Herb Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom Guide

Herb Cookie Toppings Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom Guide

Hello there! Welcome to my garden.

There are so many different support characters that can be used in CRK. There are cookies that are used to heal their teammates and provide them with buffs and shields.

Herb Cookie: To play the Cookie Run Kingdom, you know the need for a good offense and defense. Let’s talk about the value of a good healer i.e., Herb Cookie firstly. He is a perfect choice even without any toppings as an epic rarity healer. Survival is an essential factor in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Moreover, adding toppings makes him much better on the field.


Game Description:

Best Herb Cookie Toppings & Build-In CRK (How to Crack?)

What’s the Best Topping for Herb Cookie

X5 Searing Raspberry Topping(More ATK = More Healing)(Recommended)
X5 Sweet Candy Topping

The best Herb Cookie Topping Build Set in the Cookie Run Kingdom would be X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings Set as it gives you better healing. More ATK = More healing from Herb. He appears in his own dedicated side storyline, Herb Cookie’s New Plant, to adopt a Cookievorous Plant, Cookiesnap.


In case you don’t have Pure Vanilla Cookie then it is a no-brainer if select a healer for your team. You can’t just get Pure Vanilla Cookie to heal.

Which Topping to use with Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

To decide which toppings will be best for my healers, there are two things you need to consider.

  1. Obviously, the attack for your healers to basically heal the team.
  2. And, Having a low cooldown that is also important for constant healing.

Choose a build that suits your playstyle to enhance your healers and their skills. Herb Cookie’s Soulstones can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 7-18 and 10-15. The Swift Chocolate Build is focused on reducing the cooldown and is a general build for Herb Cookie. Five Epic Swift Chocolate Toppings (available on stages 9-21 in World Exploration) will reduce his cooldown from 17 to 14.

cookie run kingdom: Herb Cookie
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The Personality of Herb Cookie Kingdom Topping:

Herb Cookie is a plant lover and treats his plants just like how a decent parent would treat their children. Whenever they will have diseases, he is going to try his level best to cure them. Like, whenever the weather is torrid, he brings them to an airy area to breathe. Nevertheless, he’s also shown to be a very kind and polite cookie, calling the player an amazing friend and often being very generous to other cookies.

Herb Cookie Soulstone: Herb Cookie has managed to still be one of the best healers in the CRK 2022. It heals by unleashing a skill that turns the ground into a little garden. This garden will be removing all the debuffs while restoring the HP for the whole party itself. He is a steady healer that will be great in PvP, PvE, and Guild Battles especially. More time passes, it will be allowing you to restore too by standing next to his sprouts.

Quick FAQs for the Herb Cookie Topping Build

  1. When can Herb Cookie’s Soulstones be acquired?

It can be World Exploration Dark Mode stages 7-18 and 10-15

  1. When it was designed?

It was designed by Artist SOO

  1. What is the internal name of Herb Cookie?


  1. What is the Taiwanese voice actor of the Herb Cookie Topping Build?

Zhang Li’ang

  1. What is the name of German and French Voice actors?

Brian Sommer and Sébastien Baulain

  1. What is the release date?

January 21, 2021 (launch)

Skill Set of Herb Cookie Topping:

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the most interesting mobile RPGs in the game industry. We hope that you liked this guide and manage your Herb Cookie Stronger. Wishing you luck in your further battles in the Cookie Run: Kingdom. In case you need any help, feel free to comment.


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