Limbus Company Tier List Wiki – Best Hero Guide

Limbus Company Tier List Wiki – Best Hero Guide

Limbus Company Tier List

Limbus Company Tier List Ranking | Best Characters

Tier – SSR000
Tier – SR00
Tier – R0
What is Limbus Company?
Limbus Company is an anticipated and very unique turn-based RPG being released on mobile and PC. There are plenty of gacha games available in the market right now but Limbus Company combines Turn based elements along with RPG and gacha looks pretty unique way to develop and progressive game.

Limbus Company is being developed by the South Korean game studio ProjectMoon. In a few decades, Projectmoon has already developed a very similar game based on the same theme and universe with almost equal storyline, area zone, cities etc but this time they have added a lot more unique and new stuff for players.

Well, Let’s talk about the game mechanism and system now. as a player you will be working as executive manager of the Limbus Company, There are around 12 sinners in your bus (take it as roaster). And again as players you will be handling them I mean all of the sinners, their different identities, abilities, tasks, roles and works around the city.
Limbus Company is actually a very unique and comprehensive game and I would definitely recommend you give it a try once if you are a fan of gacha games. This game does not get loads of hype, advertisement and marketing hype as compared to other bi titles but Limbus Company is going to be the hidden gem of the year in Gacha gaming.

The game is already released on Android, iOS, and Steam. I hope that is enough about the game and company so let’s talk about Limbus Company Tier List

Limbus Company Tier List: Identity Tier List Wiki

IdentityID RankID RarityAffinity
[Tingtang Gangleader] Hong LuSSR000Envy x3, Lust x2, Gluttony x1
[Kurokumo Henchwoman] RodionSSR 000 Gloom x3, Lust x2, Pride x1
[Blade Lineage Salsu] SinclairSSR 000 Gluttony x3, Wrath x2, Pride x1
[Kurokumo Wakashu] RyoshuSSR 000 Gluttony x3, Pride x2, Lust x1
[G Corp. Manager Corporal] GregorSSR 000 Gluttony x3, Sloth x2, Lust x1
[LCB Sinner] RodionSR00 Gluttony x3, Pride x2
[LCB Sinner] RyoshuSR00 Gluttony x3, Lust x2
[LCB Sinner] GregorSR00 Gloom x3, Gluttony x2
[LCB Sinner] SinclairSR00 Pride x3, Wrath x2
[LCB Sinner] Hong LuSR 00 Pride 3x, Sloth 2x
[LCB Sinner] MeursaultR0Sloth 3x, Envy x2
[LCB Sinner] OutisR 0 Sloth 3x, Pride 2x
[LCB Sinner] IshmaelR 0 Wrath x3, Gluttony x2
[LCB Sinner] Don QuixoteR 0 Lust x3, Pride 2x
[LCB Sinner] HeathcliffR 0 Envy x3, Wrath x2
[LCB Sinner] FaustR 0 Pride x3, Sloth x2
[LCB Sinner] Yi SangR 0 Gloom x3, Envy x2

Limbus Company E.G.O. Tier List: Best EGO

Best E.G.Os in the Right Now
[Pursuance] Meursault
[Ardor Blossom Star] Ishmael
[Lantern] Gregor
[Ya Śūnyatā Tad Rūpam] Outis

This is about the Limbus Company Tier List Wiki which contains brief information about the Identity tier list and E.G.O tier list respectively. These rankings, numbers and calculations are not 100% perfect and true. We are still playing and testing the different combinations in the game.


You can trust us to kick off your campaign in limbus company. we will keep this post updated on regular basis and will new stuff and funding in the same post. We have already prepared the Limbus Company Wiki, REROLL Guide, Best E.G.O, best identities etc guide. You can browse and check our blog to get a lot more information, guides and tutorials about the limbus company game.

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