Balloon Party’s Profile | Reverse:1999 Wiki Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Balloon Party’s Profile | Reverse:1999 Wiki Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Balloon Party, a fascinating character in the world of Reverse 1999. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of Balloon Party, from their profile and skills to inheritance, attributes, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of Balloon Party, making you better equipped to utilize their potential in the game. Let’s jump right in!

Balloon Party’s Profile

Balloon Party's Profile

Balloon Party is an intriguing character, and their profile provides us with some valuable insights into their background and history. This knowledge is essential for understanding their role in Reverse 1999. Here are some key details from their profile:

  • Name: Balloon Party
  • Afflatus Remains: Rock Formation [Mineral] Bones
  • Fragrance Note: Old-school Chypre – Vetiver, Seaweed, Lime, Amber
  • Introduction: Balloon Party’s work as an arcanist was exhibited in the 1960s for an impressive 17 years. The artwork was completed in the spring, specifically on April 14. It was first exhibited in Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, and later made its way throughout Europe.

This profile gives us a glimpse into the character’s artistic background and the unique attributes associated with their “Afflatus Remains.” The fragrance note also adds an interesting dimension to their persona.


Balloon Party’s Portray

Balloon Party’s Portray section contains crucial information about their abilities and the effects of their different levels. Let’s break down what we know about their abilities at each level:


  • Good Kids, Bad Adults (Lv.1): This ability changes the effect to: HP +(the target’s Lost HP x20%) for the ally with the lowest HP percentage.


  • Pinata (Lv.2): The effect changes to: when the caster has Party Balloon or Balloon of Innocence, Penetration Rate +70%.


  • Coughing Weirdo (Lv.3): The effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, HP +(the target’s Lost HP x30/35/45%) for all allies.


  • Good Kids, Bad Adults (Lv.4): This ability deals 300% Reality DMG.


  • Good Kids, Bad Adults (Lv.5): The effect changes to: HP +(the target’s Lost HP x30%) for the ally with the lowest HP percentage.

Balloon Party’s abilities evolve and become more potent as they level up. Understanding these changes is crucial for making strategic decisions in the game.


Balloon Party possesses three unique skills: Pinata, Coughing Weirdo, and Good Kids, Bad Adults. Let’s explore these skills in detail:



  • Pinata is a 1-target attack that deals 160% Reality DMG. If the caster has Party Balloon or Balloon of Innocence, this attack enjoys Penetration Rate +50%.
  • At the second level, the attack’s damage increases to 240% Reality DMG.
  • At the third level, it reaches its peak with a 1-target attack dealing 400% Reality DMG. If the caster has Party Balloon or Balloon of Innocence, this attack enjoys Penetration Rate +50%.

Coughing Weirdo

  • Coughing Weirdo is a mass healing skill that provides HP +(Lost HP x25%) for all allies.
  • At the second level, it evolves into a mass counter skill, offering HP +(Lost HP x30%) for all allies and granting 1 Party Balloon.
  • At the third level, it becomes even more powerful, with HP +(Lost HP x40%) for all allies and the acquisition of 2 Party Balloons.

Good Kids, Bad Adults

  • Good Kids, Bad Adults is a mass attack skill that deals 250% Reality DMG to all enemies. It also gives 1 Balloon of Innocence and 1 Party Balloon to all allies. Additionally, it provides HP +(Lost HP x10%) for the ally with the lowest HP percentage.

Balloon Party’s skills are versatile and offer various strategic possibilities in combat. Understanding how to make the most of these skills is key to excelling in the game.

Balloon Party’s Profile Inheritance

In Reverse 1999, inheritance plays a significant role in a character’s development. Balloon Party’s inheritance options are as follows:

Insight I

  • When a round starts, Balloon Party gets 1 Party Balloon (this trigger can occur up to 3 times).

Insight II

  • When entering battle, Healing Done is increased by 10%.

Insight III

  • The Party Balloon acquired when a round begins becomes permanent.

Balloon Party’s inheritance choices provide unique advantages, and understanding how to maximize their potential is crucial for strategic gameplay.


Inheritance Materials

To strengthen Balloon Party, you’ll need specific materials. The required materials for inheritance are:

  • Scroll of Mineral Wealth: 8
  • Tome of Mineral Wealth: 12

Collecting these materials is essential for enhancing Balloon Party’s capabilities.


Balloon Party’s attributes are vital for assessing their overall performance in the game. Here’s a breakdown of their basic and special stats:


Balloon Party’s Basic Stats

  • ATK: Ranges from 218 (min) to 332 (max).
  • HP: Ranges from 1520 (min) to 2307 (max).
  • Reality DEF: Ranges from 144 (min) to 218 (max).
  • Mental DEF: Ranges from 106 (min) to 161 (max).
  • Critical Technique: Fixed at 170.

Balloon Party’s Special Stats

  • Critical Rate: Ranges from 5.70% (min) to 7.90% (max).
  • Critical DMG: Ranges from 138.50% (min) to 141.80% (max).

Balloon Party’s attributes are well-balanced, and they can excel in both offensive and defensive roles. Their critical rate and damage potential make them a formidable force on the battlefield.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the intricacies of Balloon Party, a character with a rich history, unique skills, and valuable inheritance options. By understanding their profile, abilities, skills, and attributes, you can harness the full potential of Balloon Party in Reverse 1999. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, this guide will help you make informed decisions and excel in the game. Good luck on your adventures with Balloon Party!

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