For the King 2 Hardwork Skill Wiki Guide

For the King 2 Hardwork Skill Wiki Guide

Mastering the “Hardwork” Skill in For the King 2

In the ever-evolving world of “For the King 2,” the “Hardwork” skill stands as a pivotal ability that can tip the scales in your favor during combat. This skill empowers your character with an additional primary action when they’ve reached the precipice of their focus points in the heat of battle. In a game where focus points are your lifeline for executing special actions and using various abilities, the “Hardwork” skill can be a game-changer of epic proportions, offering you an invaluable edge over your adversaries.

Unveiling the Power of “Hardwork”

Imagine a scenario where your character’s focus points are dwindling, and the outcome of the battle hangs in the balance. The “Hardwork” skill swoops in as your guardian angel, granting that extra action you so desperately need to turn the tide of the battle. It opens doors to additional tactical decisions and the potential to outmaneuver your opponents at the most critical juncture.

But that’s not all. The “Hardwork” skill isn’t the only game-changing ability in “For the King 2.” Let’s delve into the plethora of skills that can empower your character and lead you to victory.


Skills that Complement “Hardwork”

Building Scarecrow

  • Grants a chance to construct a scarecrow in the front row during combat.

Called Shot

  • Enhances the likelihood of achieving a perfect shot when using a bow.


  • Provides an opportunity to transfer alcohol effects to nearby allies during combat.


  • Offers a chance to disrupt a successful attack against fellow party members.


  • Increases the likelihood of acting first in combat.

Elite Ambush

  • Requires 1 slot roll to ambush solo enemies or 2 slot rolls for camp encounters.

Elite Sneak

  • Requires 2 slot rolls to sneak past solo enemies or 3 for camps.

Energy Boost

  • Provides a chance to gain an additional action point at the end of a turn.


  • Focuses fully on leveling up your character.

Find Alcohol

  • Grants a chance to acquire alcohol at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.

Find Herb

  • Offers a chance to discover a herb at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.

Find Scroll

  • Provides an opportunity to obtain a scroll at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Nullifies melee damage for an ally positioned directly behind, but a shield is required.


  • Increases the likelihood of a sheep follower joining your party at the end of a turn.

Iron Belly

  • Prevents negative debuffs caused by alcohol consumption.


  • Offers a chance to add splash damage to a perfect strike with a two-handed weapon.

Make Potion

  • Provides a chance to obtain a potion at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Receives 2 additional movement points at the end of a turn when on boats driving off-road or on the ocean.

Nice Day

  • Increases the chance of gaining overworld movement on sunny days.

Party Heal

  • Grants partial healing to nearby allies during combat, in the overworld, and while resting.


  • Offers a chance to regain a focus point at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Provides an opportunity to reveal the contents of the next dungeon room.

Smoke Flee

  • Increases the chance to escape from any combat tile and requires 1 less skill roll.


  • Enhances the chance of negating damage from attacks when equipped with a shield.

Support Range

  • Allows you to join combat from an additional hex away.


  • Increases the chance of discovering a hidden Point of Interest (POI).


  • Enhances the chance to strengthen a combat tile, adding a +5 increase to attack power.

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