Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Build Best Guide

Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Build Best Guide

Jester Build

In the original game, the Jester was a versatile support class that excelled in providing stress relief to the party and dealing damage to multiple enemies. They wielded a dagger and a sickle and wore a harlequin-like outfit. The Jester’s abilities included skills that could heal stress and damage, increase the party’s combat abilities, and inflict debuffs on enemies.

In Darkest Dungeon 2, The Jester is a mighty and very versatile unit of the game. He switches his position, role and utilities too fast and early as compared to other characters. He will work as a tank in a position and then he switches his position and immediately changes his role and abilities.

The Jester’s combat style revolved around mobility and adaptability. They had skills like “Finale,” which dealt high damage but required them to be in the front position, and “Battle Ballad,” which increased the party’s speed and critical hit chance. The Jester could also perform stress-relieving abilities like “Inspiring Tune” to reduce the stress levels of their allies, making them particularly valuable for long dungeon runs.


Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Skills

Razor’s Wit
Fade To Black
Inspiring Tune

Jester starts with Razor’s Wit, Fade to Black, Slice Off, Battle Ballad, &  Inspiring Tune by default. There are more powerful and better skills available in the game for Jester but you need to unlock them with Shrine of Reflection. Solo and Finale both are Jester’s go-for-it pick. Initially both of them work great together and insert a massive synergy with each other. if you know how to use this combo then you may use utilize the JESTER at his best with this skill combo.

Razor’s Wit and Fade to Black works great for survivability moving ahead and back one slack for the sake of safety. And in the end, Inspiring Tune interacts with STRESS. it can remove almost all stress if you know how to use Inspiring Tune properly.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Best Path

In Darkest Dungeon 2, There is no path available to any hero at the start of the game. But there will be an option to obtain a path once you invest in The Living City. You can consider a path like an upgrade for a character. There are basically 3 paths in the game for every hero and of course, each path has a different impact and outcome on the character, build and entire progress of the unit.


Like all other units in the game, There are 3 unique paths available for Jester:-

Pict- Darkest Dungeon Fandom Wiki

As you can see in the above snapshot of all three available paths of Jester. Intermezzo and Soloist paths seem to be Bleed oriented and can boost bleed damage by themselves a lot. This is how one should build Jester with Bleed but if you look at the Virtuoso then you will realize that Jester’s actual potential is hidden behind this path.

Virtuoso provide more powerful and viable utilities to the entire team like more speed, more health, and more resistance to allies. This is going to be the best path selection for Jester in any team if you wish to utilize the potential of the Jester at best.


Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Trinkets

In Darkest Dungeon 2, Each hero has 3 Unique Trinkets exclusively available to them only like Paths. Each Trinket has a different impact and outcome on the character, build and entire progress of the unit.

Like all other units in the game, There are 3 unique Trinkets available for Jester:-

Pict- Darkest Dungeon Fandom Wiki

There are 3 unique Trinkets exclusively available for Jester in Darkest Dungeon 2. Severed Finger, Royal Summons and Bucker’s Haul even if these unique trinkets are exclusive for Jester but it does not mean that these Trinkets are best in slot for Jester.

Bucker’s Haunl seems very strong and powerful for Jester and matches his kit set very nicely. 25% damage reduction is a lot but it’s conditional if relics <25 seem a bit off to use. There will be issues and question marks about the uptime of this passive from Bucker’s Haul. If You can manage to keep relics <25 then nothing can beat these trinkets for Jester

The other two Royal and Finger performs very well in their own niche but that’s the problem with both of them. Royal and Finger are niche specific and limited to specific builds only. We should always go for universal passive with equal to perfect uptime passive. So for that, we have another choice here, There are some special trinkets in the Darkest Dungeon 2 that Can only be found in Academic’s Study Nodes. We will discuss all node’s processes and academic studies in another post.

There is another trinket named Befuddling Sundial which is perhaps, the best trinket available in the darkest dungeon 2. There is a 90% chance to heal the wearer and a 10% chance to stack the stress on the wearer. So, almost 100% Healing uptime is absolutely god-level passive and Jester can negate stress with ease so 10% stress can never hurt Jester at all.

In short, we can pick and go with Befuddling Sundial as the best trinket available for Jester in the Darkest Dungeon 2.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Combat items

There are various Combat items available in the market Dungeons 2. These combat items provide buffs, remove debuff from character, and help the team with different utilities like damage increase, healing and other support-oriented stuff. There is a long list of combat items with different consumable tags. we will provide an in-depth guide about combat items in Darkest DUNGEON 2.

For Jester, There are plenty of options available but I would stick this post for best in slot item and that is going to be THE BLOOD without any doubt. The Blood increases the damage and speed along with guaranteed an 100% crit hit always. but it also applies a stress stack for 3 turns.

So, again this is going to win-win for JESTER as he can remove the stress stack with Inspiring Tune ability. The Blood is absolutely the perfect combat item for a jester build.

So, this is all about our Jester Build Guide in darkest dungeon 2. so if you are still looking for other Darket Dungeion 2 Guides then you can visit our Darkest Dungeon 2 category.

Don’t forget to drop your opinion in the comment section, You are always for any suggestions, feedback and critical criticism for better and the best information and guide on darkest dungeon 2.

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