Unlocking the Secrets: Dr Morrow’s Safe Combination in Remnant 2’s Morrow Parish Sanatorium

Unlocking the Secrets: Dr Morrow’s Safe Combination in Remnant 2’s Morrow Parish Sanatorium

Venture into the eerie depths of the Morrow Parish Sanatorium in the Losomn biome of Remnant 2, where mysteries await discovery. Among the hidden treasures lies Dr Morrow’s locked safe, concealing the coveted Double Barrel Handgun. This guide shall lead you to the key that unlocks the safe and grants access to this potent weapon.

Acquiring Dr Morrow’s Safe Key

To obtain the key to Dr Morrow’s locked safe, you must embark on a hidden activity that involves finding and presenting three Stone-Carved Dolls to Dr Morrow herself. These dolls are scattered throughout the realm of Remnant 2, awaiting your keen eye to discover them. A comprehensive guide detailing the locations of all the Stone-Carved Dolls is available to aid you in this endeavour.

Dr Morrow’s Enchanting Song

Once you have gathered all three Stone-Carved Dolls, return to the locked cell in the asylum’s basement where Dr Morrow resides. Present the dolls to her, and she shall reward you by singing a hauntingly enchanting song. Listen attentively, for concealed within the lyrics of her melody lies the key to unlocking her safe.

Dr Morrow's Safe Combination in Remnant 2

Two shiny copper teeth removed from //nine discarded combs, and //seven yellowed leaves excised from // one forgotten tome.”

Here is the line that we are talking about:

Decoding the Safe Combination

As Dr Morrow’s song reaches its crescendo, you will be gifted with the numerical sequence to unlock her safe. The combination you seek is “2971.” This four-digit code shall grant you access to the hidden treasures concealed within the safe, including the highly sought-after Double Barrel Handgun.

The Double Barrel Handgun – A Weapon of Power

Behold the magnificence of the Double Barrel Handgun, a weapon renowned for its exceptional damage output and swift reload speed. With a formidable base damage of 121 per bullet, this weapon proves particularly advantageous for DPS-oriented classes like the Gunslinger and other skilled marksmen. Armed with this mighty firearm, your enemies shall tremble before your might.


Unlock the Safe, Unleash the Power

Armed with the knowledge of the safe’s combination, venture back to Dr Morrow’s office and meticulously enter the code “2971.” As the tumblers align, the safe’s door will swing open, revealing the Double Barrel Handgun within. Claim this potent weapon, and let it serve as a testament to your prowess in the realm of Remnant 2.


Congratulations, intrepid explorer! You have unlocked the secrets of Dr Morrow’s safe in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium of the Losomn biome. The Double Barrel Handgun now rests in your capable hands, ready to unleash its devastating power upon your foes. May this prized possession aid you in conquering the challenges that lie ahead in the perilous world of Remnant 2.

Now, venture forth with newfound confidence, and let the Double Barrel Handgun become an extension of your strength and skill as you continue your epic journey through Remnant 2’s haunting landscapes.


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