Medicine Pocket Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Medicine Pocket Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

In the mystical world of Reverse: 1999, where arcanists and beastly creatures reign supreme, one particular entity stands out – Medicine Pocket (兔毛手袋). This remarkable beast arcanist has intrigued enthusiasts for generations, captivating the imagination with its unique attributes and extraordinary abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the intricacies of Medicine Pocket, exploring its origins, statistics, special characteristics, and even its upgrades.

Unveiling the Arcane Origins

Exhibition Details

Medicine Pocket’s journey is a tale of wonder and mystique. Its existence was first unveiled to the world in the 1990s, where it took the center stage for an astonishing 18 years. The culmination of its creation occurred during the icy grasp of winter, on November 24. This enigmatic arcanist made its initial appearance in the heart of Utah, USA, before finding its home at the Laplace Scientific Computing Center.


Unraveling the Stats

Basic Statistics

Medicine Pocket boasts a formidable array of statistics, making it a force to be reckoned with in the world of Reverse: 1999. Its attributes and growth are as follows:

  • Attack
    • Default Base Lvl.: 241
    • Default Max Lvl.: 367
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 614
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 916
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 1077
  • Health
    • Default Base Lvl.: 1508
    • Default Max Lvl.: 2289
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 3837
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 5722
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 6731
  • Real DEF
    • Default: 126
    • Insight I: 191
    • Insight II: 319
    • Insight III: 475
    • Insight III: 558
  • Mental DEF
  • Default: 126
  • Insight I: 191
  • Insight II: 319
  • Insight III: 475
  • Insight III: 558
  • Technique
    • Default: 273
    • Default Max Lvl.: 273
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 309
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 345
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 381

Special Statistics

Medicine Pocket’s uniqueness extends beyond the basic stats. Its special attributes set it apart:

  • Crit. Rate
    • Default: 9.1%
    • Insight I: 10.3%
    • Insight II: 11.5%
    • Insight III: 12.7%
  • Crit. DMG
    • Default: 143.7%
    • Insight I: 145.4%
    • Insight II: 147.3%
    • Insight III: 149.1%

Unlocking the Upgrades

Medicine Pocket’s potential for growth is nothing short of astonishing. As it advances, it gains upgrades that enhance its capabilities. Here are the upgrades that take this arcanist to the next level:

  • Bell of the Forest (Inheritance Effects)
    • After the caster casts an Ultimate, HP increases by (Medicine Pocket’s ATK x80%) for all allies.
    • DMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.
    • If the caster’s HP drops below 50%, Healing Done increases by 10%.
      • Lvl. 1: [Bell of the Forest]’s effect changes to: HP increases by (Medicine Pocket’s ATK x120%)
      • Lvl. 2: [Alchemy Ware]’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, HP increases by (ATK x90/135/220%) for all allies.
      • Lvl. 3: [Inherent Habit]’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 170/280/500% Mental DMG.
      • Lvl. 4: [26 Secondary Reactions]’s effect changes to: deals 500% Mental DMG.
      • Lvl. 5: [Inherent Habit]’s effect changes to: DMG Taken +30%.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • Insight I: 18000 Coins and 665 Resources
    • Insight II: 40000 Coins and 1063 Resources
    • Insight III: 20000 Coins and 1653 Resources
    • Default Max Lvl.: 27700 Coins and 15080 Resources
    • Insight I Max Lvl.: 100500 Coins and 53250 Resources
    • Insight II Max Lvl.: 407500 Coins and 137500 Resources
    • Insight III Max Lvl.: 816400 Coins and 403000 Resources

The Enigmatic Portrayal

Medicine Pocket’s portrayal is a subject of intrigue. It stands out as “Completely different from those fettered by the rules, they are the most useful one. That’s enough.” This cryptic description only adds to the mystique surrounding this enigmatic arcanist.

Unleashing the Abilities

The abilities of Medicine Pocket are as intriguing as they are powerful. Its availability is marked by being a part of the Permanent Arcanist Summon Pool and Level Seven Biter Rate Up Summon. In the world of Reverse: 1999, Medicine Pocket finds its place among other beast arcanists, each with their own unique qualities.

In conclusion, Medicine Pocket is not just another arcanist; it’s a marvel of power, intrigue, and mystique. With its exceptional statistics, unique upgrades, and enigmatic portrayal, it leaves an indelible mark in the world of Reverse: 1999. As arcanist enthusiasts continue to explore the depths of this mystical world, Medicine Pocket will undoubtedly stand as a symbol of excellence and wonder.


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