Zhongli Account Giveaway – Genshin Impact India 2nd Giveaway

Zhongli Account Giveaway – Genshin Impact India 2nd Giveaway

Hey everyone, Hope You guys are doing well. If you know we have successfully completed our 1st giveaway on 22nd of previous month. And now, I’m here to provide you details about our 2nd Giveaway which will take place on the 10th of this month.

First of all, Let’s talk about Rewards.

The winner will get an exclusive Genshin Impact account that contains one 5 stars character, two 4 star characters.
This account may contain materials, artifacts, mora, and a few primogems too.
This account exclusively contains our most wanted guy, archon, god of the game ZHONGLI.

Main Highlight Giveaway Account

Account AR 7
5 Star Characters- Zhongli
4 Star Characters- Fischl and Xingqiu

How To Participate in the Giveaway!

First thing first, You must be a member of our Youtube channel and Discord Server to participate in the giveaway and get the reward. There would be one exclusive winner of this giveaway.

YouTube Channel- >>> https://www.youtube.com/c/DigitsGuide

Discord Server – > > > https://discord.gg/qhF9kJr3ru

In our previous giveaways, we had run giveaways campaigns for Xiao, Albedo, Keqing, diluc etc. So, for sure, if you are really looking for Zhongli and wants to play with zhongli, simply go ahead and join our youtube channel and discord to participate in the limited time giveaway. You can find more information about zhongli giveaway in “Giveaways Section” of Discord. So, Kindly join us there ASAP.

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