Affogato Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom (Update July 2022)

Affogato Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom (Update July 2022)

So, first of all, let’s talk about affogato cookie with his role, position, skill set, and potential. Affogato Cookie is an epic cookie that took place in the game along with Dark Cocoa Cookie in the beginning part of the heroes of the dark cocoa patch. He is actually a bomber and his best position in the team should be middle to maximize his potential.

Affogato Cookie Toppings Build

Affogato Sweet Scheme – How it Works

It starts with silent but rich utility which curses the opponent that has the most Attacking stats. That curse traps the enemies in a hidden state where they can’t receive any kind of buff from allies for a specific duration.

Not only buff, but cursed enemies also get a massive debuff which applies poison on the target and spread over to all allies to inflict DOT damage to all nearby enemies. And it explodes and does massive damage to everybody when the curse eliminates the poison effect from enemies.


Best Affogato Cookie Toppings

X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings (Recommended)
X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Optional)
X3 Searing Raspberry Toppings + X2 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Optional)

As we already know x5 Searing Raspberry Toppings boost DMG to the next level. But it’s always questionable for players to pick it as lots of people tend to pick the toppings that decrease the cooldown time so they can spam the shit out like a hell. But trust the source as we have tested it multiple times x5 Searing Raspberry work absolutely brilliant with Affogato Cookie. So, our pick for the best Affogato Cookie toppings build set would be x5.

Another option would be a hybrid one that goes with X3 Searing Raspberry Toppings + X2 Swift Chocolate Toppings. And in this build, you are going to increase the damage with searing and decrease the cooldown of skill with double swift to make the balanced build. It would not reach the damaged ceiling as x5 Searing Raspberry Toppings. but still, you can use a mix and balance combo of both 2 different toppings as it’s also a viable build.

Last but not least you can also give a try X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings. Well, that is actually an optional build as it will decrease the damage for a large amount. Still, you can give it a try even if it’s not truly recommended from digitsguide to go with the x5 swift build.


Best Treasure for Affogato Cookie

There are lots of guides and videos about the best toppings for affogato cookie but rarely do we see anything or anyone talks about the best treasure for affogato cookie. We should understand that treasure makes an important and vital role when you want to craft a viable build-in cookie-run kingdom.

There are plenty of options available for you to use for the best treasure for Affogato Cookie. But as we have already given you template toppings build for affogato cookie so very similar you need to finalize if you wanna go with offensive option or with hybrid stuff!

There are basically 2 or 3 options for the best treasure to pick for Affogato Cookie: Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown reduction, as well as attack power options such as Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Librarian’s Enchanted Robes. These are tested and verified treasures you can use for Affogato Cookie obviously depending upon the nature of the build.


How To Get Affogato Cookie?

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, Affogato Cookie and its soul stones can be acquired from the gacha/summons. Remember, you can always grab Affogato Cookie from a regular member if you get too lucky with gacha. Otherwise, try to obtain as many as soul stones from different events and modes of the game.


Overall, Affogato Cookie is a really good cookie. It has a very unique and specific gameplay style, if you believe in finishing things quickly and doing a big number in a very short time then you may not like Affogato Cookie.


But Affogato Cookie shies in long battles, such battles where we gotta fight for the longest time, where we face enemies with massive HP. Affogato works great in guild battles and it can be super overpowered if you build it correctly with Eclair Cookie. It has one major issue that does not work very well in PvP Arena as it inflicts damage very slowly because it’s the nature of poison to take a long time to affect the enemies to fully proc the passive. And in PvP fight, we really need to finish things quickly moreover, if an opponent comes with a highly built healer like Pure vanilla or Cotton cookie, that would be like a nightmare for Affogato Cookie.

In the end, if you aim to dominate the PvE Mode then you can pick Affogato Cookie to make Viable Build easily. But things are a bit hard with PvP Arena.

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