Windblume Festival 1.4 Update ? Lets See Whats Inside it

Windblume Festival 1.4 Update ? Lets See Whats Inside it

Windblume Festival is an upcoming Mondstadt event in Genshin Impact 1.4 There were lots of speculations about a new area called Inazuma in 1.4 update. But with the recent announcement of 1.4 patch on the official channel, we got all official information about 1.4 content, events and features.

So, In short we are not going to get Inazuma with a 1.4 update. But in this blog post we are going to discuss only Windblume Festival of Mondstadt. 

Windblume Festival :- We have experienced a very beautiful festival called Lantern Rite in Liyue. So, now we are going to participate in a new festival event in Mondstadt hopefully on 17th of March. 


Your character should be above AR 20 and you need to complete the quest named ”Song of the Dragon and Freedom” to unlock the Windblume Festival in Modstadt. There will be plenty of mini-games, events, rewards, choices, and prizes along with new world quests, stories, and different quests. 

It’s All About Venti:  An exclusive stuff for Anemo Archon Barbatos. This means venti is going to have an important role in the entire event as we had Xiao in Lantern Rite. We are also going to see another featured banner for Venti in 1.4

Overview of Windblume Festival Event 


As we have already seen in the announcement preview, There are going to be different stages and portions inside the entire event named, Festive Anecdote, Festive Challenges, and Peculiar Wonderland.

We are going to discuss all 3 different aspects of Windblume Festive in details.:-

Festive Challenges:-


There are different types of mini-games revealed till now which can be increased in number before the launch of 1.4 These mini-games are Ballads of Breeze, Bullseye Balloons, Floral Freefall. Each and every mini-game will be dedicated to a specific task to test out your abilities like bow aiming, gliding, jumping and dodging, etc. 

Ballads Of Breeze :- The first is a musical mini-game called ballads of breeze. Of Course, it’s going to be related to Venti. In this mini-game players will be given a series of chords to play music. You need to follow the instructions carefully and execute the music tone successfully. It sounds very simple but this mini-game comes with different levels of difficulty like normal, hard, and expert. You can surely use any character you want from your roster.

Ballads of Breeze follows the traditional rhythm game approach. Where you need to press the button at right time to earn the points. And you need to fill up the combo meter by aiming the right combo, again and again, to earn more points with the right multiplier. As we discussed earlier there are 3 types of difficulty in this mode and you need to reach a specific point to unlock the next difficulty and rewards.


Bullseye Balloons : This mini game is also a bit dedicated to Anemo Archon Venti as we need an archer to complete this mini game. But you can use any archer to participate and complete this mini game. But, Remember you can’t make it done if you don’t have or use any bow character. 

You simply need to earn points by shooting at the correct balloons. But if you shoot wrong one it will give you negative marking and reduce points. Balloons come with different types and rewards respectively. There are different types of balloons like Windbloon, Colorful, Applause and Heartbreak with different rewards and outcomes again in negative and positive ways.


Floral Freefall : IF you remember or have been playing the game since December,  We had an event called Gliding Challenge with different difficulty and rewards. So, once again we are going to experience another kind of gliding challenge called Floral Freefall.

Well, This is not going to be like the previous gliding challenge, because this time you need to pick up the flowers on the way from the beginning point.  It has different types of flowers with different colors like blue, green, yellow and orange and comes with different outcomes when you touch them.

Peculiar Wonderland Domain


Peculiar Wonderland is an event that provides different activities, challenges and stages to test your abilities. There will plenty of new stuff available on 1.4 update as per announcement trailer. but in this post we are gonna discuss only confirmed challenges.  These are the challenges that we are gonna experience in Peculiar Wonderland :-

Windblume Blessing– This is quick challenge that needs you to collect flowers in limited time. To get more points you need to pick more flowers in short time

Stepping Stone Antics– This is one is puzzle game which force you to remain and stay alive on the platform and don’t fall down from platform to earn points. The platform changes its structure accordingly so you need to  stay on the top of platform. if you spend more time on platform you will earn more and more point. 


Shimmering Path– This is a second platforming challenge that also needs to you stay alive and on top of platform. but platform disappears when start it. So, you need to remember the path from beginning to end. 

There are few more challenges and stages to earn more points and rewards. Stay tuned for more updates.

Event Rewards


Wonderland Domain is the only place where you are gonna earn Festive Tour Tickets and Peculiar Collab Coupon. And you can exchange tickets and coupons for rewards like Talent Material, Character Material, Crown of Insight, Ores, Mora etc. There will be new rewards like Windblume Ode, Commemorative Balloon and Windsong Lyre etc. 

Festive Anecdote 

Very similar like Lantern Rite Tales, This event Festive Anecdote takes places with series of different parts and acts. You will be communicating with different NPC’s  around Mondstadt to complete various quests. 


There will be series of different quests and acts in Festive Anecdote :- 

Festive Anecdotes Event Details And Guide

There are basically 4 acts in Festive Anecdotes will be updated soon.


Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud

Act II: Missive of Cloud and Fog

Act III: Realm of Fog and Wind


Act IV: Dream of Wind and Flowers

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