Best MC Trailblazer Build Guide In Honkai Star Rail

Best MC Trailblazer Build Guide In Honkai Star Rail

Best Trailblazer Build

Honkai Star Rail launched last month with a grand opening and they got a lot of love and positive feedback from the players. Though Star Rail is actually a sharp carbon copy of their other game Genshin Impact. But still, Star Rail is getting stronger and better when it comes to popularity and player base.

If You have played genshin Impact then you may know that Traveler is the main character in the main storyline. In Star Rail, things are not so different, Here in this game we got him with the name of Trailblazer. So in this post, we are going to talk about Trailblazer, his best build, cones, best variant, best relics and best team.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Trailblazer Build Guide

According to Trailblazers kit, at the time of the launch of star rail, he got only two options(PATH) unlocked named Destruction & Preservation. We will have other paths unlocked in the near future like genshin Impact for sure. So, we will discuss and explain the best build for Preservation & Destruction Path along with the best Cones, Relics, Teams and Skills Priorities.

Best Trailblazer Build Destruction Path

First of all, we will enclose the best Light Cone, and Best Relic for Destruction Path. There are plenty of options for us to pick and build a super solid unit for Simulated World. I’ll conclude the best path for MC in the game at current version 1.0.

Best Light Cone For Destruction Path

If you are going to build physical DPS with Destruction Path then Something Irreplaceable is going to be your best pick for DPS build. On the Fall of an Aeon S5 is going to be a very solid option for Physical MC. If you are looking for a F2P option then there are plenty of options available to pick like Nowhere to Tun, A Secret Vow, Under The Blue Sky and The Mlsed welcome you etc.

Source- prydwen

Best Relics For Destruction Path

There are plenty of 4-star and 5-star relics available in the game and we will be going to list the best 5-star relic for the Destruction Path of Trailblazer. The champion set is the best option not for the Physical destruction path but also for any physical character in the game right now.

Space Sealing Station is the best Planetary set available in the game for the Destruction path of the TRAILBLAZER.

Source- prydwen

Now, you need to pick the best stat for specific equipment. For Example, You should always target and go for Crit Rate on Body, Speed on Feet, Physical Damage on Planner Sphere and ATK% on the Link Rope. You should never underestimate the power of sub-stats as they can cover plenty of rare stats within a second if they roll perfectly for example. You are going to manage crit stats from all relics’ main stats and sub-stats combinations.

For Substats You should always look for: Crit DMG = Crit Rate > ATK% > Speed and for Traces Priorities go like Fighting Will > Ready for Battle > Perseverance

Best Trailblazer Build Preservation Path

First of all, we will enclose the best Light Cone and Best Relic for Preservation Path. There are plenty of options for us to pick and build a super solid unit for Simulated World. we will discuss everything about the build-for-preservation path.

Best Light Cone For Preservation Path

There are 4-5 options available for Preservation Path. This path ideally works in tanking and shielding the entire team. Perhaps, Preservation is the best path in the game right now. we have around 3-4 five-star options available in Light Cones. You are always going to pick the Cone which can further increase the Def stats of the Fire Trailblazer. If you want to go for 4-star Light CONE then you should look at Day One of My New Life.

Source- prydwen

Best Relics For Preservation Path

There are plenty of relics available in the game right now. But Fire Preservation Path works way better with Knight of Purity Palace. This is without a doubt the best relic set for the Fire MC. you should always get 4 PC of Purity set. and You should always use Fleet Planetary Set to buff the entire team further.

Source- prydwen

You should always aim for Def stats in equipment as a main stat as well as sub-stats. You need to stack up the DeF as much as you can. So, Trailblazer can become unbeatable and can also secure and safe the entire team.

To sum up, we can say that the Trailblazers kit is very strong and powerful. He is eventually a free 5-star character with so much power and utilities. He can save us, secure us, and provide us a shield during the entire fight. He can deal a lot more damage etc.

The preservation Path is way stronger as compared to the Physical one. I’m not saying that physical builds are bad in this game. But Fire MC and his kit are top-notch and provide the best support and utility for my team comp.

There are different options available when you are going to pick a team. There will be a different team while playing in open worlds, Simulated World and Forgotten Hall. For Example, Fire MC is the most valuable and most picked character to play in the Simulated World. His tanking abilities, Shield, Buff, attack and other abilities are so much more powerful. You can clear the Simulated World easily.

For Team, Natasha, March, Dan Heng, all of them are the best teammates for FIRE Mc. You can access our Best Team for Tralbalzer Guide here on this page. If you pick Trailblazer with Preservation Path you are almost invincible. That’s why it’s well known as the Meta concept right now.

So, This is all about my Tralbalzer Build Guide. if you have any questions or suggestions kindly drop our idea in the comment section. We always keep checking the comment section. So, we will definitely reply to any kind of suggestions, criticism and feedback.

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