Wizard Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom (Updated & New)

Wizard Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom (Updated & New)

Wizard Cookie: Hello my Cookie Topping lovers, let’s get started for the ultimate wizard cookie toppings builds treasure guide. First, let’s understand the essential characteristics of the Wizard Cookie Topping. It is one of the major players of Cookie Run: Kingdom and a Common Cookie available since launch. He is in the Magic type and his position is prioritized to the Middle. It is very popular among fan art creators for its cookie avatar.

He supports the World Exploration storyline, appearing as a constant World Exploration Story party member and a Stage Boss alongside Strawberryhead Strawberry Cookie in Grandberry Market Stage 11-23. Wizard Cookie’s Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 2-3 and 5-6.

The connection between Strawberry and Wizard Cookie has made both of them so much better and stronger. Treasures to use for Stage 11-23: Pilgrim’s Slingshot, Miraculous Ghost Icecream, and Old Pilgrim’s Scroll.

Source : cookierunkingdom.fandom.com

The Skill Set of the Wizard Cookie Topping

It summons a magic lightning storm that moves forward, dealing damage over time to all enemies within range. It has a 13-second base Cooldown with Damage dealt: 40.0% base (+0.5% DMG per level). His skills are beneficial in unleashing the tough matchups early in the game as the lightning strike deals extra damage and supports the main Front’s attacking characters.

Quick FAQs for  the Wizard Cookie Topping Build

  1.  What is the analysis of Strawberry Crepe Cookie?

It is comprised of “70% intelligence, 29% curiosity, and 1% genius”, and his dough contains popping candy.

  1. What is the internal name?

Cookie 0025.

  1. Who did the voice of Wizard Cookie?

Wizard Cookie’s English voice actor, Kyle McCarley, is best known for voicing Harry Potter from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100, and 9S from NieR: Automata.

  1. Who did the Japanese voice version?

Wizard Cookie’s Japanese voice actress, Sawashiro Miyuki.

  1. Who did the Korean voice version?

Wizard Cookie’s Korean voice actress, Lee Hyun-jin.

  1. Who did the Taiwanese voice version?

Wizard Cookie’s Taiwanese voice actress, Lian Siyu.

  1. How old is the Wizard Cookie?

Wizard Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on September 26th, 2016, alongside his Pet, Book of Wizdom.

Fun fact: Lian Siyu also provides the voice of Angel Cookie.

Wizard Cookie Toppings Build

If you are still wondering where you farm Wizard Cookie Toppin in the Cookie Run Kingdom, look no further – today we’re giving you the complete Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide on where to farm it. 

Best Treasures for Wizard Cookie? (How to Crack?)

  • 5x Searing Raspberry
  • 5x Swift Chocolate

So, hope you got your answer for the Wizard Cookie treasures Build. These suggestions are based on my personal experience of this game and yours will be depending on the nature of your build.

They both empower Wizard’s Cookie DPS output, as he’s not really that great at fulfilling any other role


Wizard Cookie Soulstone

“This stone holds a piece of Wizard Cookie’s soul. Radiates with dim arcane light.”

My Personal Experience with the Wizard Cookie?

It is the key figurehead of the story, but unfortunately, he cannot pull enough numbers to be advisable for players to be around him. I played a lot and can say from my own experience that he is helpful only for those who are just starting out. The Magic Storm ability he has can be used at an intermediate level only where his backward-moving lightning can weaken the hordes of enemies.


However, a complete build combined with Searing Rasberry topping is really good to make him viable. I know there are not as many upgrades and builds that gamers can create to make Wizard Cookie a viable character, except for when he is used by Cookie Run: Kingdom. Regardless, Wizard is an important character in the World Exploration storyline in Cookie Run: Kingdom and its counterpart in Ovenbreak.

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