Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations guide

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations guide

If you’ve embarked on a journey through the enchanting world of Genshin Impact and have been fortunate enough to add Furina to your roster, you’re about to undertake a quest to enhance her abilities. Ascending Furina requires a unique and elusive material known as Lakelight Lily. This guide unveils the secrets of Lakelight Lily locations and provides you with a comprehensive farming route.

The Quest for Lakelight Lilies

Lakelight Lilies are exclusive to the mystical land of Fontaine. To ascend Furina to level 90, you’ll need a total of 168 of these exquisite blooms. If you’re starting from scratch or need to bolster your collection, a well-thought-out farming route is essential. Here’s how to embark on this quest:

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations guide
  1. Loch Urania Lakeside: Begin your journey by teleporting to the west of Loch Urania lake. Here, you’ll discover the first patch of Lakelight Lilies nestled along the water’s edge.
  2. Journey East: Head east towards Loch Urania, collecting all the Lakelight Lilies from the northern shore.
  3. Weeping Willow of the Lake: Teleport to the point between Loch Urania and Weeping Willow of the Lake. Travel north, gathering the flowers from the southern shore of Loch Urania, and venture southwest to find two solitary Lakelight Lilies.
  4. Full Lake Circuit: Return to the latest Teleport Point and head south to the Weeping Willow of the Lake. Here, you can circumnavigate the entire lake, gathering an abundance of Lakelight Lilies.
  5. Southern Path: Teleport to the south of Weeping Willow of the Lake and collect all the flowers along the path leading to the coast.
  6. Foggy Forest Path: Your next destination is the Teleport Point south of the Foggy Forest Path, where numerous Lakelight Lilies await you.
  7. Eastern Expedition: Finally, make use of the Teleport Point to the east of Weeping Willow of the Lake. As you journey towards the east coast, you’ll encounter a few more Lakelight Lilies.

Hunting Whopperflowers

In your pursuit of Lakelight Lilies, you may also encounter Whopperflowers. Defeating them is essential, as they yield Nectar, another crucial material for Furina’s ascension.

Now equipped with this unique guide, your journey to collect Lakelight Lilies for Furina’s ascent will be a seamless and rewarding experience. Genshin Impact continues to enchant players with its intricate world, and this guide ensures you can unlock Furina’s full potential.


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