Techtonica – Understanding the Core Composer: Optimizing Your Research Cores

Techtonica – Understanding the Core Composer: Optimizing Your Research Cores

Techtonica, the exciting game that debuted on Steam Early Access on July 18th, presents players with the challenge of constructing a sophisticated, automated factory on an extraterrestrial planet. Research Cores play a crucial role in the game, unlocking new items to aid your progress. However, as your journey unfolds, the demand for more cores increases, and manually building them becomes a time-consuming task. This is where the Core Composer comes into play – an ingenious machine designed to streamline the organization of your research cores. In this guide, we will explore how the Core Composer works and provide tips for optimal placement.

Understanding the Core Composer

The Core Composer automates the process of organizing Research Cores, making your resource management more efficient. To utilize this machine effectively, you must automate the feeding of Research Cores into it.

Step 1: Crafting the Core Components To begin, you’ll need to craft the basic components of Cores – Copper Wire, derived from copper ingots, and Mechanical Parts, which can be obtained by combining copper and iron ingots. Once you have these components ready, put them into an Assembler, and it will produce the Research Cores.


Step 2: Connecting the Assembler and Core Composer To enable seamless production, build Conveyor Belts to connect the Assembler to the ports on the Core Composer. Each side of the machine offers eight slots for the Cores.

Step 3: Automated Grid Construction With the production line established and connected to the Core Composer, the machine will automatically create grids of Research Cores, building them upwards. This automated process simplifies the unlocking of new items, saving you the hassle of manually organizing the Cores.

Optimal Location for the Core Composer

For efficient functioning of the Core Composer, careful consideration must be given to its placement. Here are some tips for selecting the best location:

  1. Sufficient Space: Choose an area with ample free space to accommodate the Core Composer comfortably. Its large size necessitates ample room for smooth operation.
  2. Proximity to Power Source: Ensure that the Assembler responsible for creating Research Cores is positioned near a power source. The Core Composer requires a steady supply of energy to function optimally.
  3. Room to Expand: Allow enough vertical space above the Core Composer to ensure uninterrupted growth. As the Research Core grids expand, the machine might branch out sideways if it reaches the ceiling. By providing ample vertical space, you allow it to generate more Research Cores efficiently.


The Core Composer is a game-changer in Techtonica, simplifying the organization of Research Cores and accelerating your progress. By following the steps outlined above and carefully selecting its location, you can make the most of this incredible machine. Streamline your resource management and unlock new items effortlessly with the Core Composer at your disposal!

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