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Strikers or Central Forwards are the most indispensable and prestigious part of any team in football. They usually play the most influential role in the game of football. Most of the time, these guys get most of the credit for each and every win and loss. And very similar thing would be required in the FIFA 20 as well.  

If you are just running and managing a career mode with or without best young players then you definitely need one or two ST/CF to achieve the objectives of your career mode journey. To be frank with you guys, Most of the great forwards are expensive, not available or stick with current team. 

So, it’s always hard for us to find out the best, cheap and young st/cf with very high potential. This post is all about FIFA 20 Best Young CF/ST Players for career mode. 

Overview of Best Young  ST/CF Players 

As you already know this post is only dedicated to central attackers st/cf for career mode. We will update the list of best young st/cf player for career mode fifa 20 on a regular basis. These players are aged from 16 to 20 years old. 

None of the st/cf player’s age is above 20 and these players has special ability, skills and potential to be special. Most of them can play a crucial role in your squad at a later stage of your career mode fifa 20. 

Note: Strikers seems to be expensive all the time. It’s always very hard to get cheap and best striker for career mode team. So, in this post you are going to get cheap and best young st/cf players for your career mode in fifa 20. 

Adam Idah (OVR 63 – POT 84)

young st/cf playersAge: 18

Positions: ST

Club: Norwich City

Country: Ireland

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £765k

Wage: £4k

Adam Idah is one of the finest young st/cf in fifa 20 for career mode. You can get him at rating of 63, which can eventually hit the overall rating up to 84 and more. He has 6’3” height with 183lbs weight and he is one of the cheapest strikers of fifa 20 also. He has high/medium workrate and 3 star weak foot. He can be crucial player of career mode’s team and can fulfil the place of targetman with ease. 

Willem Geubbels (OVR 64 – POT 84)

young st playersAge: 17

Positions: ST

Club: AS Monaco

Country: France

Work Rate: Medium/Low

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £810k

Wage: £2k 

Willem Geubbels is another hidden gem from france. With his current overall of 64 he seriously acquired extraordinary stats like  sprint, acceleration and agility. He has terrific finishing at the beginning of his career too even in the FIFA 20 career mode. He has medium/low workrate which can set him back from being picked as sole striker. Well, if you are out of budget and looking for young striker with high potential for career mode then you can pick him up for early stage of career mode.  

Note: Not a long term investment but you can carry him for years and can sell him for great profit. 🙂 

Eddie Nketiah (OVR 69 – POT 84)

young cf playersAge: 20

Positions: ST

Club: Leeds United

Country: England

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £2.1 million 

Wage: £20k


Absolutely beast! Perfect goalscorer, poacher and advanced striker. Nketiah has all the great stats in his arsenal to be a perfect poacher like bullet speed and acceleration, perfect dribilling, superb agility, balance and position with excellent long shot, stamina and finishing.  He has potential to be special and will cost you around millions for while. He is one the satisfactory deal for career mode journey. 

Note: Currently, He is on loan from arsenal, you have to wait for season and half to make your offer for this guy. But you can count on this guy anytime of your career mode journey. 

Josh Sargent  (OVR 68 – POT 84)

best young st/cf playersAge: 19

Positions: ST, RW

Club: Werder Breman

Country: USA

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £1.7 million 

Wage: £6k

Josh assigned very low stats at beginning in FIFA 20. But, With recent updates we just got him with 68 overall and potentials of 84. Which is definitely a fair enough for his class. His main stats are speed, acceleration, dribbling, positioning and finishing. With the help of scrupulous stamina, positioning and curve he is proficient to play in wings too. His worth is around £1.7 million which seems viable option to buy him. 🙂 

Note: You may try him in wings (right). He played much better in wings for us. We preferred to keep him in wings. Rest may depend on playstyle too. 

Abel Ruiz (OVR 68 – POT 84)

best young playersAge: 19

Positions: ST, LW

Club: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Work Rate: Medium/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 4 Star

Value: £1.7 million 

Wage: £25k

Another nineteen years old young st/cf with a very sharp, ingenious and perceptive future and high potential. He is a badass skill mover, dribbler and control the ball with ease. We gave him a good amount of games and played him as main striker in our career mode journey. We discovered and noticed him as a bit out of range lad when it comes to shooting. 

Even with good stats on positioning he still struggle to get behind. May be his workrate is not opt for his stats and hemper his overall performance. But still he can make very impressive performance if you develop him further. We will update this post whenever we get him to 80’s or close. 

Troy Parrott (OVR 64– POT 85)

best st playersAge: 17

Positions: ST

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Ireland

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 4 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £900k 

Wage: £3k

Troy Parrott is irish footballer. Well, let’s discuss about his overall rating and pointers. His movement stats are outstanding and admirable at 64 overall. He is very aggressive, his positioning and finishing is top-notch. He is one of the cheapest young st/cf player in entire game when it comes to fifa 20 career mode. Currently, we are testing him in one of our career mode journeys. We have got him to 76 with only one and a half season. And seriously, he is just a goal machine. His 4 star weak foot is his best treasure. 

Note: Just go for it. He is a win win situation in all departments. You can keep him in team as primary striker or you may sell him in future for absolutely killing and profitable deal. 

Mason Greenwood (OVR 67 – POT 87)

best young cf playersAge: 17

Positions: CF, RM, ST

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Work Rate: Medium/Medium

Weak Foot: 5 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £1.4 million 

Wage: £6k

Mason Greenwood is predominant choice for any career mode journey in fifa 20. 🙂 This guy is researched , examined , scrutinized and authenticated by entire team of DigitsGuide. We can assure you that you will not regret if you buy this dam cheap striker or center forward for your career mode team. Just with overall rating of 67 he has 5 star weak foot. His each and every stat is dam ideal to become a legendary striker in future in world of fifa 20. 

His movement speed is extraordinary, he has an exceptional agility, shot power, long shot, dribbling, passing, long shot, finishing, heading, reaction, jumping stamina etc. He has each and every stat in arsenal up to the mark. 

He has spiffing list of traits too like flair, finesse shot, outside foot shot and technical dribbler. We are playing him on his main position (CF) and currently he is 86 overall in our other career mode journey. And he has 96 pace, 87 dribbling, 89 shooting and 91 passing. You can place him even in wings too.

Note: Just don’t think about anything at all. You will not see such splendid deal. Grab him as soon as possible. Must have gem for your first play through of career mode. 🙂 GO FOR HIM

Fábio Silva  (OVR 68 – POT 85)

fifa 20 young playersAge: 16

Positions: ST

Club: FC Porto

Country: Portugal

Work Rate: High/High

Weak Foot: 4 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £1.6  million 

Wage: £990k


After greenwood if there is anyone who can take his place his name is Fabio Silva. He is a perfect youngest st/cf player in fifa 20. He is 16 years old with overall of 68. We have tested fabio as well. He has reached overall of 89 and has 95 speed 91 dribbling and 90 finishing. He has very similar stats like greenwood and also one of the most promising young strikers of fifa 20. He has high/high workrate, that may be an obstacle for this lad. But you can manage his workrate easily if you know how to set up proper instructions in FIFA 20. 

Note: Youngest beast striker in FIFA 20. Personally, I’m gonna make him my first team choice for my career mode

Rhian Brewster (OVR 64 – POT 84)

best st/cf playersAge: 19

Positions: ST

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 4 Star

Skill Moves: 3 Star

Value: £878k

Wage: £9k

If you are in lower league or looking for cheap, quick, agile and perfect striker for your team who can score goals with the blink of an eye. Then this Englishman brewster is perfect fit for you. He is really cheap as his value is around £878K only. 

He has high/medium workrate which is 100% perfect for complete striker. He is only 5’11” and his weight is just 165lbs. So being small and bit light on weight. He moves between fields very quickly and make chances from corner of ground. 

In real he is proper striker with perfect stats for an ideal goal scorer like dribbling, ball control, positioning and finishing. He has potential to cross 84 if you give him proper game time and chances. 

If you like to play with quick, acrobatic and vigorous player then you should go and get him in your team.

Note: Kindly train him from the first season of career mode. So he can grab extra perks as soon as possible. 

Full List of Young Players ST/CF



That’s really it about the best young st/cf player  for career mode fifa 20. We all are well aware of the fact that there are plenty of hidden gems still not covered in this post. So, if anyone knows any of the other high potential young st/cf player for fifa 20 career mode. Kindly share with us in the comment section or you may mail us at [email protected]

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