Wartales What To Do With Human Remains

Wartales What To Do With Human Remains

In the thrilling world of Wartales, a medieval-inspired strategy game, players find themselves engaged in epic battles and daring adventures. One peculiar aspect that captivates the players’ attention is the presence of human remains after each battle. These remnants of fallen soldiers beg the question: What can one do with human remains in Wartales?

What To Do With Human Remains

The Curious Dilemma of Human Remains

As you emerge victorious from the battlefield and confront the loot screen, the sight of human remains can be unsettling. These grotesque mementoes stare back at you, prompting curiosity about their purpose. Rest assured, fellow warriors, for we shall uncover the truth behind this eerie loot.

The Surprising Solution: Eating Human Remains

The answer, as shocking as it may seem, lies in the practice of cannibalism. While it may evoke gruesome imagery, for a mercenary band striving to survive on the toughest difficulty, consuming human remains presents a practical means of nourishment.


Unveiling the Cannibalism Knowledge Compendium Trait

To embark on this daring culinary venture, you must first acquire the Cannibalism Knowledge Compendium trait. Once you possess this trait, the option to loot and use human remains at the campfire becomes available.

The Costs and Benefits

As with any strategic decision, there are both advantages and disadvantages to be weighed. Each human corpse consumed rewards you with a meager 1 food, hardly a substantial amount for the effort expended. Additionally, these remains are exceptionally heavy, consuming valuable inventory space. Considering these factors, you might be better off eschewing the Cannibalism order altogether.

Considering Alternatives

If the notion of cannibalism leaves you with an unsettling feeling, fret not. There are more sensible alternatives to satiate your band’s hunger. Visiting the local market and purchasing vegetables at minimal cost proves to be a more efficient method of acquiring sustenance. With each vegetable yielding 2 food points, it surpasses the nutritional value obtained from human remains.


Outlaw’s Last Resort

For those embroiled in the life of an outlaw, who dare not enter the safety of towns, the Cannibalism option might become a desperate lifeline. When resources are scarce, and battle-worn warriors face starvation, the macabre sustenance of human remains may become a necessary evil.

A Final Word on Human Remains in Wartales

In conclusion, while the option to consume human remains may be an intriguing aspect of Wartales, it is far from the most efficient or appealing choice. With the weighty burden they impose on your inventory and the limited nutritional gain they offer, opting for more conventional food sources proves wiser in most cases.

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Remember, the world of Wartales is vast and filled with mysteries. As you embark on your journey through this enchanting realm, equip yourself with knowledge and sharpen your strategic prowess. May your victories be grand, and your path be illuminated with triumph!

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