Mastering Limbus Company: Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Mastering Limbus Company: Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the ultimate beginner’s guide for Limbus Company, where we will provide you with invaluable tips and strategies to help you understand the game and become a formidable player in this immersive universe.

Building a Powerful Team with EGO

One of the key aspects of Limbus Company is building a powerful team with EGO abilities. When assembling your team, ensure that the Identities you choose have slotted and possess skills that can quickly add SIN points. This will enable you to use EGO abilities as soon as possible, granting you a significant advantage in battles. Having Sinners with Identities that support different EGO abilities can slow down your progression and lead to defeat. Opt for a team where all members can synergize their EGO powers for maximum impact.

Prioritize Upgrading IDs

To enhance the capabilities of your Sinners, focus on upgrading their Identities one by one. Upgrading to Tier 2 and Tier 3 unlocks new passive abilities, skill boosts, and additional skills for all Identities. Some Sinners even require reaching Tier 3 to unlock their most potent power boost. While levelling your Sinners evenly is acceptable, it’s crucial to prioritize upgrades on a single Sinner at a time for more effective progression.


Utilize Support Sinners

Adding friends as support Sinners allows you to use their selected characters during battles. Leveraging support Sinners can be immensely helpful, especially when your roster is limited at the beginning. Bringing a strong Sinner from a friend can make a significant difference in clearing story stages and dungeons, paving the way for smoother gameplay.

Understanding Shard Usage

Be mindful of your shards, as they do not carry over fully to the next season. Only half of the shards obtained during a season will carry over, while the other half will be converted into threads at a 1:1 ratio. If you are unsure about reaching 400 shards for a particular EGO or ID, consider converting them into threads to upgrade your current EGO and Identities effectively.

The Importance of Sanity and Coin Flips

During clashes, coin flips determine the outcome of certain actions. However, the odds are not a straight 50/50 situation. The likelihood of success is weighted in the player’s favour when the Sanity is above 0, while lower sanity increases the odds of losing. At 45 or -45 sanity, the chance approaches a 95% chance in favour or disfavour. Remember that 1 Sanity equals a 1% chance of increase or decrease, so maintaining high sanity for non-dominant clashes is essential.


Effective Use of Defensive Skills

Knowing when to use defensive skills is crucial to ensure you avoid clashes that have slim odds of winning. Clicking the icon of a Sinner or their speed slot directly next to it generates a Sinner-related defensive skill. Using defensive skills in hopeless clashes can help mitigate some damage and keep you on the offensive in the following turn.

Constantly Level Up Your Sinners

Constantly levelling up your Sinners not only increases their HP but also raises their offensive and defensive values. Every 5 points of difference between your Sinner’s offensive value and the enemy’s offensive value will boost the power of your Sinner’s skill by one. Thus, it is vital to keep your Sinners well-leveled to ensure they perform optimally in clashes.

The Significance of Resistance

Understanding resistance is critical in Limbus Company. Attacking an enemy with the type of attacks they are weak against inflicts significantly more damage compared to other attacks. Conversely, your Sinners can also benefit from this mechanic, so strategize your attacks to exploit enemy weaknesses and bolster your team’s performance.


Unleash the Power of Support Passives

After clearing Chapter 2, your base Sinner will unlock a support passive that benefits them even when they are not in battle. Consider switching unused Sinners to base Sinners to take advantage of their unlocked support passive for free. While these support passives may not be game-changing, they still provide a valuable boost to your team without any additional effort.

Optimize EGO Usage

Using any E.G.O., regardless of rarity, to ensure victory in a clash is a better choice than saving it for damage. Some E.G.O. abilities can guarantee success, which may outweigh the potential damage they could deal. Prioritize using E.G.O. for critical clashes to secure victory and gain a strategic advantage.

Conquer the Mirror Dungeon

Once you clear Chapter 2, you can access the Mirror Dungeon, which serves as a primary source of shards. Clearing the Mirror Dungeon awards Battle Pass points, which unlock Selector Boxes with shards after level 60 in the Battle Pass. These boxes provide opportunities to obtain the ID or EGO you desire.


Luxcavation: Daily EXP and Thread Farming

Luxcavation stages offer daily EXP and Thread farming opportunities. When you encounter challenging situations, consider farming these stages to boost your resources. However, keep in mind that skips, except for the first three Thread rewards, are less efficient than manual runs due to lower rewards for a higher cost.

Congratulations! Armed with this comprehensive guide, you are now prepared to embark on a thrilling journey through the enchanting world of Limbus Company. Utilize these tips, master your strategies, and forge your path to victory. May you become a legendary player in this captivating universe!

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