Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Tips & Tricks

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Tips & Tricks

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Beginners Guide:- First of all, Midnight Suns come with strenuous and arduous mechanisms.  If you go over youtube and watch some of the gameplay from content creators, you may not really understand the basic fundamentals of the game.

There are several things to learn in this tactical turn-based game even from starting. Friendship is one of the most crucial functions of the game. You need to balance your friendship level with all card units and characters with each other to accelerate the card performance, output, different abilities, attacks and last but not least synergy. 


There is no doubt that there is an awesome tutorial section in the game and the developers have done a great job to teach the basic mechanism and fundamentals of the game but still there are plenty of things you should learn before starting the game as a pure beginner.

In reality, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a  massive tactical card-based game with sprawling RPG elements that combines strategic card-based battles game with a fresh and unique life-sim experience along with different RPG and social elements. There is brilliant storytelling with 60+ hours of gameplay with loads of things to do and achieve. But in this post, we are going to reveal some beginner tips and tricks to you if you are going to start the game. We assure you that these beginner’s tips and guides will be very beneficial for you in your Midnight Suns journey. 

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Beginner’s Tips

Explore The Abbey Grounds  

Well, Abbey is the actual core of the game, everything is going to happen inside the abbey all the time, you can even complete the entire campaign, story and game inside the abbey. Even the game itself suggests completing the entire game inside the abbey. This means if you really don’t wanna go outside the abbey and do not want to explore the outside area then it would not hurt your game progress and campaign.


As I said earlier, going outside and exploring the zone is completely optional. When the tutorial ends, Midnight Suns makes it clear that exploring the grounds outside the Abbey is completely optional. But I would love to suggest you go outside the abbey and explore everything out there because you will get different types of stuff like upgrade material, armour, herbs, cards etc. all of them are worth the time and a short grind. So, If you don’t wanna miss out on these significant updates then just don’t ignore the outside area of the Abbey.  

Best Way to Approach Illyana (magik)

Friendship is the most comprehensive feature of the Marvel Midnight Suns game. Each and every hero in this game act in a way different as compared to other. There are some heroes who react very politely and in a manner but some of them are too aggressive and blunt when it comes to conversation and friendship perks.

I personally think that Illyana, the strongest young hero in the game, is an essential combatant and flits across the battlefield with high-powered teleportation attacks. But remember she can perform such tasks with a specific condition or task similar to other heroes in the game. You need to increase the friendship levels with her which is one of the most difficult tasks in the game. Otherwise, she would not be that effective.


You’re not supposed to be polite, soft-hearted and kind while talking to her because she does not like involve with someone for mercy, sympathy hope, excitement etc. Rather than that, she likes straightforward and outspoken reactions. 

All other heroes are a bit easy to handle but Illyana is a bit different so you should show patience and judge her behaviour while talking with you and respond accordingly. Believe me, you will be rewarded for sure. But still, I would say she is a bit hard to crack. 🙂

Pet Charlie Every Day

Most of you, may not agree with me on this take of mine. But believe me, you are missing out gem if you don’t focus on charlie. During the tutorial phase game taught us and explained the importance of charlie in our team comp and synergy. But there are lots of tasks to do and plenty of other things to do on a regular basis that’s why you can easily forget about charlie. 


Charlie does not work like other heroes, you don’t level her up and can’t even upgrade her skills and abilities. There is only one way to make charlie stronger to pet her plenty of time. 

If you want to summon Charlie in the battle then you must increase the alignment meter at the optimum scale. Her heroic costs 4 so you may think that she is too expensive to be in the team to use her heroic at that much cost. 

But remember she can tank damage for you and our allies. She can work like a lifesaver for each and every member of your party. If you levelled here up then his abilities can perform a lot better too. You won’t be able to summon Charlie in battle until you’ve sufficiently increased your alignment meter, so you may not feel too concerned about levelling her up at first. At four heroic costs, Charlie is one of the most expensive cards to play, and, if she isn’t properly levelled, it may not feel worth it. But Charlie can be a lifesaver in tough battles too. Not only is she another body on the board that can tank damage for your team, but her abilities can be incredibly strong, provided you’ve levelled her up enough.



In Marvel’s Midnight Suns friendship plays a vital role in your overall team performance. If you become a friend of a hero it will increase the friendship sore with a specific hero and ultimately you obtain more friendship points. These contribute to an overall Friendship score, which delivers new skills, abilities, combos, buffs, debuffs and benefits as it increases. 

So, the best approach to utilize the friendship points and benefits is to talk with everyone, make them happy and build a strong relationship with all your hero in the arsenal. It will eventually help you a lot and provide much value when you pick someone with high friendship to go along with you in battle. 😉

Blade- The Best Friend 

When you start playing the Marvel Midnight Suns you will realize sooner or later that you need one favourite or best friend in the game. You will see lots of choices and it will confuse you a lot to pick one of them. This is going to be one of the toughest calls for you in your Midnight Suns journey. 


But believe me, if it comes to picking the best bud for your entire campaign. If you are looking to pick a favourite hero, Blade is perfect in every way. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. He is absolutely cool and marvellous. His attacks tend to do lots of bleeding damage which inflicts again and again over time. 

If you want to talk with him while doing quests and missions. He will reply with cool manners, and positive ways and most importantly his dialogues are of top-notch quality. So, I would love to ou suggest you spend more time with the blade in the hangout, send him on different tasks, chat with him on different occasions, and carry him with you on the entire journey. You would, not regret 🙂 

Difficulty Setting For Each Situation

Most of the time, when it comes to selecting a difficulty level, we do it according to our comfort level. There are different approaches to picking up a difficulty level for a player. Some people love to clear the content at an easy or normal level eg. speedrunning, one shot etc and others like to face up the challenges and raise the difficulty to the max. 


But Midnight Suns has a unique and bit complicated system of difficulty that runs counter to the way maximum games approach it. So, it starts casually like other games does in the market but higher difficulty gets unlocked as you progress in the game. And if you select higher difficulty it will increase the difficulty of the game. Enemies will become more powerful and hard to kill but also drop more worthy items and special currency like Gloss (currency to buy cosmetics). 

There is a unique feature in the Midnight Suns’ entire campaign. Each and every mission has its own difficulty level and it needs a special hero for a specific mission or quest. Let’s try to understand it with a live example. If there is a mission for a blade or it specifically mentioned a blade for this mission. And u have not levelled him up at all. Then it will be a big hurdle in your progression because if you have built and levelled up some other super strong hero that may not work here for you. 

Each and every mission also has its own individual difficulty rating – easy, medium, or hard – and as I have explained above obviously your strongest players might not be fit for every situation and vice versa. 


Focus On Your Research Requirements

Explore, Explore, Explore and Explore, get collectables and rank up the FORGE which will unlock Research Option. You can upgrade abilities, skills, power etc with different options in the research window with the help of The Forge, The Yard, and The War Room 

So, you need to complete at least one research assignment on daily basis. Don’t just miss or skip research assignments and make it a habit to prepare for these tasks in advance. These missions may need a specific character to do a specific task. It can hurt you if it’s not the same character but can give you double benefit too if it becomes the same character too. 

Enemies’ Design, Attack and Pattern 

As you progress in the game, you will experience loads of unique enemies with different variations, attacks, patterns, abilities and skills. You have to take care of their abilities like bleeding, chaining the attacks, binding the heroes and being able to become invisible.


You have to learn them, their abilities, pattern and skill set. They can turn off your entire party within seconds if you don’t know their strength and powers. Eg. if you face an enemy who can become invisible or someone can bind the heroes. If you don’t study their pattern they can disable your entire team in the blink of an eye. So Prepare Yourself and LEARN.

The Hunter 

Let me ask you! The Hunter – THE BEST Unit in THE GAME? The Hunter is the most versatile hero of the Marvel Midnight Suns. There are plenty of build variations available and viable for The Hunter. You can build your hunter as a healer, or you can build the hunter as a support, assassin, tank, or hybrid.  

Actually, most of the time it depends on the mission and your team if your current team needs a healer then Hunter can fulfil that role but if there is a need for a tank then hunter can be an excellent tank too. So choose wisely and get the maximum out of this HERO.


Team Comp or Synergies 

Marvel Midnight Suns is not a typical MMO or RPG where you need to draft a proper team comp and build them with a sequence of DPS, healer and tank to clear the content. In this game things work differently, so instead of making a specific team comp, you should always try to assign a hero according to the mission and hero synergy to each other. 

You may try to go like DPS and healer only if a specific mission/quest requires it. But still, most of the time you need to consider team synergy rather than the traditional team composition of healer tank and DPS. 

For example, Scarlet Witch and Siderman are the perfect example of this as both of them works very well with each other. Their abilities will synergize with each other because of proper positioning form witch an extra move ability forms spiderman making it the perfect pair on the battlefield.


Combat Bonuses 

One of the most underrated and underwhelming stuff of the entire campaign in the Marvel Midnight Suns. There are plenty of ways to obtain combat bonus in the game but the easiest way to grab these perks are camping and going on hangouts with your heroes on regular basis can give you different stuff and bonuses. 

The combat bonus does not provide massive buff and power and it makes a difference with your first move only. If you properly use and utilise the combat bonus with your first move then you can see yourself in a winning position most of the time. 

There are legendary bonuses available in the game too and seriously legendary bonuses are way too powerful if you use them at optimum level. Legendary bonuses provide a powerful combo which can give you enough points to spam them straight away for a massive advantage and lead the battle to victory. 


So, remember and don’t underestimate the power of the combat bonus. 

Study All Characters 

If you’re a fan of marvel heroes and if you have played marvel snap another card game on the Marvel universe. Then you must know that each and every hero has his own strength and weakness. Some characters in marvel’s midnight suns shine late in the game when you fully unlock their passives. There are plenty of examples like Nico, Blade, Spiderman, and Wolverine play way differently when you unlock their all abilities and passives. So, kindly read each and every character from zero to hero until you understand their power weakness, strength and all passive abilities. 

Conclusion With Daily Routine 

Well, this is all about our Marvel Midnight Suns Beginners Guide but still, there are a lot of things still need to do, you should make it a habit and plan the daily routine in a perfect way so you can complete all the DOs and collect almost every single material, stuff and card on daily basis. 


You should always greet your friends, talk with them, and run daily missions and quests with them which helps and progress your campaign in many ways as I have explained earlier. Don’t start the quests blindly on daily basis, talk with your friends and see if they get something new and unique for you. Pet the charlie on daily basis, explore abbey for Gloss and Essence, Daily Sparring, upgrade materials, must check the research table on daily basis, fine-tune your difficulty setting before starting the mission, check out if there is any special request from anyone, visit the library and speak with Agatha and many more. 

you should execute this routine with perfect planning if you want to maximise your campaign’s overall progress to utilise it at the maximum and optimum level. If you still need any specific suggestions about Marvel Midnight Suns Beginners Guide. Do ask in the comments section. Enjoy the game and have fun cya in the next Midnight SUns Guide. 😉 

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