Rose Water for Eyes: Uses, Benefits, DIY Eye Pack

Rose Water for Eyes: Uses, Benefits, DIY Eye Pack

How often do you find time for eye care? Not often, right? Have eye bags under the eyes or tired eyes with puffiness? Read out this blog with natural remedies for dark circles and eye puffiness with Rose Water DIY for eyes.

What is Rose Water?

Rose Water is formed out of distilled water infused with all natural goodness of nutrients in rose petals. Rose Water for Eyes has vitamins and has amazing natural healing properties that are safe for the skin. It is mostly used in Ayurveda and Unani medicines to treat allergic skin conditions and even for healthy hair and skin.

There are so many reasons like Lack of sleep, Poor lifestyle habits, Poor diet, Allergies, Skin pigmentation, Illness, Depression and Poor blood circles for dark circles. Whereas, reasons for puffy eyes would be Fluid retention, Allergic reactions to medicines, Lack of sleep, Dehydration, Genetic factor or even mood swings. Rose Water for Eyes helps in regeneration of cells, improved blood circulation and protection for eyes from environmental pollutants.

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How to Use Rose Water for Eyes?

Eye Wash: Complete your beauty routine with pure Rose Water for Eyes. Take some rose water and splash it on your face with open eyes. This is probably the most pocket-friendly and hydrating eye wash that is safe to use.

Eye dropper: Having redness and skin irritation or eye inflammation? Apply rose water with a medicine dropper in the eyes. It comes in handy and adding two drops helps in removing dust particles. Sit with poured rose water in the eyes and keep them closed for a couple of minutes.

Cotton ball or Cotton pads: Keep rose water in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes. Dip a cotton ball or cotton pad in rose water spray and keep it on closed eyes for about 20 minutes while listening to some music.


DIY Rose Water Eye Packs

Homemade Remedy for Dark circles: Mix cold milk and an equal amount of rose water. Dip cotton pads in the Rose Water for Eyes and place them on your eyes. Leave for about 20-25 minutes and remove.

Rose Water Pack for Eye Brightening: Take one tbsp of sandalwood powder and rose water to make a paste; neither runny nor too dry. Apply the paste around eye area carefully. Leave for 10 minutes or until it dries and wash it off.

Hydrating Eye Pack: Dip 2 cotton pads in ½ tbsp of sweet almond oil and 2-3 drops of rose water. Place them on your eyes and wait for 30 minutes and remove them. Massage with your ring finger gently and hit the bed to sleep.


Rose Water Eye Pack for Eye Puffiness: Mix equal amount of Rose Water for Eyes and glycerin. Stir and mix well. Apply it around the eyes and leave it overnight.

Soothing Under-eye Gel: This one is a must for individuals who have tired eyes. Mix 1 tbsp strained cucumber juice with 1 tbsp of aloe Vera gel and 1 tsp witch hazel. Apply it with a cotton pad to soothe and extra hydration.

Benefits of Rose Water for Eyes

Rose Water has become a necessity nowadays rather than just a beauty staple. Interestingly, rose water was first developed by a Muslim chemist by crushing rose petals and then steam distillation process. The Rose Water for Eyes is a natural product and so safe to be used in cooking.

  1. Rose Water is indeed a complete solution for eye infections and under eye bags. For eye infection is a perfect way to solve eye issues.
  2. Either it’s burning, irritation, inflammation, dark circles or watery eyes, Rose Water for Eyes is the ideal cure.
  3. By washing eyes with rose water, it may help in skin redness and irritation. Rinse your face with the solution after every time using a face wash. Adding 4 to 5 drops of rose water to the water is the perfect way to go.
  4. Usually, irritation is caused by dryness and as we all know rose water is super hydrating for the skin. Excessive use of eye makeup is one of the major causes of eyelids and applying rose water helps in soothing, acne, rashes and even eczema. Stress can be caused by reading books, watching TV or may be working on the computer and to get rid of the same, put 2-3 drops of pure rose water in the eyes.
  5. Dark circles around the eyes is common and crushing a cucumber in the rose water is acceptable. Rose petals have some amazing powerful that helps in preventing cell damage. Keep some cotton balls in the mixture and apply it on the eye bags for some chilling effect.
  6. Rose Water for Eyes can be used to get rid off the dust particles in eyes. Wash your eyes with 100% pure rose water before going to sleep.
  7. Rose Water is rich in nutrients like flavonoids, vitamins (A, C, E, D and B3), anto-oxidants, fructose, citric acid and zinc. Soak a piece of cotton ball in pure rose water and keep it on the eyes for its benefits. Rose Water for Eyes is extremely beneficial and has anti-depressant and is also free from radical scavengers. 
  8. Rose Water can even help in lightening stubborn dark circles and also improves complexion and boosting the cell regrowth process.
  9. Applying Rose Water for Eyes will surely help you to get rid of fine lines, crow’s feet and other signs of aging like dark circles. Regular usage may also help in wrinkles.

Is Rose Water good for eyes?

Eyes are one of the vital organs of the body and just adding a few drops of rose water to splash the eyes can do wonders. It helps in soothing dryness and even eczema to keep our eyes beautiful and healthy.

The best part about Rose Water for Eyes is it is 100% organic and safe for the eyes in every manner.

Pure Rose Water for Eyes is an amazing remedy for dry eyes and it also has antiseptic properties to get relief from itching in the eyes. Rose Water for Eyes is recommended in Ayurveda to prevent cataract of an early stage. Rose Water Toner can be used as a good skin toner. The antioxidant properties of rose water helps in rejuvenating the tissues. It nourishes the skin and has astringent properties to fade the dark circles.


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