Limbus Company Beginners Guide – Read Before Start

Limbus Company Beginners Guide – Read Before Start

Limbus Company Beginners Guide
Limbus Company is one of the most complex games of 2023. This game comes with lots of learning curves and needs a bit more time to understand the fundamentals of the game. Limbus Company had no early access, alpha or beta testing that’s why we don’t have much information about even the basic fundamentals of the game. we are still working on the different aspects of the game and will post more and more Limbus COmpany Tutorials in the coming days.

But in this post, we are going to provide a Beginners Guide to Limbus Company. We have played and tested on multiple accounts and combined some of the most important points for the new players so they can kick off their Limbus Company campaign in an effective way.
You will encounter lots of unique and complex things when you first get inside the game. we are not going to explain the layout, menus, gacha section, drive menu etc in this post. If you want to learn the basics and fundamentals of the game from the beginning you can access our Limbus Company Wiki Guide Here. Anyways, right now we are going to talk about the beginner’s tips for the player so they can prepare everything perfectly right before starting the first stage.

1. How to use E.G.Os effectively: First of all, let us tell you EGOs are the most effective and powerful aspect of the game. You should always make your team get maximum output from the egos. You should always assign an identity with loads of skills so you can use EGO as soon as possible because they provide powerful support and utilities in battle.

2. Identities Updgares: if you don’t know much about the upgrade/uptying system of the Limbus Company then you should read our Limbus Company Wiki Post Here to understand the basics of the upgrade and promotion process of the Limbus Company. So, if you don’t know Identities get a new power, new passive, and new skill on tier 2 and tier 3 upgrades. So you should always make sure to level up and uptying the identities on first priority, but we would love to suggest you go with 1 by 1 upgrades. With this approach, you are going to boost your damage by a lot.

3. Leveling: if you are a gaming geek and love to play games then you must know the importance of character levelling in any game. So, Limbus company is no different and levelling your character makes a lot more difference in final outcome. if you level up your sinner it will definitely increase the various like overall HP, attack and defence too. but all of them are a bit complex and unique as compared to other games out there. Let’s try to understand the core concept of offence and defence stats and differences with an example.

Let’s say you and your enemy got 5 power but offensive stats ate like 25 and 20. so there is an actual difference of 5 between your’s and your opponent’s offence. So, it will increase our base power by 1 point. In short, every 5 points difference in offence between you and the enemy will increase the power by 1 point. so with this example, you will be ending with 6 power because of 5 points difference in offensive stats. Very similarly DEF reduces the damage-based difference between both of them too.

4. Support Sinners and Passives: When you reach chapter 3 your base sinner will unlock a new perk by default or as a reward it will unlock support passive. This ability is one of the most underrated buffs in the entire game. Of course, it will give you around a 12% damage boost only! but it will be way more powerful in the end game. So. don’t just ignore this freebie for any reason at all. and you will be utilizing that passive in battle with proper rotation for an idle sinner.

5. Resistance: One of the most comprehensive mechanisms of the game when it comes to battle. There are various aspects of strength and weakness in the game along with resistance application too. we assume the actual meaning and proper working of resistance in layman’s language. In simple terms, if an enemy is weak against a specific damage type then foes will take a lot more powerful damage because they are actually weak against that specific element and attack. So, kindly keep this thing in mind even from the beginning of the game.
Concluding The Limbus Company’s Beginners Tips
So, This is all about the Limbus Company beginners Guide for now. we will update this post on regular basis with new elements, ideas DNA suggestions because there are still loads of aspects for new players to understand. we will cover all battle effects, attack patterns, team suggestions, gacha system, battle modes, game modes, chapters, theory crafting etc from the very beginning till the end. hope you like the beginner’s post of Limbus Company.

if you have any other suggestions about the game and for beginners let us know in the comment section. we will definitely add your precious suggestions to our guides.

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