HoloCure – Stage 1: Grassy Plains Guide & Walkthrough

HoloCure – Stage 1: Grassy Plains Guide & Walkthrough

Embarking upon the inaugural stage of HoloCure (Version 0.5), the Grassy Plains, players are offered a comprehensive walkthrough and strategic guide. This immersive VTuber game, having made its debut on June 24, 2022, for the PC platform via Microsoft Windows, unveils an evolving landscape that demands both skill and adaptability. As players delve into this virtual world, it’s imperative to unravel the intricacies of each encounter, from the standard foes to the exceptional adversaries that punctuate this gameplay.

HoloCure - Stage 1: Grassy Plains Guide

Within this digital realm, a formidable challenge arises in the form of fans whose ardent adoration has been tragically contorted by a malevolent organization’s influence. Transformed into adversaries, these once-devoted followers must be meticulously brought back from the brink of irrationality. This twist introduces a layer of complexity, prompting players to navigate not only physical battles but also the compelling quest to restore sanity to these manipulated devotees.

As the lush expanse of the Grassy Plains unfolds, it becomes apparent that the adversaries populating this stage primarily take the form of zealous supporters of Holomen. Yet, beneath this façade of loyalty lies a dynamic array of bosses, each possessing their own unique traits and tactics. It’s worth noting, however, that a shroud of mystery envelops some of these entities, obscuring key details such as their emergence timings and effective countermeasures. Research into these intricacies remains ongoing, an intriguing testament to the game’s immersive depth.


The crux of the challenge lies in crafting strategies to confront these multifaceted challenges. With the backdrop of a game still undergoing development, players must embrace adaptability and innovation to thrive in this shifting terrain. HoloCure beckons players not only to master their combat skills but also to immerse themselves in a narrative that blurs the lines between friend and foe, loyalty, and manipulation. As the game’s landscape continues to evolve, so too must the players’ approach, solidifying HoloCure’s status as an enthralling odyssey of skill, strategy, and empathy.

Stage 1: Grassy Plains Mobs (Regular Enemies)

The Grassy Plains stage presents a diverse array of adversaries that demand strategic finesse to conquer.

Shrimp These creatures make their entrance at the initial stage of the gameplay, moving in with a gradual approach. Defeating them is as simple as maintaining a steady offensive.


Q Shrimp Appearing from the right approximately 14 minutes into the stage, alongside Q Dead Beat, Q Shrimp poses a significant threat. If your firepower isn’t substantial enough to obliterate them, a temporary retreat in the vertical direction is recommended.

Dead Beat Two enemies that emerge at the outset of the stage, Dead Beats are formidable foes. Although they’re challenging to defeat, their numbers are limited, necessitating a one-by-one approach.

Q Dead Beat Coming in from the left after 14 minutes, Q Dead Beat’s attacks can be dodged by maneuvering up and down. However, caution is advised to avoid collision with the fence. With their appearance coinciding with Dead Beats (Shield) and other variations, gradually enhancing weapon firepower is essential due to the high number of Q Dead Beats that emerge simultaneously. Expect a heightened mortality rate.


Takodachi Making their presence known around 3 minutes and 10 seconds into the stage, Takodachi is not individually overpowering. However, they often appear alongside Chumbud and Dead Beat in irregular patterns. In such cases, equipping weapons effective against multiple adversaries is recommended.

Takodachi Viking Takodachi Viking unexpectedly materializes in formations from both the upper and lower ends about 3 minutes and 15 seconds in. Evade sideways as these enemies vanish and are notably challenging to eliminate, even when encountered individually.

Hungry Takodachi Investi-Gator emerges around the 6-minute mark. Beware of the charging gator immediately after Fubuzilla’s appearance. Investi-Gator replaces the previous iteration of Zik Baba.


KFP Employee Commencing random appearances alongside Takodachi (Large) after roughly 4 minutes, KFP Employees occasionally strike in groups. Address them according to their emergence direction. While KFPs pose a moderate threat, you can opt to evade or earn EXP through the first kill using the BL Book.

Baerat Starting to manifest randomly around 11 minutes, Baerat can be swiftly defeated with BL Fujoshi or Spider Cooking. Lack of these assets can lead to complications, especially considering the swift arrival of high-speed mobs shortly after Baerats.

Bloom and Gloom Making their appearance 5 minutes into Stage 1, these entities contribute to the stage’s dynamic challenges.


Sapling emerges approximately 15 minutes and 45 seconds into the stage. Despite their appearance, Saplings possess high durability and speed, posing a grave threat when in close proximity.

Hooman Entering the fray around the same time as Sapling, Hooman exhibits remarkable speed, often trailing Sapling. Confront them using potent collaboration weapons.

Kronie Although Kronie displays steady movement individually, around 12 minutes into the stage, they suddenly race across the screen at high speeds. Vigilance is crucial to avoid entanglements with both Kronie and other adversaries. Prepare for an impending siege around 16 minutes and 25 seconds.


Sanalite Replaced by Sanalite in an update, Yatagarasu now shares the stage with Sapling and Hooman. Exercise caution, given Sanalite’s comparatively large size, as an inadvertent touch could prove detrimental.

Thicc Bubba Following Smol Ame after 20 minutes, Thicc Bubba’s appearance demands circumspection, particularly while evading Smol Ame’s shadow.

In navigating this intricate cast of foes, players must devise adaptable strategies to emerge victorious in the ever-evolving landscape of the Grassy Plains.


Stage 1: Grassy Plains Unique Bosses

Distinguished adversaries, the unique bosses of the Grassy Plains stage, present a distinct set of challenges, necessitating strategic prowess and adaptability.

Fubuzilla Emerging approximately 10 minutes into the stage, Fubuzilla commands attention with its laser-firing prowess. Horizontal laser shots emanate from its maw, marked by an indicator. Evade this range promptly. Capitalize on the vulnerabilities situated above and below its primary form. Notably, Fubuzilla’s laser barrage in Stage 2: Holo Office extends in multiple directions, heightening the peril of engaging this boss.

Smol Ame Making a grand entrance at the 20-minute mark, Smol Ame’s modus operandi involves leaping onto the screen to inflict crushing blows. The pursuing shadow delineates the range of its attack. Counter this relentless advance by maintaining an aerial vantage, repeatedly striking while evading within the shadow’s periphery. A delicate balance between offense and evasion is key to prevailing against Smol Ame’s relentless pursuit.


The encounter with these exceptional bosses elevates the strategic intricacies of the Grassy Plains, necessitating swift reflexes and precise tactical calculations.

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