Oyster Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom

Oyster Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom

Oyster Cookie: – As we are well aware of the fact that, The Oyster Cookie is a Super Epic Cookie, recently joined the Cookie Run Kingdom. She is literally the first Super Epic Cookie modeled as playable in Cookie Run: Kingdom with update (version 3.2.001). 

Oyster Cookie Toppings Build

Might of House OysterHow it Works

Her skill simply Summons Soldiers of House Oyster and increases the CRIT% and CRIT DMG for herself and the entire team/allies for 17 seconds. The summoned soldiers will perform a heavy charge attack on the enemies on spawn and deal massive damage along with dynamic def and hp gain on the basis of the caster’s stats.

These soldiers obtain heavy def and shield. And their shields will also resist Knockbacks and Flying. When Oyster Cookie (not summoned soldiers) receives a cooldown reduction buff, Remember, its cooldown reduction buff not a cooldown reduction, then it will increase the number of Oyster Soldiers and their ATK.


Oyster Cookie Toppings Build

Swift Chocolate Toppings

The best Oyster Cookie Toppings Build would be X5 Swift Chocolate toppings aiming to reduce the skill cooldown of Oyster Cookie.

Oyster Cookie can increase the number of summoned soldiers with the help of the x5 Swift Chocolate Toppings combination. This build will have a high damage ceiling with equally good single target and AoE damage potentials, but this build lacks survivability and defense as it has very low damage resistance.

Note: This setup may need a proper and solid tank in your team for absolute clearance.

Solid Almond Toppings

The second setup would be focused on more survivability and tankiness of the team and Oyster Cookie. We would be aiming to summon at least 2 soldiers on the field but provide more damage resistance so our Oyster Cookie can stay alive in the field for a longer time.

So, ultimately, we will be working with X2 Swift Chocolate Toppings + X3 Solid Almond Toppings would be our hybrid build as we will reduce a bit of CD along with decent damage and more survival and tankiness to the team.

Note: In case you feel issues with CD reduction then you can always pick an extra Squash Jelly Watch treasure for more reduction.


Best Treasures for Oyster Cookie?

We have already discussed the different toppings combo for Oyster Cookie. Treasure will also go like in the same way as toppings. You need to finalize the end game build before making any final decision for actual treasure for your build.

You have plenty of options for this but as we know there are two well know variants for Oyster Cookie Topping Build, x5 Swift or Hybrid. But still, there are few choices for you to pick

  1. Squishy Jelly Watch: – decrease the cooldown of all cookies by -10% to -25.4 at max
  2. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll: – increase attack by +30% and summon duration by +10% to attack +80% and summon duration to +30% at max.
  3. Seamstress’s Pin Cushion: – increases all cookies attack by +30% to +59.7% at max

So, in short, if you are looking for the best treasure for Oytser Cookie Build then you may consider all 3 given recommendations depending on the nature of your build.


How To Get Oyster Cookie

IF you are looking for a way to get Oyster cookies, then you need to participate in and complete an ongoing event called “House Oyster’s Grand Collection”. Of course, it’s Gacha which means the result would be unpredictable for sure.

Steps to Get Oyster Cookie for Free             

  1. Open the Event section, Complete daily and milestone missions. You will receive a pull for every 100 House Oyster Emblems.  Note:  This event is exclusive and available for a limited time only.
  2. You can get these from shop bundles like Crunchy Chip Cookie Bundle which is not f2p friendly of course.
  3. Oyster Cookie is also available in regular banner with a very low chance but still, you can grab one if you’re too lucky.



So, there are plenty of Toppings available to use on Oyster Cookie. Without a doubt, You can use different types of combo and variations of toppings to maximize the performance of Oyester Cookie.

But, there are some exceptions with Oytser Cookie. In the case of Oyster Cookie, 5 PCs of Swift Chocolate seems very strong, fully viable, and meta but still, other options like 3 PCs of solid Almond look very promising too.

In the end, it depends on how you wanna proceed, offensive or tanky stuff. Good luck to you if you are still wishing for Oyster Cookie. Stay tuned for more guides, builds, and videos on Cookie Run kingdom


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