Yanfei DPS Build Guide – Best 4 Star DPS ? Make The Most of Her Abilities

Yanfei DPS Build Guide – Best 4 Star DPS ? Make The Most of Her Abilities

Genshin Impact 1. 5 is scheduled for the new features, gameplay, characters, domains, mini-games, and events. And we’ll talk about only new characters throughout this article. The 1.5 update from Genshin Impact is only a few days away and it will introduce two new characters, Yanfei and Eula.

This blog post is truly dedicated to the special 4-star character, with Pyro vision Yanfei. She’s well known as the best legal consultant of Liyue, but many call her “LAW THAT WALKS.’She is a relentless, persistent, constant, and sustained damage dealer.

In reality, she is a half-illuminated beast who has no contractual affiliation with rex lapis and any other organization to date. Her favorite food is simply tofu. She loves reading a lot. Well, that’s enough about your personal information and choices.


Does Yanfei’s Kit Support DPS Build ?

We will see her entire kit to know more about her normal attack, charged attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst one by one.

Normal Attack– Yanfei is a catalyst user and her normal attack shoots fireballs and she gains Scarlet Seal around her. She can hold a maximum of 3 Scarlet Seals at a time. New Scarlet seal resets the duration of previous/existing seal. And every new seal consumes her stamina and always disappears when she leaves the field. (ALERT: A Selfish DPS?)

Charged Attack- Her Charged attack is very simple and to the point. It consumes all of her Scarlet Seals and Drops a Giant Seal on the enemy which seriously deals massive damage. So, note her charged attack plays a more important role than her normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst.


Elemental Skill- Signed Edict summons blistering flames that deal AOE Pyro damage to enemies. And her elemental skill generates a maximum of 3 scarlet seals for her with a single use. So, her elemental skill would be used to stack up scarlet seals for her charged attack.

Elemental Burst- Her elemental burst called Done Deal triggers a spray of flame that deals AOE pyro damage to enemies. it would do massive damage to enemies by itself and also provides maximum scarlet seals to Yanfei. With the help of elemental burst Done Deal she also gets a buff called Brilliance which boosts her charged attack damage by a lot. But again this buff disappears when Yanfei leaves the field (Alter: Self DPS triggered again)

Best Artifact For Yanfei DPS Build

Currently, there is a tinny chance that Yanfei can provide some support to other teammates. So, You should consider her making a pure 4 star DPS character as we do with NingGuang. Similarly, Sooner or later Yanfei would become the top 4-star pyro damage dealer of the game.


Anyway, Personally, There are 3 set choices for us to use for Yanfei DPS build. These are Crimson Witch of Flames, Wanderer’s Troupe, and Retracting Bolide. Let me intricate them in visual and statistical form.

Crimson Witch of Flames- This set with 4pc is one of the best sets to use for DPS Yanfei Build. With a 4 set bonus, it increases and boosts almost all types of damage for Yanfei either it’s her normal attack, charged attack, elemental skill, or elemental burst. Crimson set boosts all of them equally with a 15% of pyro damage bonus. Along with that, we will get a massive boost to elemental reaction damage like overload, melt and vaporize damage frequently. And the most important thing, Crimson’s set can be farmed regularly and easily as compared to other counterparts WT Set.

Wanderer’s Troupe– Though we have already declared that the Crimson set is BiS for Yanfei DPS Build but in reality that is not the case. Well, as you can see in the image WT provides 80 elemental mastery and 35% non-conditional damage boost to charged attacks for Catalyst users. So, Without a doubt WT set is bloody awesome for Yanfei in every part. But the only drawback of the set is that is almost impossible to farm it on regular basis. Secondly, it’s costly to farm as compare to Crimson Set. So, if you already got WT set then go with WT. otherwise, you need to pick a crimson set as it would also provide a huge damage boost for Yanfei.


Retracting Bolide– Well, Don’t just deprecate this set recklessly. I’m not insinuating that Bolide is BiS for Yanfie but if you got Zhongli in the team then you should precariously analyze this set too for an attentive and absolute 40% damage boost. And it gives a super strong 35% boost to the shield also. In brief, if you do not have a Crimson or WT set you can give Bolide a reasonable chance.

Artifact’s principal stats would be like, The Clock Attack%, The Cup Pyro Damage%, and The Circlet Crit Rate/Damage (accordingly) But get Elemental Mastery instead of an attack on the clock if you wanna continue with Vap/melt build.

Best Weapon For Yanfei DPS Build

I assume everyone discerns that a 5-star catalyst would be exceptional for her. You can use Lost Prayer Catalyst, Memory of Dust, or even Skyward Atlas all are high-tier weapons. Lost Prayer is the most salutary weapon with the most reliable sub stat in the game. Nearly any Catalyst DPS can utilize this weapon for maximum damage.


But if you are not familiar with the fact that I eternally put weight on F2P stuff. Accordingly, we would proceed ahead and reckon the most reliable 4-star Catalyst for Yanfei. One of the best 4-star Catalyst in the game right now is The Widsith. It has fabulous main stat and sub-stats (Attack and Crit Damage). It regularly gets 10 seconds buff called Theme Song whenever the character takes the field.

Theme Song buff means that characters attack is enhanced by 120% or elemental damage improved 96% or elemental mastery expanded by 480. Note:- This buff has a cooldown of 30 seconds and it procs randomly and based on RNG. This means that the concerned buff procs one of the above mentions boosts from attack, elemental damage, and elemental mastery automatically and players have no control over it. 

Even it has a drawback of prolonged cooldown and random buff activation, still, The Widsith wins when it comes to picking the best 4-star catalyst for your main DPS.


There are innumerable free-to-play options for 4-star catalysts like Blackliff Agate, Solar Pearl, and Mappa Mare. All of them come with pretty solid main and sub stats along with average passives. if you certainly wanna go with Vaporize or Melt then Mappa Mare would be a reliable option as blackliff and solar pearl do not carry good passives. So, in short, you should heed The Widsith and Mappa Mare as the main weapon for Yanfei DPS Build.

DPS Yanfei Best Team Comp

We have an abundance of choices to constitute a comprehensive team comp for Yanfei. But as you can observe Xingqiu would be the most suited choice for her because of his awesome support and can proc elemental reaction at regular interludes. Bennett would serve as Battery and excellent support as well. You can utilize Bennett as a sub DPS if you know how to build him correctly.

Last but not least would be either buff or debuff means comprehensive support for Yanfei to make things more comfortable for her. I would recommend going with Zhongli if you wanna be on the safe side all the time but venti is another offensive option for more and stable damage. So, the Last support should be accumulated according to the necessities of your team, like you may pick any healer to stay on the safe side all the time.


In the end, I would love to conclude this article by saying that Yanfei would be the best 4 Star DPS in the game. She may surpass ning in terms of damage dealing. Yanfei can undoubtedly be viable even with 3-star weapon Emerald Orb as her kit seems to be very efficacious and destructive. Don’t get bewildered, if you see Yanfei doing damage in a huge number in upcoming days.

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