EULA Character & Talent Ascension Materials – Resources Guide

EULA Character & Talent Ascension Materials – Resources Guide

According to leaks, 1.5 will comes with new brand new characters. The new 5 star claymore wielder Eula is one of them. she belongs Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company and comes with Cryo Vision. Still, There is no official announcement about her availability in 1.5 patch. But still, We can look at her required talent and character ascension material resources to max her out with ease. So, Here is the complete list of EULA’s ascension materials and talent materials in Genshin Impact.

Eula Basic Info

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Eula Base Stats

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Eula Character and Talent Ascension Material


Eula Character Ascension Material

First of all, we are going to discus all character ascension material required to max out EULA on first day. as we know there are plenty of material and stuff to be farmed in genshin impact but in this post we are just going to elaborate only important and required material to level up EULA ascensions.

As you can see in the above image, we need plenty of shivada jade stones of almost all rarity to max out eula as you know she comes with cryo vision. The next stuff we need is Hilichurl Masks which also comes with different rarities and called damaged mask, stained mask and ominus mask. we really need plenty of them for EULA. but here is the sweet thing that Hilichurl Masks are easily available and obtainable everywhere in map. So, that would not be an issue for you obtain these masks. Note: You may already have plenty of them in stock. Kindly look at your inventory for second. ūüėČ

We need around 168 Dandelion Seeds for EULA character ascension. Dandelion Seeds are local specialty and can be farmed and picked up from Mondstadt region. You would not get Dandelion Seeds from otter regions like Liyue and Dragonspine. To be honest, Dandelion Seeds are bit hard to farm on regular basis and we may need Dandelion Seeds farming route to pick up most of them. So, here is the video of Dandelion Seeds Farming Route. It will definitely helps. 

Last but not the least we need 46 Crystalline Bloom which will available in 1.5 update. Crystalline Blooms is kind of new farmable material probably coming in 1.5 patch. Which can be farmed by killing new boss named Cryo-Hypostasis. Hopefully, new boss would also drop Shivada jade stones so you may not need to farm Cryo Regisvine for Shivada Jade anymore. Though things could be changed with official launch.

Eula Talent Ascension Material

First of all, most important talent material basically known as talent books and farmable in different domains respectively. We can also obtain these books on regular basis from different events as rewards. Fundamentally, these books are used to upgrade damage, different damage multipliers, buffs and specific bonus of the concerned character.

We need resistance books to level up EULA’s talent ascension. Resistance books comes with different rarities too. And as we can see in above image we need around 9 Teachings of Resistance, 63 Guide to Resistance and 114 Philosophies of Resistance to max out all talent of EULA.

We also need Hilichurl Masks for Talent Ascension level up. we need like 18 Damaged Mask, 66 Stained Mask and 93 Ominus Mask to level up all talent ascension of Eula to max.

we need 3¬†Crown of Insight to max out all talent of eula. This material is not farmable and obtainable anywhere. There is only way to get ¬†Crown of Insight for now is just as events rewards. we hope you may already have some Crown of Insight in stock. If you don’t have any in stock then start saving it up from now forever

Last but not least for Talent Ascension level up material is Dragon Lords Crown, which will come with 1.5 update and new boss named Azhdaha will drop it. We need around 18 dragon lord’s crown to max out talent level. This is going to be a time consuming, grindy and expensive like childe farming as it will consume 40 resins per run. but there are some positives that Azhdaha would not be a weekly boss. So, we can farm it if we get lots of resins in stock.

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