Click Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Click Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

In the annals of history, there are those whose experiences transcend the ordinary, individuals who bear witness to the most profound and life-altering events. Click, a Spirit Arcanist in Reverse: 1999, is one such extraordinary figure, whose life’s journey is both haunting and awe-inspiring.

Early Life and Transformation

Click, originally known as a World War II photographer, had his lens focused on the horrors of war. His camera bore witness to the devastation and cruelty that unfolded during one of the most cataclysmic events in human history. As an unrelenting chronicler of the battlefield, Click ventured into the heart of danger, capturing brutal moments that would awaken the world to the stark reality of warfare.

The camera was his instrument of truth, and it revealed the world in its rawest, most unfiltered form. Missiles, gunfire, shattered buildings, and countless lives forever changed by the horrors of war were immortalized by his lens. Click’s dedication to his craft and his quest for the truth led him into the abyss of cold, unforgiving reality, and his journey mirrored the very essence of war itself.


The Power of the Lens

Click’s connection with the camera went beyond mere documentation; it delved into the realm of the arcane. His transformation into a Spirit Arcanist is a testament to the profound impact of his work. The camera, once a tool of observation, became a conduit for the supernatural. His journey gave birth to abilities that transcended the ordinary and bridged the gap between the seen and the unseen.

Basic Statistics

  • Attack: Click’s attack capabilities are impressive, ranging from a base level of 248 to a staggering 1108 at Insight III Max Level.
  • Health: His endurance levels are equally remarkable, starting at 1520 and reaching a formidable 6783 at Insight III Max Level.
  • Real DEF: Click’s defense capabilities vary from 126 to 562, ensuring his resilience on the battlefield.
  • Mental DEF: His mental defense ranges from 101 to 450, proving his steadfastness even in the face of psychological challenges.
  • Technique: Click’s technical prowess is noteworthy, with levels ranging from 203 to 284.

Special Statistics

  • Crit. Rate: Click possesses a critical rate that escalates from 6.8% to 9.5%, ensuring the precision of his attacks.
  • Crit. DMG: His critical damage multiplies from 140.15% to 144.2%, making each critical strike all the more devastating.

Unique Abilities and Upgrades

Click’s abilities are not only powerful but also unique in their own right. His “Lens Cap” status is activated at the beginning of every two rounds, reducing damage taken by 8% when in battle. When in “Lens Cap” status, his Penetration Rate increases by 30%, enhancing his ability to pierce through defenses. Moreover, when attacked by Reality DMG, Click’s damage taken is further reduced by an astonishing 50%.

Portrayal Effects

  • Valuable Good Photo: At different levels, this ability changes, culminating in a striking 450% Mental DMG.
  • Spectator: As this ability advances, it deals between 220% and 450% Mental DMG.
  • Witness: This ability’s effect transforms into a Mental DMG of 220% to 450% at different star levels.

Upgrade Materials

  • Insight I: 12000, 3365
  • Insight II: 30000, 4445
  • Insight III: 120000, 6653

The Essence of Click’s Portrayal

The portrayal of Click as a Spirit Arcanist transcends the physical. He is the embodiment of unwavering courage and an unyielding pursuit of truth. His artistry, once confined to the realm of photography, has evolved into a mystical force that can both inspire and protect.


Artifacts and Equipment

Click’s equipment, steeped in history and meaning, is a testament to his dedication to his craft. The Theia VI Camera, his most cherished possession, is not just a tool but a companion that has weathered the storm of warfare. Despite its unassuming design, it is constructed from materials that defy the harshest conditions. Click’s camera is not just an arcane item; it is a relic of resilience, capturing not just images but the essence of survival.

Legacy and Impact

Click’s work was not merely the creation of art; it was a catalyst for awakening the world to the reality of war. His photographs, initially perceived as stark black-and-white depictions, eventually forced people to confront the brutal truth of the human cost of war.

In his quest for the most profound moments of humanity, Click captured the atrocities of war that many failed to recognize while they were unfolding. His lens transcended the superficial and invited viewers to reflect on their actions, prompting a delayed but profound understanding of the pain inflicted on others.



In the world of Spirit Arcanists, Click stands as a unique and awe-inspiring figure, embodying the transformation of an ordinary photographer into a supernatural force. His journey from a World War II chronicler to a Spirit Arcanist is a testament to the power of art, resilience, and an unwavering quest for truth. Click’s legacy is not only in his art but in the indelible impact it left on the collective consciousness, serving as a stark reminder of the human cost of war.

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