Wartales Region Order in Region Locked Exploration Mode: A Strategic Guide

Wartales Region Order in Region Locked Exploration Mode: A Strategic Guide

Since its release on April 12th, Wartales has captivated players with its unique blend of Open World RPG and Turn-Based Strategy elements. The game offers two Exploration Modes, each with its own challenges and rewards. In this guide, we will analyze the recommended order for exploring regions in Wartales while opting for the Region Locked Exploration Mode.

Wartales Region Order
Wartales Region Order

Understanding Region Locked Exploration Mode

In Region Locked Exploration Mode, the sequence in which you explore regions plays a crucial role. Unlike the Adaptive Mode, where enemy levels scale to match your own, Region Locked Mode features fixed difficulty levels for each region. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right path to ensure a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Recommended Order of Region Exploration

  1. Tiltren – Levels 1-3: As the default Starting Region, Tiltren is the first area you’ll encounter. It offers challenges suitable for characters in the early levels.
  2. Arthes – Levels 4-6: Once you have grown stronger in Tiltren, progress to Arthes. This region provides opportunities to level up further and gain valuable experience.
  3. Vertruse – Levels 4-6: Similar to Arthes, Vertruse offers challenges appropriate for characters in the 4-6 level range. You can choose to explore Arthes and Vertruse in either order based on your preferences.
  4. Ludern – Levels 6-8: As your characters reach level 6, consider venturing into Ludern. Here, you’ll face more formidable foes, so be prepared for intense battles.
  5. Grinmeer – Levels 8-10: After conquering Ludern, proceed to Grinmeer. This region will test your team’s strength with adversaries suited for levels 8-10.
  6. Dronbach – Levels 11-12: The final region on your journey, Dronbach, presents the ultimate challenge with enemies scaled to levels 11-12. Ensure your team is well-prepared before embarking on this last leg of your adventure.

Quest Difficulty and Flexibility

While following the suggested region order is advisable, keep in mind that lower-level regions may contain quests that prove more challenging than expected. In such instances, don’t hesitate to explore the next area and return to tackle the tougher missions once your team has gained more experience and skills.


Level 5 Skills and Their Significance

Reaching level 5 is a pivotal point in Wartales, as most character classes gain access to key skills that prove invaluable throughout the game. These abilities can greatly enhance your team’s performance, especially during the exploration of Arthes and Vertruse.


Mastering the Region Locked Exploration Mode in Wartales is a strategic endeavor. By following the recommended region order, you can ensure a balanced and rewarding gameplay experience. Remember to adapt to challenges and take advantage of your character classes’ key skills. Explore the diverse regions, conquer their trials, and forge a legendary tale in the realm of Wartales

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