Charlotte Build | Best Weapon | Best Team | Ascension Materials

Charlotte Build | Best Weapon | Best Team | Ascension Materials

Unveiling Charlotte: The Premier Reporter of Fontaine

In the ever-evolving world of Teyvat, the realm of journalism has a shining star who transcends her peers. Charlotte, a distinguished reporter for Fontaine’s renowned newspaper, The Steambird, possesses an unparalleled level of expertise and passion. She is a force to be reckoned with, navigating the intricate domains of news, gossip, and politics, all while maintaining an indomitable spirit and unwavering perseverance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the remarkable details of Charlotte’s character, and talents, and how to maximize her potential in Genshin Impact.

Charlotte Build

Charlotte’s Vital Information

  • Name: Charlotte
  • Nation: Fontaine
  • Sex: Female
  • Rarity: 5 Stars
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • Element: Cryo
  • Constellation: Hualina Veritas
  • Special Dish: To Be Confirmed
  • Release Date: November 09, 2023

Charlotte’s Proficiency in Combat

Charlotte’s Normal Attack

Charlotte’s normal attack sequence involves precision strikes using her custom Kamera, Monsieur Verite, delivering up to three consecutive Cryo damage strikes.

Charged Attack

In her charged attack, she deploys Monsieur Verite to unleash an area of effect (AoE) Cryo damage after a brief preparation.


Plunging Attack

Gathering the power of Cryo, Charlotte plunges toward the ground, dealing damage to all opponents in her path and inflicting AoE Cryo damage upon landing.

Arkhe: Pneuma

At specific intervals during a charged attack, Charlotte summons a Spiritbreath Thorn that descends to pierce opponents, dealing Pneuma-aligned AoE Cryo damage.

Framing: Freezing Point Composition (Elemental Skill)

  • Photo DMG (Press): Charlotte takes a snapshot with Monsieur Verite, dealing AoE Cryo damage to enemies in front of her and applying the “Snappy Silhouette” effect.
  • Photo DMG (Hold): Holding the ability opens Monsieur Verite’s viewfinder in Composition Mode, where Charlotte can move and change direction freely. When released, it deals Cryo damage to locked-on opponents and applies either “Snappy Silhouette” or “Focused Impression,” depending on the state.

Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation (Elemental Burst)

Charlotte creates a Newsflash Field that deals AoE Cryo damage and restores HP for all party members based on her ATK. While active, Monsieur Verite continuously deals Cryo damage to opponents within its AoE and restores HP to active characters within its radius.


Charlotte’s Unique Abilities

Passive Talents

  • First-Person Shutter (Utility Passive): Equipping the Special Analysis Zoom Lens alters Charlotte’s “Framing: Freezing Point Composition” Hold Mode, allowing for a more unique approach to taking photos.
  • Moment of Impact (Learned at 1st Ascension): Defeating opponents marked by “Focused Impression” reduces the CD of Framing: Freezing Point Composition by 2 seconds, with a limit of 4 reductions every 12 seconds.
  • Diversity Survey (Learned at 4th Ascension): Charlotte gains a Healing Bonus or Cryo DMG Bonus based on the composition of her party, providing versatility in team building.


  1. A Need to Verify Facts: After Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation heals a character, it marks them with Verification, healing them once every 2 seconds for 80% of Charlotte’s ATK. This effect lasts for 6 seconds.
  2. A Duty to Pursue Truth: When using Framing: Freezing Point Composition, hitting multiple opponents boosts Charlotte’s own attack for a period, increasing her overall damage output.
  3. An Imperative to Independence: Increases the level of Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation (Elemental Burst), enhancing its effectiveness.
  4. A Responsibility to Oversee: When Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation hits an opponent marked by “Speedy Silhouette” or “Focused Impression,” it deals increased damage and restores Energy to Charlotte.
  5. A Principle of Conscience: Enhances the level of Framing: Freezing Point Composition (Elemental Skill), making it even more formidable.
  6. A Summation of Interest: When Charlotte’s Normal and Charged Attacks hit an opponent marked by “Focused Impression,” Monsieur Verite initiates a follow-up attack, dealing Cryo damage and healing active characters within the AoE.

Optimal Weapons for Charlotte

To maximize Charlotte’s potential, you’ll need the right weapon. Here are some top choices:

1. Skyward Atlas (5-Star catalyst): This weapon enhances Attack and Elemental Damage and offers a chance for additional damage on normal attacks. Ideal for boosting Charlotte’s offensive capabilities.

2. Kagura’s Verity (5-Star catalyst): While it provides an Elemental Skill Damage boost, it’s essential to note that Charlotte’s cooldowns are relatively high, making this weapon less effective in practice.


3. Favonius Codex (4-Star catalyst): This weapon enhances Energy Recharge, which can be valuable for maintaining Charlotte’s abilities.

4. Oathsworn Eye (4-Star catalyst): A great choice for its Elemental Mastery and Critical Hit stats, enhancing Charlotte’s Cryo abilities.

5. Flowing Purity (4-Star catalyst): This weapon boosts Elemental Mastery, offering more significant effects for Charlotte’s Cryo damage.


Optimal Artifacts for Charlotte

Charlotte’s artifacts play a crucial role in shaping her role in your team. Here are some recommendations:

Blizzard Strayer Set (Full Set): If you want Charlotte to focus on damage, this set maximizes her DPS. Prioritize Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, and Cryo Damage as your artifact stats.

Noblesse Oblige Set (2-Piece): This set enhances Charlotte’s Attack after using her Elemental Burst, providing both damage and support benefits.


Tenacity of the Millelith Set (Full Set): For a more defensively oriented approach, this set offers survivability and supporting buffs.

Gladiator’s Finale Set (2-Piece) + Ocean-Hued Clam Set (2-Piece): This mix provides a balance between Attack and Healing Bonus, allowing Charlotte to fulfill both offensive and support roles.

When equipping Charlotte’s artifacts, aim for the following stat distribution:

  • Flower: HP (main stat), Energy Recharge %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Rate % or Critical Hit Damage % (secondary stats)
  • Plume: Attack (main stat), Energy Recharge %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Rate % or Critical Hit Damage % (secondary stats)
  • Sands: Energy Recharge % (main stat), Attack %, Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage % (secondary stats)
  • Goblet: Attack % (main stat), Energy Recharge %, Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage % (secondary stats)
  • Circlet: Healing Bonus or Attack % (main stat), Energy Recharge %, Attack % (if Healing Bonus), Elemental Mastery, Critical Hit Rate % or/and Critical Hit Damage % (secondary stats)

Charlotte Premium Team

Charlotte serves as the Main DPS, making use of her DPS build. She is complemented by the following team members:

  • Neuvillette: As the Sub DPS, Neuvillette’s continuous Hydro attacks interact with Charlotte’s Cryo abilities, triggering Freezing for added damage.
  • Furina: Furina’s Charged Attacks enhance her Fanfare value, boosting Neuvillette’s Charged Attack damage.
  • Kazuha: Kazuha’s role is to assist the team by grouping enemies, applying crowd control, providing damage buffs to teammates, and reducing the Elemental Resistance of foes.
  • Healer (Charlotte): In addition to her DPS role, Charlotte’s Elemental Burst also provides protection and Cryo damage for triggering Freezing.

Charlotte shines in Freeze or Melt teams, acting as a valuable healer and support character. Here are two team compositions to consider:

1. Freeze Team:

  • Neuvillette (Main DPS)
  • Furina (Sub DPS)
  • Kazuha (Support)
  • Charlotte (Support)

In this team, Charlotte provides essential Cryo application and supplementary healing, allowing Furina to focus on dealing with damage. Kazuha, Sucrose, or Lynette can provide crowd control and resistance shredding.

2. Melt Team:

  • Diluc (Main DPS)
  • Charlotte (Sub DPS)
  • Kazuha (Support)
  • Bennett (Support)

Charlotte plays a key role in providing Cryo application for Diluc’s Melt reactions. Her healing capabilities support Bennett, who can enhance the team’s overall effectiveness.


Ascension Materials

To ascend Charlotte to her maximum potential, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver x1
  • Shivada Jade Fragment x9
  • Shivada Jade Chunk x9
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone x6
  • Meshing Gear x18
  • Mechanical Spur Gear x30
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear x36
  • Beryl Conch x168
  • Tourbillon Device x46
  • Mora x2,092,530

These materials can be obtained from various sources in Fontaine, including boss fights and wilderness exploration.

Talent Upgrade Materials

To upgrade Charlotte’s talents, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Meshing Gear x18
  • Mechanical Spur Gear x66
  • Weathered Arrowhead x93
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear x9
  • Guide to Justice x63
  • Philosophies of Justice x114
  • Lightless Silk String x18
  • Crown of Insight x3
  • Mora x4,957,500

Keep in mind that some of these materials are obtainable from specific domains, boss fights, and events.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to unlock Charlotte’s full potential in Genshin Impact. Explore Teyvat, capture the truth, and become the best reporter in the game.


Charlotte is a standout character in Genshin Impact, offering a unique blend of cryo abilities and utility that makes her a valuable addition to any team. Her impressive skills, intriguing constellations, and customizable builds open up a world of possibilities for players to explore and enjoy. Harness the power of Charlotte, and let her illuminate your journey in Teyvat with her exceptional reporting skills.


Disclaimer: This guide is based on the information available up to November 2023, and further updates or adjustments to Charlotte’s abilities may have occurred after this date

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