ToMM Guide Neverwinter Mod 17 Tower of Mad Mage

ToMM Guide Neverwinter Mod 17 Tower of Mad Mage

Hello guyz, This is Arthur here again with another in depth, detailed and significant guide about Neverwinter Mod 17 Tower of Mad Mage also known as ToMM. Basically, Mod 17 comes with lots of new gears, PVP Gears, New Stardock Arena, Companions gears and lock boxes etc but in this post we are going to talk about the Tower of mad Mage (ToMM) Guide only. Kindly visit this post for Mod 17 Uprising Guide

Right now, Entire community of Neverwinter is getting a massive buzz for Tower of Mad Mage. There are plenty of dungeons, skirmishes, trials, raids and huge content in neverwinter world, But Tower of Mad Mage is hardest content till now. This raid has most complex mechanism of Nevewinter.

Our Neverwinter Mod 17 ToMM Guide will provide you veritable walkthrough of Tower of Mad Mage like; complete understanding of the most complex mechanics till now, how to fight with the boss, what kind of group/party you will need to get success, almost each and every Do’s and Don’ts, powers, skills etc. This ToMM Guide will cover every major and important aspect as well every small and tiny things as your team formation and understanding of ToMM will decide the fortune of outcome. 


P.S- Do not even think about finishing this trial in single try 🙂 

Overview of ToMM Guide 

So, The most important question is what makes ToMM Guide (Tower of Mad Mage) different from others. As I have already explained, Tower of mad mage is newly added trial along with new expansion of Neverwinter Mod 17 Uprising.  

This ToMM Guide is crafted to help you with all mechanics and explain you everything from the basics of the ToMM to its complex mechanics. It will give full details about recommended stats, ratings, powers, classes and their roles, boss fight and phases, etc in depth. 


Complete explanation of boss fight is the most comprehensive part of this ToMM Guide. The step by step representation of complex mechanism of the boss fight, the recommended preparations for the fight, optimal stats and best team composition. 

Optimal Stats for ToMM

There are not much changes when it comes to stats for Mod 17’s generic questline (excluding ToMM). You will be doing fine with previous stats/build of Mod 16 for new quests. But as you know we are just talking about Tower of Mad Mage or ToMM then scenario is bit different and classy for this.

ToMM Guide Neverwinter Mod 17 Tower of Mad Mage

You need to increase a lot more stats all together to get you chance of completing the trial at a good ratio. Very similar to previous mode, practically power and hit points both are the most effective stat to work on all together.  


I’m going to provide you the best and optimal stats to beat the tower of mad mage. Let me inform you that below mention stats in table are not BiS or targeted for ToMM at all. It may vary from player to player. Kindly allow me to clear with an example. 

It’s not 100% perfect to get 300k hitpoint. Because survivability in ToMM is the most important part of trial and its actually tough too. 🙂 So, you may not survive well enough with 300k HP. 

In such case, you may need to spend some more effort and time on HP and need to touch 400k to get maximum survivability with massive health points. In ToMM,  Boss hits extremely hard and can one shot everyone with his massive damage upto 1Million.



Base & Cap


Counter Attribute
Power Offensive Dump Stat
Armor Penetration 80,000Defense
Accuracy 80,000Deflection
Critical Strike5% base;, 50% cap80,000Critical Avoidance
Combat Adv Bonus10% base; 100% cap130,000Awareness
Hit Points 300,000
Defense50% cap80,000Armor Penetration
Deflection50% cap80,000Accuracy
Critical Avoidance 84,000Critical Strike
Awareness 80,000Combat Adv Bonus

Best Team Formation For ToMM

The Tower will pit 10 adventurers against the Mad Mage himself; Halaster Blackcloak, ruler and creator of Undermountain. As I already mentioned earlier in this post that the trial ToMM is not gonna be cake walk or hack and slash stuff. You will definitely gonna see one of the most difficult content of neverwinter till now. So i would love to suggest you to brace yourself and get ready to face death. 🙂 

The Tower of Mad Mage features an entry item level requirement of 24k. You need to unlock the ToMM by doing some repeatable quests in Stardock. But if you do not have item level of 24,000 then sorry but you can’t participate in trial at any cost.  You also need proper team of healers dps and tank to crack this hard content. 

In this trial, Party coordination is too important and each and every class plays an important role accordingly. E.g previously you can complete CODG even without Tank. or some of the players completed CODG just with single healer in a group with ease. But in ToMM you need everything at BiS like healer, dps and tank. Let me explain it in a bit more detail.


Class Stats and Roles  For ToMM

DPS- I have already mentioned required stats to ToMM guide for DPS in above table such as power, arp, crit etc but still the most important factor to do heavy damage for dps is power. We have different stages for DPS to complete ToMM with optimum powers. 

Basically you need minimum, 160k power to survive in ToMM and do some notable damage. I would like to suggest you to reach up 184k power asap to make ToMM an enjoyable run and do some massive damage. Your goal should be around 210k power at least at complete end game content to use your DPS at best., 🙂 

Neverwinter - Tower of the Mad Mage

Damage always depends on playstyle of the player, knowledge of class and understanding of concerned content like dungeon or trial.  But still, Wizards and Rouge still has a slight edge over other class. On a personal note, Barbarian is still a meh for me.(you can ignore this if you do not like this at all).


Healer- Being a healer, You will be having a lot more responsibilities. You should cover all above mentioned stats in table along with 40% of outgoing healing. Definitely, even with this new trial ToMM guide, neverwinter continuous a long time tradition to pick and place cleric as best healer of the game. Obviously, cleric is going to be the first choice as healer even in this ToMM Guide as it has better refilling of hit points as compared to paladin and warlock. 

But Warlock is best and undisputed champion of healing against single target or boss. So, it may change the scenario this time. It has the fastest and safest way to regenerate healing powers with ease. But remember it does not come with healing ratio like healer and that’s why it may struggle to compete with cleric for number spot of healer in ToMM Guide.

Tank- This class role will be a huge point of talk in ToMM. But let me tell you a thing, this time each and every class is viable to do ToMM. Either it’s Fighter or Paladin or even Barbarian too. Well, I personally think barbarian has less defensive skills in his arsenal as compared to paladin and fighter. (correct me if i am wrong).


You need to work on your defense and critical avoidance before anything else.  For sure, hit points are the most important stat to work on lonely. But, Kindly reach the cap for defensive stat and critical avoidance then left over in hit points to reach out the maximum amount of health. Being a tank you should always try to reach minimum 700k Hp and around 840k hp for optimum use. You can easily cross this mark with latest gears, different buffs and bonuses.

Mechanics of Trial and Boss Fight

As we already discussed Tower of Mad Mage is the most ruthless, merciless and steely content till now. This trial does require you to understand the special mechanics to wrap up the area. I’ll explain every bit of information, fight and mechanics with straightforward examples. 

This trial needs 10 players in all to participate, grouped as healer, tank and dps. 2-3 healers, 2-3 tanks and 6-7 dps to edge over the mage himself Halaster Blackcloak. He is the most menacing, threatening, treacherous; savage, wild and desperate boss of neverwinter world. He basically do different kinds of elemental damages like fire, lightening, cold along with different attacks as well. I’ll explain all the phases, attacks and pushes with proper and step by step mechanics. 


Tower of Mad Mage Phase 1 :-  

As I already said in the previous paragraph, Halaster uses different kind of elemental damage during the fight. So, In the first phase of fight, Boss will pick up one of elemental power randomly. 

When you get the boss health to 80% he actually starts the first phase and pick up one of the elemental power in a very odd way. 


And when HP drops to 60% then it will pick up the second elemental power from the remaining two. 

And of course when HP drops to 40% then it will come up with last and remaining elemental power. 

When the boss reaches 20% health it will start the Phase 2 of the trial. 


Note: Halaster will pick any elemental powers like fire, cold and light randomly. There is no pattern and order in selection of elemental power. 

Tower of Mad Mage Phase 2 :-  

This phase can be counted as the easiest as well as one of the most difficult of the entire trial. As it does check the power and damage of the entire party. At the beginning, the entire platform will become very small in size with massive fire all over the place. But there will circle over player to protect them from Halaster’s attack.


Halaster will grow his size to enormous. And will try to destroy the circle with his bare hands. You just need to hit his hands as hard as possible. It seems very easy and simple as you just need to drop his hp to zero to end this phase. 

Note: You will get only 30 seconds to finish the job. If you would not be able to finish it up within 30 seconds then simply wipe period otherwise

Tower of Mad Mage Phase 3:-   


This is literally the most complex and impenetrable phase of the entire trial. Well, it will start with death from above. So, Simple enough, all of you guys should move to one location of the platform all together(very similar to the way you guys do in LoMM against worm fight. 

In this phase, Halaster will be using elemental damage again but this time fight will be a bit more complicated. So, your entire group need to be more aware and accurate  while dealing with Halaster. 🙂 

First one is known as Single Elemental Phase where he will be using single elemental power in different intervals. And that interval would depend on the health of the boss. He will use different elemental power according to these health portions: 

  1. 100%-90% HP.
  2. 90%-80% HP.
  3. 80%-70% HP.

But remember there will not be proper sequence for the elemental power. Like, he can use light, cold or fire any one of them between 100-90% HP. Let’s take an example and Suppose, he used light between 100-90% HP then by next level from 90-80% he will never use light again. This time he will pick one of power from fire and cold. And if he uses fire then last one from 80 to 70% he will be using cold only. 

In the Dual Element Phase he will use powers from combinations of 2 elements. Everything is the same as above but this time Halaster will use combo of elemental powers, like fire and cold, cold and light and so on. The switch points between combinations are at these thresholds:

  1.  70%-55% HP. The phase begins when Halaster says, “That was just a warm up.”
  2. 55%-40% HP. The phase begins when Halaster says, “This is beginning to get interesting.”
  3. 40%-25% HP. The phase begins when Halaster says, “Perhaps you are worthy foes after all.”

Last but not least, All elemental phase, he will use all of elemental powers all together.  This is the final phase of the fight which procs from 25%-10% HP. This phase repeat the entire fight from beginning once again. Halaster will be using Single Elemental Power until 10% HP then switch the power again.  Halaster will also use dual elemental power when he sucks up the HP to 70% again. He will use a combination of powers from any of 2 elements and will never use the combination previously used. When the boss reaches 25% HP then last all elemental phase will start. where he uses rotations combining all 3 powers with electrified floor, dark blue, red and purple rings, firebombs etc. 


Remember, you have only 12 minutes to complete the trial. if anyhow, u would not be able to finish it off then simply it means reset. 

Tower of Mad Mage Phase 4:-   Short and simple when halaster reached 10% HP it starts last and final phase of the trial phase 4. He will use fireburst, downburst, 2x Disintegration Wave, Hypothermia + 2x Eruption and sunfall finally. 

In the end, I can say that Tower of Mad Mage is really an extremely powerful and extraordinary stuff rom neverwinter developers. I even agree with the point that this guide still needs lots of improvement like different phase powers, sections, buffs, debuffs, explanation of all fire, light, and cold powers in detail. I will update the guide accordingly as soon as i get enough understanding of all powers and procs. 


ToMM is one of the best content of neverwinter if you really like challenges but if you do follow only easy content then that might not be suitable for you. I believe most of the players play neverwinter for it’s tough mechanics and complexity. And last but not least i would love to inform you that the rewards in ToMM is worth 200%. Previously, you might just disappointed with reward chest of LoMM but it’s worth when it comes to ToMM.

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