Energy Amplifier Initiation Guide| Free Diona Event

During the previous live stream of genshin impact 1.5, we learned a lot about the upcoming release of one of the most popular anime games to date.
With the 1.5 updates, there will be a wide range of fresh content, events, mini-games, and many more. However, throughout this post, we will address Energy Amplifier Initiation and how to acquire a Free Diona Event.

Energy Amplifier Event Details

As we all know, 1.5 is jam-packed with events. And whenever we have an event, it is always accompanied by a wide range of free rewards. Certainly, The Energy Amplifier Initiation event takes place with 1.5, and as a regular player of genshin impact, we expect a strong reward from this event as well.
There’s a great deal of energy amplifyer initiation rewards such as Free Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Free DIONA and Mystic Ores. We have plenty of rewards to get from this event

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Firstly, The Divination Card would be discussed. According to the recent live stream,  We believe that it is also known as energy relic, . The primary task of the event is to make use of our fragments in order to enhance and strengthen the Card. This provides us many buffs, bonuses and combat advantages only inside the specific state of the event when fighting with enemies.
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To use Irminsul Fruit Fragments, We have an ancient relic known as Amplifier. Fruit fragments can also be found in various parts of Teyvat. These fragments, however, are guarded by enemies. As a result, be prepared for the unexpected fight and challenge
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According to recent live stream footage, The Energy Amplifier is an Antediluvian Relic that can reel out power of the people and transform it into motive forces.   Fruit Fragments could be revitalized with this. Motive Force varies in effectiveness and intensity depending on the character’s level. The higher their level, the greater the motive force, and the more and more efficient and effective fruit fragments you will be able to resurrect.
You don’t have many high-level characters, do you? Don’t be concerned. You can ask for assistance and borrow a character from a friend. This works on the same principle as the buddy system used throughout previous events.
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In addition, We can add new Twisted Realm content. There are 4 domains in the Twisted Realm, like Domain of Deceit, Domain of Thunder, Domain of Chaos, and Domain of Heresy. All of these are realms with different monsters and lay line disorder.
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As we saw in Hypostatic Symphony, each domain has different difficulties. You can select various options to experience more critical and complex challenges that are even more valuable and higher.
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In simple words, Genshin Impact Players can get Diona free of charge in the Energy Amplifier event.  She will probably play a significant role in the event. We have experienced such events in the past, like Unreconciled Stars to get Fischl free of cost. As we already know, eula is coming soon with the 1.5 update. So, getting Diona free of cost would be great for each and every player because EULA also holds Cryo Vision as Dion does. 

Take part in various activities to get a free Diona to join your team! However, it has not been revealed the exact way to get Diona. 

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