Throw Salt Over Left Shoulder…Here’s Why?

Throw Salt Over Left Shoulder…Here’s Why?

There are a lot of superstitions related to throw salt over my left shoulder and we are going to reveal some of them. It is unlucky to not have salt in the house and another superstition is you should keep salt under the carpet to ensure luck. Spilled salt is considered unlucky as it is believed to bring bad luck to the home. Borrowing salt was also considered bad luck. In Wicca, it is believed to put salt over the doorstep to protect against evil.

How Many Years Of Bad Luck For Spilling Salt?

Spilling salt superstition grew and was also believed for a long time ago. A big fight with your close ones may happen or bad luck for a person as the evil is invited to do evil deeds with it. Not exactly anyone knows, but it stays for a really long time.

What do the Irish do when they spill salt?

If they spilled salt, then they are meant to throw salt over their left shoulder 3 times. Otherwise, you’ll be cursed with bad luck for a long time. You should always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder.

Throw Salt Over Left Shoulder

Throw Salt Over Left Shoulder

Also, if a sailor returns home and the salt was spilled, it is believed that he would never return home back again. To prevent this, if the family sprinkled salt on dinner plates this will ensure the sailor’s safe return.

When a child is born, bath them in warm and salty water to keep the evil away from them. If a person had lost their lover, the only way to ensure their return was by burning salt for seven consecutive days each morning. And, if a bride wanted a happy marriage, it was believed that by sprinkling salt on her wedding dress would lead to successful and happy marriage life. There seems to be an association with accidentally spilling salt and bad luck.

Ramford says, “The devil is believed to detest salt, as it is incorruptible, immoral, and linked to God. If a superstitious person accidentally spills some salt, he must immediately throw a pinch over his left shoulder. This is because the devil is likely to attack from the rear, and will also attack for the left, or sinister side. The presence of salt will immediately scare off the devil before he has time to cause any difficulties.”

It is believed that the devil hangs around behind your left shoulder and is waiting to take advantage of you. When you spilled salt, the devil sees it and do evil. Throwing it over your left shoulder into his face blinds him. The superstition comes from a belief that it is unlucky to spill salt, but that once you have spilled salt.

You can prevent evil by immediately throw salt over your left shoulder into the devil’s eyes. Traditionally – and you may have seen this imagery even in cartoons – the devil sits on your left shoulder, the angel on your right. They are the instigators of good and evil.

God’s sovereignty involves two aspects. God’s active will or sovereignty would involve something He causes to happen such as the leading of wicked King Ahab into battle (2 Chronicles 18:18-19). Ahab’s death was not merely the result of a randomly shot arrow, but as 2 Chronicles 18 reveals, God actively directed the events that led Ahab into battle and used that randomly shot arrow to accomplish His intended will for Ahab that day.

It refers to Lott’s wife who looked back yearningly on Sodom when being led to a more moral place and was turned into a pillar of salt by a wrathful God. You must put the devil behind you or risk the same consequences.

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