Ms. NewBabel Profile | Reverse:1999 Wiki Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Ms. NewBabel Profile | Reverse:1999 Wiki Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

In the realm of Reverse: 1999, a fascinating world unfolds, filled with enigmatic characters and extraordinary abilities. One such character who stands as a paragon of mineral arcanists is Ms. NewBabel (新巴别塔). Her story, her company, and her contributions to the pet-critter-related services industry are nothing short of remarkable.

The Exhibition Legacy

In the vibrant tapestry of history, Ms. NewBabel’s arcanist work shone brilliantly during the 1980s. An astonishing exhibition spanning 25 years, this testament to her craftsmanship was unveiled to the world in the heart of New York, USA. What started as a local showcase eventually transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide. Completed with meticulous precision on a fateful autumn day, November 16, the exhibit remains etched in the annals of artistry.

Ms. NewBabel Profile

The Mineral Arcanist Extraordinaire

Ms. NewBabel herself is more than just a name; she is the embodiment of Mineral Arcanistry’s highest potential. As the Mineral Arcanist in Reverse: 1999, her expertise transcends the mundane. She is the founder of the NewBabel Company, a name synonymous with excellence in pet-critter-related services.


A Commitment to Excellence

The NewBabel Company is not merely a business; it’s a commitment to providing unparalleled services to pet-critter enthusiasts. With a rich tapestry of offerings, Ms. NewBabel’s company caters to the diverse needs of all pet-critter aficionados. From the enchanting to the extraordinary, her services are a testament to a lifelong passion for critters.

The Arcane Statistics

To truly understand Ms. NewBabel’s prowess, one must delve into her remarkable statistics. She defies convention and stands as a beacon of excellence:

Basic Statistics

  • Attack
    • Default Base Lvl.: 232
    • Default Max Lvl.: 352
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 589
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 879
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 1034
  • Health
    • Default Base Lvl.: 1700
    • Default Max Lvl.: 2581
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 4326
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 6450
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 7588
  • Real DEF
    • Default: 136
    • Insight I: 206
    • Insight II: 345
    • Insight III: 514
    • Insight II: 605
  • Mental DEF
    • Default: 111
    • Insight I: 168
    • Insight II: 281
    • Insight III: 419
    • Insight II: 492
  • Technique
    • Default: 218
    • Insight I: 218
    • Insight II: 247
    • Insight III: 276
    • Insight II: 305

Special Statistics

  • Crit. Rate
    • Visionary: -%
    • Insight I: -%
    • Insight II: -%
    • Insight III: -%
  • Crit. DMG
    • Visionary: -%
    • Insight I: -%
    • Insight II: -%
    • Insight III: -%

Unveiling the Upgrades

Ms. NewBabel’s journey to excellence is marked by her remarkable upgrades. These enhancements reflect her unwavering dedication to her craft:


Visionary Inheritance Effects

  • When the caster is attacked, gives the caster 1 stack of [Guarding Instinct] for 2 rounds.
  • DMG Taken -8% when the caster enters battle.
  • After gaining a total of 15 [Guarding Instinct] stacks, enters [Loyal Partner] status, and the caster no longer gains [Guarding Instinct].
  • Guarding Instinct: Reality DEF +5% (stacks up to 5 times; each stack is timed independently)
  • Loyal Partner: Reality DEF +25%. Immune to Moxie reduction effects (cannot be dispelled).

Portrayal Effects

Level 1

  • The Future Is Near’s effect changes to: when [Fanged Partner] ripostes, deals 110% Reality DMG plus (Reality DEF x110%) Genesis DMG.

Level 2

  • Old Idea’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals (the caster’s Reality DEF x100/150/250%) Genesis DMG.

Level 3

  • The Future Is Near’s effect changes to: when [Fanged Partner] ripostes, deals 120% Reality DMG plus (Reality DEF x120%) Genesis DMG.

Level 4

  • The Future Is Near’s effect changes to: when [Fanged Partner] ripostes, deals 130% Reality DMG plus (Reality DEF x130%) Genesis DMG.

Level 5

  • A New Wave’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, grants a [Shield] with (Ms. Newbabel’s Reality DEF x170/250/410%) HP on all allies.

Upgrade Materials

Ms. NewBabel’s journey towards perfection involves the acquisition of upgrade materials. These materials are not just components; they are building blocks of her transcendence.

  • Insight I: 18000664
  • Insight II: 400001056
  • Insight III: 2000001663
  • Default Max Lvl.: 2770015080
  • Insight I Max Lvl.: 10050053250
  • Insight II Max Lvl.: 407500137500
  • Insight III Max Lvl.: 816400403000


Ms. NewBabel is more than a character; she is a symbol of transformation. As the era changes and evolves, she stands as a testament to the ever-shifting tides of time. The new era, like an obedient puppy, is guided by her wisdom and innovation.


In the world of Ms. NewBabel, incantations hold a special place. They are the words that unlock the potential of critters, allowing them to shine in the world. A delicate balance of mysticism and pragmatism, these incantations are the key to understanding the bond between humans and critters.



In Ms. NewBabel’s world, even the most ordinary items hold a touch of magic. A fashionable, soft necklace, imbued with subtle power, becomes a symbol of elegance and utility. A pet leash, carved with an arcanum spell, transforms into a conduit for communication between humans and critters. The transformation of items into artifacts of significance is a testament to the NewBabel Company’s ingenuity.


The story of Ms. NewBabel is not just one of achievements; it’s a narrative that resonates with the changing world. As the global economy stabilizes, a wave of recreation and innovation sweeps across society. The film and pet industries burgeon, and pet movies become a global sensation. Yet, Ms. NewBabel’s family, guardians of ancient knowledge, remain apart from this movement.

The Role of the NewBabel Family

The NewBabel family has a unique role – to interact with critters. This role has been passed down through generations, anchoring the family in a rich heritage. It’s not the responsibility itself that troubles Ms. NewBabel; it’s the unchanging nature of her family’s duty that weighs on her.


Exhibit Introduction

In Ms. NewBabel’s world, Teakettlers, Agropelters, and Rhinogradentias are more than just names; they are windows into the world of critters.


Teakettlers, or Teaks, are enigmatic creatures found in logging camps in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Their stubby legs, pointy ears, and distinctive barks make them unique. Despite their appearance, they are friendly to humans and emit steam from their noses. This steam may be peculiar, but its impact on the environment remains a mystery.


Agropelters, found in the coniferous forests of Maine and Oregon, are slender creatures with steel-hard skin. Their presence could be potentially destructive, necessitating regular calming routines. They are recommended for families with ample space, especially those with hollow trees.



Rhinogradentias are agile creatures residing on Pacific Ocean islands. They are known as Nose Jumpers due to their unique use of their noses for short-range jumping and hunting. Elusive and rare, they have many adversaries. If they’re not found at home, it’s wise to investigate the source of scuffling, often traced to the right leg of a round table.

The Mainstream

Ms. NewBabel’s rendezvous with Pandora Wilson reveals her ambitions and ideals. Her dream of influencing the world aligns with her belief in offering people more choices. Not all critters are antagonistic, and she hopes that every family can experience the joy of having a critter as a companion.

Birthday Letter

On November 16, the NewBabel Company made a significant announcement, offering additional services to customers during a year-end promotion. The themed birthday photo service, featuring cakes, candles, and fluffy carbuncles, created a critter photo craze in society. Ms. NewBabel received a plethora of birthday cards and gifts, a testament to her growing influence.


Wilderness Conversation

In the serene wilderness, Ms. NewBabel’s connection with critters is palpable. The gentle exchange with a cactus cat and a weeper, the moments of tranquility, and the promise of a lasting relationship showcase her expertise. It’s more than just keeping pets; it’s about nurturing a bond.

Keeping it

Sending it home

The choice is yours, and Ms. NewBabel is here to guide you.


Ms. NewBabel is a permanent arcanist in the summon pool, ready to be discovered by those who seek her unique abilities.



Unveiling the world of Mineral Arcanists is a journey worth taking. Navigate through their extraordinary stories and abilities to uncover the secrets they hold.

In conclusion, Ms. NewBabel is not just an arcanist; she is a beacon of innovation and a symbol of a changing world. Her commitment to critters, her company, and her ever-evolving abilities make her an unparalleled figure in Reverse: 1999. In the annals of Mineral Arcanists, her name will shine eternally.

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