Spotify Premium Free 2022 – Play It Your Way – Playlists Made Easy

Spotify Premium Free 2022 – Play It Your Way – Playlists Made Easy

What Exactly is Spotify?

Basically, Spotify Premium is a digital audio streaming platform founded in 2006 and provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from record labels. It is introduced by a swedish media-services provider i.e., Spotify technology S.A. As a spotify user with free trial, you’ll be having access to the basic features but for premium features you need to pay. As a Spotify Premium Free 2022 user, you can filter the list for Artist, Genre and even creation and editing of playlists.

The best part of Spotify is you can connect to different bluetooth devices and start streaming of songs. It could be a home audio receiver, head unit in your car or Bluetooth connected speakers or headphones.


Does Spotify Use Data?

Yes, it does. It will totally be dependent upon the streaming quality you choose. On a rough note, an hour of music will cost you around 50 MB of data with normal quality. At high quality, spotify uses 1GB of data for 24 hours and 1 GB in 7 hours at extreme quality. Video playback costs much more data than above mentioned.

Spotify Premium 2022

There are 3 levels of streaming quality for Spotify and it is meant to be done in the Ogg Vorbis format. Normal streams at 96 kbps, high quality at 160 kbps and 320 kbps at extreme quality. The high quality music is only for spotify premium users.


How Much Does Spotify Cost 2022?

If you are willing to pay $10 per month to access tons of free music then Spotify premium plan is for you. There are 35 million ad-free tracks that can be skipped anywhere with no shuffle required. The option for offline listening and access to spotify radio is also available with watching music videos. And free account is of course free of cost with basic features. 

For spotify premium student plan, all you need is a valid student email address from an educational institution and $5 per month.


For spotify premium family, you need to pay $15 per month to have access up to 6 people. For spotify plan, family needs to have the same residential address. 

How to Use Spotify?

Let’s start on how to use spotify by reviewing the homepage where the suggested artists and new music will be showing up. Now, tap on Your library at the bottom of the mobile’s screen or at the left side of the homepage at desktop. Some of the options would be Playlists, Stations, Songs, Albums, Artists, Downloads and Local files. Open Spotify’s radio feature to search your radio stations.


If you are looking for how to make a playlist on spotify public or what is the fastest way to add music to a spotify playlist then we have the answer in this Spotify’s guide. Open the playlist page and start a new playlist by tapping on create playlist and enter a name for the same. Click on Create and your playlist is created. Now, find music for your playlist. To change the order of tracks, hold the track and drag wherever you want.

What Discounts Does Spotify offer?

Spotify premium student costs about $4.99 per month


Spotify premium family costs about $14.99 per month

Spotify Free vs Premium

People started liking Spotify app because of its free access to music just by signing up with an email address all over the world. You can also sign up by connecting with Facebook. There’s no such difference between Spotify Free and Premium, free one is just like radio station whereas paid one needs Spotify Premium Subscription to get ad-supported version. Spotify allows its listeners to access anything between Golden old songs to latest hits.


What Are The Benefits of Spotify Premium?

  1. You can listen to music anywhere.
  2. It can be used on almost any device.
  3. Playlists can be created and can be shared as well.
  4. You can also share your favorite music with Facebook friends.
  5. Spotify premium benefits are you can play your music in offline mode too and that too at higher quality.

How Does Spotify Work?

Signing up at Spotify premium account needs no entry fees or queues. After signing up to the Spotify, you can use Spotify’s web player to music streaming to your computer or download the desktop software to access much more features. Spotify app is also available for iOS, Android and other devices that we will discuss further.

  1. Open 
  2. Enter your Email.
  3. Confirm email by entering it again in the next column and Choose a password.
  4. Enter your username under “What should we call you?” to personalize your account.
  5. Complete other details and remember that it is not possible to login with your profile name.
  6. Tap on Sign up and your account has been created.

To sign up with Facebook, click on Sign up with Facebook and enter your login details. Click on Login.

You need to choose a subscription level and we’d recommend to go for Spotify premium to access more features. In this blog, you’ll learn how to get spotify premium free in 2022.

How to Find People on Spotify?


After signing in to your Spotify account, you can easily find and follow your friends to see what they are listening. In app, you can use the search function to find people on spotify. In desktop version, see activity feed on the right side of desktop software to pick up friends. There’s a specified URL for usernames so try searching by that number.

How to Change Username on Spotify?

Most of the social sites allow to change usernames but spotify does not. If you have a free spotify account, it’s better to cancel your subscription and delete it permanently. However, it is possible to connect your spotify account to Facebook to change spotify’s username.


To check if you have a Spotify account connected to Facebook, then Login into Facebook and select settings at the top right corner. Now, select Apps and if you can see Spotify icon so there’s an account connected with Facebook.

To link your spotify account with Facebook, open spotify’s desktop version and click on settings at the top right corner. Now, go to Facebook mentioned there. Click on Connect to Facebook and Enter your account details to login.

How Do I Download Music From Spotify


About to board your flight and worried about no internet connection for songs? No worries, spotify downloading option can help you. Just go to the playlist and search for Download option right at the top of playlist. By this way, you can download playlists and albums. 

What is Spotify Connect?

Spotify connect give access to play you music with different Wi-Fi connected devices; from Wi-Fi speakers to television, Chrome cast, Amazon, PC etc. You can listen to music in more places and more devices with Spotify connect. It allows you to play high-quality spotify music in 320 kbps via a compatible wireless audio product with a Wi-Fi connected speaker. You’ll need a spotify premium (free) account for the spotify connect.


Smart home speakers are all needed to set up spotify as the primary music service.

Spotify Premium Free

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever?

To get spotify premium free forever more than spotify premium free trial for 30 days, you can upgrade your plan to the premium one but cancel the spotify premium right before the next billing date. This is 100% tested and verified method but you really need credit card or verified pay pal account to grab the trial offer with full time subscription, which can be cancelled any time.  


Visit Spotify website on your browser and click on Premium in the upper right corner of the web page. Click on START FREE TRIAL, login with the existing account and pick a payment method to fill up the required information. This trial version for spotify premium free forever will last for only 30 days but let’s move on to how to get spotify premium free forever.

Spotify premium account has so many benefits like Higher music quality, Ad free, Unlimited skips that are literally far better than free subscription. It allows users to download 3333 tracks upto 3 of your devices. Ask any of your friend to share their premium spotify account or try a new credit card for free trial. Option to download spotify songs without premium offline is also available.

Spotify Premium With Free Virtual Credit Card


We are not going to explain bit about Virtual Credit Card. You should learn basics of Virtual Credit Card, if you do not know much about virtual credit card. Here, you may get bit of information about Free Virtual Credit Card

Getting Spotify Premium Free with Virtual Credit Card is one of the most ideal, perfect, superlative and excellent legal method. Now, The question is how to get Free Virtual Credit Card to use with Spotify Premium Free. Well, we have some options like:

Entropay, Boon Payment,  There are many more options. But remember every virtual credit card does not work with spotify. And we suggest you to go with Entropay Virtual Credit Card for Free Spotify Premium.


You just need to register yourself on entropay for once. Then you can literally create unlimited Virtual Credit Card according to your requirement. Now a days, you can even customize your Virtual Credit Card like custom name, number, expiry date, cvv etc.

So, Simple enough just create free virtual credit card  and head over to spotify payment page. Fill up the form and insert your recently generated virtual credit card details in credit card option. and checkout. You’r Done!

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on iphone?


Step 1. Open your device’s web browser, it should be Safari or Opera and go to this link to download TweakBox – This is basically a 3rd party app store for your smartphone and one of the top app installers. Just go ahead and download the latest version for your Iphone.

Step 2. You really don’t need to make an account or do any kind of fluffy registration. Just download TweakBox and open it.

Step 3. Make sure to use VPN before firing up the TweakBox app. you may get your ip and phone banned if you do not use vpn. There are many free VPN available all over internet. we will recommend few them later in this post.


Step 4. Now you need to click on TweakBox app and then search for Spotify++ Click on “Install” to download Spotify Premium free;

Step 5. After Spotify++ has been downloaded, Just execute and done. it may ask for permission because of understated developer. Just go to settings ->General ->Profiles -> allow and trust the developers.

Step 6. Now,You are Done. You can enjoy Spotify Premium for free


Note: This is just educational information. we are not affiliated with any of above mention app. So, we do not take any responsibility if you get blacklisted by using this method. As we already cleared, this guide is only for educational purpose.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Lifetime?

You can get spotify premium free version without paying a single penny just be downloading the latest spotify beta. The only possible issue with the spotify premium free version 202 could be not able to download the music files. But, you can use an MP3 downloader to download the music files. The beta users will get new versions around a week before.


This spotify version allows the listeners to play any song from the album and downloading music for offline listening. The ability to skip soundtracks that you don’t like is also available. You can even skip the song to some specific part.

You need to uninstall the spotify alpha to download the spotify premium free version. The sign up process will be same as discussed above. To stop being an Spotify beta user, go to the same link that you have accepted and click on “Leave program”.

Done! Now enjoy spotify premium free version and skip ads without limits. Go to settings and choose 320 kbps instead of low quality music from the app.


You can easily access Spotify Premium Beta apk. There are lots of websites around providing download link for spotify premium beta apk.  You can download and use them at your own risk. we highly do not recommend doing this because of security concerns and illegal activities.

if you really wanna get your hands on beta access you need to be part of official community where they do report bugs and issue by filling up official feedback form.  it’s not really easy to become official beta tester because of very limited number of spots. If you really wanna be one of alpha or beta tester then you should visit this link to learn more about community and testing phase.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free For Android?


There are plenty of options, ways and tricks to get spotify premium free for android. we gonna explain couple of them in this self explanatory spotify premium post.

Step 1. Download TutuApp from their official site

Step 2. For security reasons, there will be a warning message but you can ignore that.


Step 3. To install this file, open the Settings of your device and click on allow from this source.

Step 4. Just open up the  TutuApp, and search for Spotify app.

Step 5. Download the file and Install the Spotify Music mod version on your Android device. There will be spotify icon in your device. click open and enjoy unlimited music from spotify with free premium.


Another Way Around 

Step 1. Download the free VPN app from Google Play store and install it. we recommend you to download Browsec VPN – Free and Unlimited VPN for unlimited access.

There are many options available for VPN. You basically need a one which can provide you an access to US/Singapore IP. The list for VPN is long enough likes of HostspotShield, Zenmate, CloudVPN, HolaFree etc. you can find more working and tested VPN from this blog post


Step 2. Tap on US or Singapore country as a VPN connection. You can use any free VPN app but make sure it supports United States or Singapore. 

Step 3. Enter your account credentials and tap on login to Spotify.

Step 4. VPN is necessary for Spotify premium free version but once you are logged in to the Spotify app, feel free to disable or uninstall the VPN. 


You must be able to get benefits of all the Spotify premium free features without any issue.

Spotify Premium APK+MOD Crack Free Latest-2022 Download

Note: If your spotify premium free account has logging you out continuously then clear data and clear cache to reset the spotify app in your android phone.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium?


This is the most important thing to know if you wanna implement Spotify premium Free for forever. because you should know the complete documentation and steps too cancel your spotify premium subscription on the web, if you are till not sure about the fact that how do you gonna cancel spotify premium then you need to follow the following steps. 

Step 1. Open spotify’s subscription page in the web browser and login with your username and password. And Click on Subscription

Step 2. Then change or cancel.


Step 3. Tap on Cancel premium

Step 4. Select Yes, cancel.

Hope you are now clear for how to cancel spotify premium.


How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on iPhone?

To cancel Spotify premium subscription through iTune, go to settings and App and iTunes stores in the iOS device and tap your Apple ID. Now click on View apple id and enter your Apple ID password. Tap on manage under the subscriptions and turn off automatic renewal to cancel it. It will end up your spotify premium subscription. If you are still being charged for spotify then contact Apple directly or call your credit card company to cancel the further transactions.

Why can’t I Cancel my Spotify Membership?


If you have subscribed to your Spotify subscription through some third party app then you need to contact them. You can also contact the company that manages the payment process.

Make sure that you don’t have any other account activated on premium, you can use Spotify’s password reset form. 

Can I Reactivate My Spotify Premium Subscription?


You can reactivate my spotify premium subscription. The good news is spotify save all your playlists and settings from your spotify premium account to upto 3 months. Sign back with your details to get access back.

Conclusion: We have concluded all the 100% working Spotify premium free hacks for every device, hope you like our ways for spotify free premium without spending one penny. Now, you can get spotify premium features without paying. It offers all the spotify premium features with installation process. Expect all the tested ways for Spotify premium for free that works will system updates.

Don’t forget to share your views about the features for this music streaming service for free. Feel free to leave any query or doubt about spotify premium free forever in the comment section.


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