’ll have a chance to encounter new challenges and explore different areas.
  • Retained Character Progress: Despite the campaign reset, your character progress remains intact. You won’t lose any gear, abilities, or upgrades that you have earned so far. This allows you to build upon your character’s existing strengths while navigating a fresh world.

Exploring Different Archetypes

If your goal is to try a different Archetype without affecting your current character’s progress, you have an alternative option:

  1. Create a New Character: Simply create a new character from the character selection screen.
  2. Skip the Tutorial: When starting with a new character, you can skip the tutorial sequence and directly jump into the first biome.
  3. Unlocking Tutorial Skip: You don’t need to complete the entire campaign on your first character to unlock the option to skip the tutorial on your second character. This allows you to quickly try out different Archetypes and playstyles.


Rerolling your world in Remnant 2 is an exciting way to experience new biomes, stories, and challenges. By interacting with the World Stone in Ward 13 and selecting the reroll option, you can embark on a fresh adventure while retaining your character’s progress and gear. Whether you want to explore different Archetypes or simply seek a new and unpredictable journey, the rerolling feature in Remnant 2 offers endless possibilities. Embrace the randomness and immerse yourself in the ever-changing world of Remnant 2.

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