Victoria 3: Dominion vs Puppet – What is the Actual Difference?

Victoria 3: Dominion vs Puppet – What is the Actual Difference?

Victoria 3: Dominion vs Puppet

So, there is plenty of discussions, misunderstanding and misleading information spreading all over the internet about the two most famous subjects of Victoria 3- Dominion vs Puppet. There are a total of 6 types of subjects in Victora 3 but we are not going to talk about all of them. And in this post, we are going to talk about the actual difference between Dominion vs Puppet.

if you go through the description of both Dominion and Puppet. You may not understand much difference as they sound similar from the description. But in reality, there is a difference between both of them. and we are going to elaborate on it below table.

Joins Overlord’s WarsNoYes
Can Start Diplomatic PlaysYesNo
Weekly Tribute10% of Income20% of Income
Overlord Can AnnexNoYes

So, we have classified the real difference between dominion and puppet. Both of them look very similar and strong too but there is a deep difference between both subjects. Let’s try to understand the overall value and potential of each.


Here as you can see in the above table, Dominion works similarly to a normal country which will pay tribute to the overload on weekly basis. on the other hand, a normal country does not need to do so.

and if we talk about puppets, They are a bit superior, they will always aid you in the war, will always join the battlefield, and pay more taxes as compared to the dominion subject. In short, puppets are superior and way better subjects in long-term planning.

You should always invest and pick Puppet for your campaign, it will provide you with lots of better output in the long term as it has better potential as compared to Dominion in long term.


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