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Limbus Company Wiki Guide & Database

Limbus Company Wiki, SKills, Combat Mechanism etc
In this Limbus Company Wiki post, we are going to discuss lots of stuff about the game itself. As we already know Limbus Company has already created a heavy buzz in the gaming industry. Limbus Company gained so much popularity in a very short period of time.

Limbus company combined all the rich elements from a different genre. it has plenty of RPG elements, rich lore, an awesome story, real-time, turn-based 2D game. Limbus Company comes with massive difficulty and complexity when it comes to fundamentals and mechanisms.

Limbus Company is actually RPG Dungeon real-time turn-based game. Projectmoon developed two games before Limbus Company based on the same universe and theme. This is going to be their game of the series and can be considered as an equal to them. This game was released on the 27th of Feb 2023 and is available on android ios and PC (steam).

Because this game had no alpha beta or any kind of early access. there is almost no information about the characters, weapons, sinners, identities, stats, E.G.Os, and game mechanisms over the internet.

So, in this Limbus Company Wiki post, we are going to define and explain the working of different aspects of the limbus company like stats, skills, egos, weaknesses, strengths, resistance, chains etc in detail.
Identities and EGO in Limbus Company Wiki
We have explained lots of elements of this game like RPG, turn-based, dungeon bases etc but actually, Limbus Company is a GACHA game. It had 2 core elements in the gacha system known as Identities and EGO. Let’s talk about Identities and EGOs.

Identities (IDs)– Basically, there are 12 characters in the game known as SINNERS. You can get all the information about the characters from the official website. And identities are kind of different versions of all 12 sinners which contain different and unique abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses.  

When you start the game and logged in for the first time it will unlock All 12 Sinners by default. are unlowkcedAs all twelve Sinners in Limbus Company are unlocked for the player by default. These are completely different and exclusive for the specific Sinner they belong to. and cannot be used with any other Sinner outside of the group.

EGOs are super formidable attacks that work like an ultimate for the character. And you can use them as equipment for the identity of the sinner. that’s why you can consider them an artefact in other games. if you want to use them in an ongoing battle you need to activate them to unleash super powerful attacks on your foe and of course, they will consume different resources when you activate them on the battlefield (eg. energy or mana to activate ultimate in other games)

You can equip 5 EGOs to each sinner at a time and that’s the maximum amount of EGO that can be equipped by a sinner. Furthermore, there are different tiers available for EGO named: Zeyin, Teth, He, Waw and Aleph. We will cover each and every tier in depth on dedicated posts of the tier of EGO. But we would like to explain that if you get a higher tier EGO it will provide a massive buff, a more powerful effect and cost a lot more to utilize too.

Upgrades and Promotion of Identities and E.G.Os
One of the most critical aspects of any game is if players can level up, and upgrade default weapons, skills and other stuff. Limbus Company also provides the same kind of complex stuff when it comes to upgrading and levelling up the identities and E.G.Os.
So, Identities and E.G.Os can be levelled up and max out in Limbus Company too. These updates will increase the overall stats, abilities, powers, and skills, and even will gain access to new abilities, passives and artwork of the identities and E.G.Os. We will explain the working of identities and egos respectively. Let’s see the process to update the identities and egos to the max level.

Identities: Simple, very simple, play the game, follow the story, and do combat you will earn enough experience tickets to promote the identities. there is an Uptying system in the game where you proceed dup from Uptie 1 to 3, unlocking new Skills with each level, and will obtain unique art upon reaching the maximum Uptie level.
Remember, You need a special source called THREAD to uptie the Identity from 1 to 3. We will explain the Thread Processing system of the Limbus Company in a different post.

EGO, There is no levelling system for EGO-like identities. you really don’t need to level them, no need for experiences or any kind of combat for special attributes. but EGO has a very similar procedure to follow up called the thread spinning system where you promote them thread spin 1 to 3 to boost their powers and unlock new abilities and passives etc. Threadspinning also needs a similar source as an identity called thread to max out the EGO.

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