Ultimate Class & Skills Guide – Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ultimate Class & Skills Guide – Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Good hand-to-eye coordination, excellent reflexes, and comprehensive knowledge are all you need to master a game with Ultimate Class & Skills Guide. Moreover, if the game gives players all the control over their characters freely and uses their available skills by simply tapping on them. That’s just all you need to feel over the top. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a game based on the Isekai theme, which translates to “Otherworld” in Japanese. It is a story in which reality and fantasy collide, and a grand adventure awaits you once you arrive in another world via the virtual reality game. The spirits are likewise trapped inside this virtual world, according to the game, and you are unable to escape. You can try out a range of potential strategic skill combinations that can tailor to the class of the player’s character.

Class & Skills Guide: That is all about the introduction. Now let’s jump on to the main part of the blog where you can get to read all about this game and characters more in-depth. 

Players are free to select their class. The appearance and name of the main character can also be changed. There are five different classes:

Class & Skills Guide
Class & Skills Guide
  • Swordsman Class
  • Witch Class
  • Rogue Class
  • Engineer Class
  • Destroyer Class

Players can experience a variety of different strategic skill combinations that can be customized based on the class of the player’s chosen character. In terms of character customization, there are five different characters in this game and they are gender locked, which means you can’t change much about their appearance. As with MMORPG titles, you must be dedicated to your character if you want to see long-term growth.

Each character in this game has six different abilities, which are divided into different categories based on the type of ability. 

Core Abilities- These are the abilities that are available to all players and are not class-specific.

Class Abilities- The class-specific abilities are restricted to the type of class chosen by the player.

Passive Abilities- The passive abilities are restricted to the class that the player has selected.

Your extra power will be determined by how you build your account, how active you are every day, and how fortunate you were with your roles. It doesn’t have to be anything with what class you’re in. 

Rogue Class & Skills Guide

Rogue is a popular pseudo-DPS and pure support type character who deals a lot of damage while also being annoying as a supporter by providing team-wide damage buffs and crowd control skills that can slow down enemies. He is a bow user from the typical hunter class. 

Core Abilities:

  • Rain of Arrows- is a core ability. Rain down arrows is your standard AOE ability that deals damage in a circle while slowing your enemies within.
  • Multi-Shot- The Rogue’s most necessary defense ability, as it shoots forward in a cone, pushing enemies away and jumping back.
  • Evasion Shot- This shot serves as an emergency exit. Shoot in a straight line while dodging back. Enemies who are captured slow down for 3 seconds.
  • Spirit Arrow (Ultimate Ability)- Summon a powerful arrow to summon a giant spirit behind you. Deal damage to all enemies in front of you and increase 100 % more damage to monsters.

Optional Abilities:

  • Blazing Heart- Rogue’s main damage buff that grants 7.5 attack power to the entire party at Level 1 for 15 seconds. This skill’s effects will grow stronger as you level it up.
  • Solar Flare- A Crowd Control skill that deals light damage in a circle, slowing enemies for 3 seconds, but when the skill ends, it explodes and stuns everyone.
  • Twisted Arrow- is a dark ability similar to solar flare in that it captures enemies and prevents them from moving, making it very powerful with combos.
  • Showtime- is another buff that grants the player with the most offensive power in the party, giving a master start boost. 
  • Overcharge Boosts- The ultimate gauge builder for the entire party as well as attack speed, allowing everyone to use their ultimate ability sooner.

Destroyer Class & Skills Guide

A hammer user and defense-oriented character, with a great love for flowers. He is the tank role character in the game, capable of fighting from the frontlines. He has multiple shielding and self-healing abilities. 

Core Abilities:

  • Full Swing- Destroyer swings his hammer, dealing massive damage, and caught everyone in its radius. 
  • Ground Slam- A leaping attack where he jumps into the air before attacking enemies. Leaps forward, slowing enemies by 20% for 3 seconds!
  • Brutal Strike- A crowd control ability with a massive hammer to slay enemies. Knocking down enemies and dealing increased damages.
  • Hammer of Fury (Ultimate Ability)- Summon a giant hammer to crush down your opponent.

Optional Abilities:

  • Frost Shield- The destroyer surrounds himself with a barrier that gives him 15% of the health shield. 
  • War Cry- A full tank ability that fires damage around the destroyer. Cause everything stops for 3 seconds to auto-attack the destroyer. 
  • Gravity Power- A good element ability designed to prevent others from escaping the destroyer. Calls and pulls them back.
  • Thunder God’s wrath- A supporting ability to increase team auto-attack by 15%. Strike random lightning and caught unfortunate soul for 1 sec.
  • Unwavering Heart- Shield around the destroyer reducing damage by 15% for 8 seconds. 

Witch Class & Skills Guide

Witches are the game’s best attackers, as they have a medium-long range and specialize in dealing a lot of damage. Spear with the power of telekinesis. They are pretty selfish and straightforward. 

Core Abilities:

  • Piercing Storm- Throw your spear at your opponent, knocking them down for 1.5 seconds.
  • Dancing Spear- Spins around damaging enemies in AOE and gains 10% damage reduction.
  • Storm Spear- AOE spin attack. Enemies slow down by 20%.
  • Rain of Spears (Ultimate Ability)- Destroy your enemies by raining down spears from the sky by 80%.

Optional Abilities:

  • Flame Strike- Fire damage ability. Reduces enemy defenses by 15%.
  • Crystal Wave- Normal AOE water ability. 
  • Deadly Strike- Dark damaging and great debuff.

Engineer Class & Skills Guide

The engineer is a supporting character who can heal allies while fighting and striking enemies with firearm skills. Stay in the back to survive and have the availability to revive party members.  

Core Abilities:

  • Burst Coil- A round AOE similar to arrows. Caught enemies for 1 second.
  • Element Blast- A straight line AOE, that deals damage and slows enemies.
  • Explosive Bullet- A fancy explosive bullet.
  • Artillery Strike (Ultimate Ability)- Two cannons deal massive damage to enemies. 

Swordsman Class & Skills Guide

The melee class specializes in dealing damage, sustaining damage, providing buffs, and even tanking damage if built correctly. They are preferred for new players unfamiliar with MMORPGs because they can easily switch between offense and defense.

Core Abilities:

  • Flash- Casts a barrage of attacks while slowing enemies around you.
  • Flying Slash- A flying attack that swings down from the air and slows opponents.
  • Spinning Swords- Spins around and forward, slashing all opponents in his path.
  • Magical Sword Cut (Ultimate Ability)- A massive magical sword cuts through enemies, inflicting massive damage.

This is how classes work in this game. All of the classes are distinct, have exceptional abilities, and perform admirably. But in case you are confused about which class to choose, we better recommend you to stick with the one you are most comfortable with, and based on your preferred battle gameplay.

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