Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Beginner’s Guide is released. If you are one of the Star Wars franchise fans and contemplating another star wars like game from EA. Then you should concoct yourself again for this single-player but effective campaign. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Beginner’s Guide Overview

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order comes with very easy game-play and mechanics as well as one of the hardest combat you will gonna see depends upon the selection of difficulty. Don’t take this game as full and complete action packed game. 

You are going to access numerous locations from non identical planets, leveling up to obtain particular skill set and abilities, unlocking new region, zone and exploring new and unique items. In real, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is all about exploration and finding secret from all planets. This is not your typical style hack and slash adventure game. 


Star Wars Jedi fallen Order has very complex and complicated combat mechanism to follow. It also has lots of puzzles to crack which are effectively very strenuous to solve. But never worry, In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Beginner’s Guide, you are going to learn all the tips, tricks, cheats, mechanics, combat suggestions if you are going to start the game. 

One Must Follow These Tips Before Starting Fallen Order’s 

Action Game ? : Competently, As its another Star Wars game, I hope that you are also expecting a fast action combat game. But that’s not true, This game is not all about action, fighting and killing only. Though, you are going to involve in decent  amount of action and fight in the game. But it’s not completely and dedicated to action and fighting sequences only. 

Most of the time you are going to solve light and heavy puzzles, finding hidden and secret paths or collecting an items from unreachable areas which eventually rewards you skills and ability most of the time. So, prepare yourself for lots of explorations and adventure not fighting. 


P.S: Don’t play it like an action game. There are lots of other stuff with action and fight. But don’t expect hack and slash stuff. 🙂

Droid – BD-1: As I have already mentioned previously, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bgeinner’s Guide simply dedicated to new players, it has very complex puzzles, secret paths and hidden item locations. Surprisingly, you are going to encounter plenty of simple as well as complicated puzzles. 

You may not need any kind of help and assistance from anyone to solve these puzzles. But we assume it’s not always easy for everyone to decipher all the puzzles. So, In case if you really need an assistance to solve the puzzle. You can simply request the system to discuss puzzle with BD-1. 


This conversation assist you that what you need to do. BD-1 is not going to solve the puzzle for you or not gonna tell the perfect solution. You have to find out the solution by yourself but BD-1 could give you sufficient hints to decode the puzzle. 

That cute buddy BD can also scan any dead body and can give you massive details about your enemies like their skills, heavy power, weaknesses etc. So you can prepare yourself to face these enemies in future encounters. 

Defense is Best Form of Attack : Star Wars Jedi fallen Order Guides comes with many suggestions and advice but eventually i would love to suggest you that defense is one of the most momentous gizmo in this game. You need to learn the combat mechanism to master it in depth. 


You may find it easy even vere easy at early stage of the game but things are going to be worse in later stage of the game as you progress further. So, you must follow and learn the concept of combat mechanics. 

You can literally spam attack button and kill all the enemies on the way. But this only work for short fight and with low level enemies. Spamming and meshing of button can get you trouble in the long run and against solid AI. 

So, I suggest you to learn defensive tactics like blocking, parrying, dodging etc. it seems like very basic defensive stuff like all other games out there too. But trust me, you gonna amaze with the output once you mastered the defensive approach of the game. 


Difficulty : There are basically four difficulties in this game Story, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grandmaster. We suggest you to try all of the difficulties one by one and pick the best one for yourself. If you really find Jedi Grandmaster assuming, enjoyable and challenging then just stick to it.

Difficulties really makes differences in behaviours of enemies along with animation of parrying and blocking respectively. In story, AI is not so aggressive and agile but it does spike up as per difficulty concerns like Knight, Master and Grandmaster. 

Explore When You Can : Star Wars Jedi fallen Order Beginner’s Guide is all about exploring all the planets, solve the puzzles and find out secrets or hidden upgrades, skills and abilities. I personally found exploration is amazing, terrific, superb and fun.


Each and every map out there on all planets comes up with heavy twist and turns. Main campaign will force you to return back to old location plenty of times. And it’s always advisable to go back to previous locations on a regular basis to unlock or find new abilities and skills.

P.S : You will always get at least one BD-1 Upgrades from each planet and all most of the location has shortcut or circumvent to each other. 

Hologram OR Map : Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has 3D Hologram Map. Which is definitely worth and very useful for your entire campaign. It has heaps of information and resources for you to find out your way with ease. You can glimpse numerous elements visible on your hologram which signals about specific path, zone and quest. It has very well detailed visual navigation along with texture stuff. 


The Hologram comes with three special color signals like Green, Yellow and Red.

Green means opened doors and path of the given location. 

Yellow means there can be an unexpected path in the given location/door


Red means you are not supposed to open this door or path at current progression of the game. 

If you understand the simple concept of colors and hologram then you can easily explore all planets with ease as you will always know where to go next and how to find and complete particular task.

P.S : Hologram is very small feature but extremely effective if you master it. So, Don’t ignore 🙂


Dathomir : You need to follow this advise to visit dathomir on early stage of the game. Almost all planets, zones, and locations are locked for you at an early stage of the game except Dathomir and Zeffo regardless of bit progression of story. 

You may find it difficult to deal with enemies or group of enemies in Dathomir. So, you may need proper strategy and patience to get success in Dathomir at an early stage of the game. Mass button spamming or meshing not gonna work here for sure. But you have some aerial abilities to deal with mobs and crowd even at an early stage of the game. 

The prime motive to visit Dathomir early stage of the game is to get an upgrade for your  lightsaber which transmute it to double bladed lightsaber. And Double Bladed Lightsaber has an ability to deal with mobs with ease because of its powerful heavy attack. This weapon upgrade must be obtained as soon as possible. 


P.S: Double Bladed Lightsaber does not work very well against single target or bosses. 🙂

So, this is very simple and clear that you should always use double bladed lightsaber against crowds or mobs. But when you are dealing with solid single target or any boss then you should always go for single bladed lightsaber for obvious reasons. 🙂 

Scan and Collectives : As we already know explorations is one of the most indispensable factors of Star War Jedi Fallen Order Beginner’s Guide. During the progression of campaign, you will find that BD-1 usually finds POI(Point of Interset) things to scan. This stuff gives you different kind of collectible like Chest, Lore, Life and Force. 


Life and Force boosts life and force gauge for every 3 collections. 

Echoes (lore) very simple and clean. It provides information or lore to read. 

Chests gives you cosmetics stuff all over the place. 


All of them gives you XP and those XP becomes skill points which unlocks new abilities to you accordingly. 

Optimal Use of Force Powers : When you just start the game, You will eventually get your first force power called force slow. Yes, indeed this is one of the best power with superlative animation. (I personally like force powers in this game  a lot) Later on you will get many force powers like Force Push, Force Pull etc. 

You need to practice these force abilities almost in each and every situation. These are not only supposed to work over things like walls, fans, clusters, crossing and different paths. You can use them during combat on enemies, strong fighter, or push away and slash all mobs with these abilities. You just need to make it a habit and learn the perfect timing to use it. 


Character Customization : You are going to find tons of chests to explore in different location of each planet. There will be no special gear or anything extraordinary without cosmetic stuff in chests. You will find different lightsaber visual, new pancho designs, different kinds of effects for BD-1, a lot more paint styles for ship etc. 

Don’t expect to get any stat boost and game breaking update from any of the chest. It has nothing to with end game content, stat boosts and upgrade, you will be picking up the best customizable item according to your choice or you may pick premium content if you have bought a premium version of the game.

Skill Points Allocation : Very similar to all other games out there in the real world, Star Wars Jedi also put high dependencies on skill tree to make character viable for the end game content. You should always learn and pick the best skill out of the tree to make it worthwhile for you. Don’t just go and assign the points for random skill and ability. 


As we already know skill points which unlocks new abilities are too vital for campaign progression and character progress. At the beginning, most of the abilities cost only a single skill point to unlock it but later on with end game content you may need to spend two or three skill points to unlock specific ability. As these abilities will cost you more skill points but these exorbitant abilities are more vigorous and thunderous.

Healing Manipulation :  Combat Mechanism is not as simple as it seems. Initially, you feel combat is very easy like go and finish them off with your lightsaber. But things are going to be hard for you in later portion of the game when you gonna face strong enemies and crowded mob. 

You need to learn the proper and perfect utilization of healing. You will definitely find healing as one of your best components in most hazardous situations


There will be a time when you notice that your health bar is blinking rapidly. It’s an alert for you that your health bar is going under precarious stage but you are not supposed to use healing potion instantly when ever you get blinking health bar. 

You can get 3-4 hits even with or after blinking health bar. So, always use your healing potion wisely like when you are almost at death and no other option is there to survive or live.  

Dark Spots – Dark, Dark and Dark : There is a plethora of dark in games all over the world. Many of them produces enormous terror, horror, surprise and prostration. Star Wars Jedi does not provide such trepidation and dread environment. 


But there is a great deal of dark spots out there on all the planets. There are one or two scenarios most of the time like if you sprint blindly in dark area or spot then you may find yourself falling inside the black hole or empty space which means an instant death.  

And on the other side you occasionally get an enemy after dark black spot or hole most of the time. These situations are not only take someone’s breath away for awhile but also very threatening and menacing also. 

P.S: You should never run blindly in the dark area of the game especially on Zeffo and Kashyyyk


Keep Moving : This is going to be the most effortless and straightforward but yet effective strategy to keep moving while you are in dual or encounter with a crowd. It can also be counted as another defensive technique to counter apart your enemy. So, you should always keep moving and performing an instant dodge from time to time while having combat. 

Then it will be very difficult for your enemies to attack from different areas if you can them aside with different move and dodge. So, eventually you will get all attacks from single side which is going to be very easy for you to block and parry. 

This seems very simple and basic suggestion but we always ignores it whenever we encountered in dual. So, you should give it a try once and let me know if it’s worth or not 🙂 



This is all about Star Wars Jedi fallen Oder Beginner’s Guide. I hope I have covered a decent amount of information with all the new players so they can easily get their hands on the mechanism as soon as possible. 

If you think I have missed an important piece of suggestion or any information kindly share your knowledge with us in the comment section to help Star Wars Jedi players base and the entire community. 

If you wish to write a guide about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on our website. You can visit our guidelines to contribute here on this blog. 


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